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Just in case you missed the E3 streams, 2K Sports has posted the NBA 2K13 video interviews with Producers Erick Boenisch and Rob Jones, with Ronnie Singh leading the way.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.

If you can't view the embedded video, click here.

Source - 2K Sports Weekly Update #1 - E3!

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NBA 2K13 Videos
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# 1 JerzeyReign @ 06/16/12 07:01 AM
I don't know what it is but I feel confident about the future of 2k after listening to this. Maybe they just said all the right words and they were exactly what I wanted to hear. Buddy said they got that #2k11Swag! lol

Also, I hope him confirming the Dunk/3pt contest will be available in association will quiet some doubters. I really liked the fact that he mentioned that it was put in for us hardcore fans while being made easy enough to bring in a casual. Two birds with one stone.
# 2 smurf @ 06/16/12 09:30 AM
LOVE..... IT
# 3 Pared @ 06/16/12 09:51 AM
I like the shirt Rob Jones is wearing!
# 4 KSOR24 @ 06/16/12 10:50 AM
These videos did a good job of hyping me up! No offense but Ronnie isn't the best interviewer
# 5 rockchisler @ 06/16/12 05:50 PM
Good stuff..Hopefully in these four months they can implement the ability to be able to change your sliders in online associations..
# 6 OverKick @ 06/16/12 06:30 PM
"...whereas 2K11 and 2K12 really felt similar to one another..."
# 7 blackngoldfan @ 06/16/12 06:32 PM
Originally Posted by KSOR24
These videos did a good job of hyping me up! No offense but Ronnie isn't the best interviewer
Lol. If you close your eyes, it sounds like they are being interviewed by Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond)
# 8 JerzeyReign @ 06/16/12 07:02 PM
Originally Posted by blackngoldfan
Lol. If you close your eyes, it sounds like they are being interviewed by Ray Romano (Everybody Loves Raymond)
What makes it worse is that I was watching Ice Age earlier with my kids so the voice was fresh in my head, lol.

Ronnie sounded nervous or something in there though.
# 9 VDusen04 @ 06/16/12 08:15 PM
Did I hear a, "Hey that's awkward" at the start of the second video as they panned over from the fans? If so, that's awkward.
# 10 jubba910 @ 06/16/12 10:45 PM
Hate this new All-star dunk contest setup, change the old one but dont resort to using a button combination for animations, you have no feel of doing the dunk.
# 11 ksolo12 @ 06/16/12 11:04 PM
Ronnie seems like a nice guy but somebody needs to let him know not to use "UGH" every other word. It takes away from the interview
# 12 NoTiCe_O @ 06/16/12 11:47 PM
Hope online is good
# 13 cashblingz @ 06/17/12 10:29 AM
Originally Posted by TheBest
So you have to preorder the game to have ASW in My Player and/or Association? C'mon son.
hey man they did this as a thank you to the fans. can't you hear they say that in every freakin interview? /green
# 14 OverKick @ 06/17/12 10:36 AM
Originally Posted by newmoon
Im so sick of the Blind allegiance of you fanatics!
My boy said it best - we're a bunch of battered wives that keep going back to their abusive husbands hoping they actually mean it when they say "Baby I'm sorry, I didn't mean to do it. I'll change for real this time."

EA & Activision are fully aware of this fact, and Take Two is now starting to realize it as well. Sorry man, that's just how it is....
# 15 KSOR24 @ 06/17/12 11:16 AM
I just realized something, does the voice of the male interviewer during press conferences for My Player belong to Ronnie2K?
# 16 JerzeyReign @ 06/17/12 11:32 AM
Originally Posted by newmoon
Im so sick of the Blind allegiance of you fanatics! in 17 minutes of interview time about the Allstar weekends dunk Contest. Ronnie never once asked the most basic of questions... IE: I see that you changed the way you do the dunks into a guitar hero style way of perfoming them, will the fans who want the old way of pulling off the dunk be able to change the controls?

Then Let him answer yes, or F-ing no!

Or how about so you are in control of association, are you guys going to allow us to fix t trading logic of cpu teams....

Or say I see that you liked the idea of living out the dream in My Player, as you said that is your favorite mode. What about Crew, Millions of fans have been asking for it back....will that be making a triumphant return...

These are just basic follow up questions that should have been asked with the questions he did ask. He didn't have to be abrasive and ask about sliding, skating, cold zones, no online leagues, no web component for online leagues, and all the other problems this series has!

Get a grip people, and have the ability to think out of a brown paper bag!
First, I don't care about MyPlayer or Crew -- but I do care about gameplay. And I'm not sure if you actually listened to the interview but they have a game foundation basically set and now they can sit and tweak for 4 months -- that has me excited for the future of NBA 2k. They're basically sitting there trying to perfect a game -- not sure how that doesn't get anyone who plays 2k excited about the future. That gives them plenty of time to listen and try to fix our "little" complaints.

Maybe you should go back and listen to the information being given. I think when I was growing up it was called topic sentences -- sentences that wrap up the entire paragraph. Find those "topic sentences" within these interviews and you'll get where I'm/they're coming from. If you think inside of the paper bag it'll help yourself stay contained instead of setting yourself up for failure.
# 17 ccoaxum @ 06/17/12 11:44 AM
wow lmao...just because they kinda said something does not mean it has really been done.. as far i'm concern 2k been saying this for last two or three years and we still been having lil issues with the game, yet they just throw in Jordan and his old buddies to get us distracted frm the issues that the game have..o not to mention good presentation that will make u say wow and also make you blind to real issues. How can one get happy haven't even played the game yet or really seen a good gameplay of the game or test it out online yet????????????? O yea all star weekend should be something that should already be part of the game..that was something that always part of the game in the past now you got pre-order the game to get it smdh(this is a thank you gift.....lmao naw this is a pitty gift) This should already be put in the game period..and that guitar hero is stuff is just funny! I play both games but the more and more read ppl comments on this site the more bias i realize ppl is that they have towards these basketballs games...smh yall love it right...smdh!
# 18 youvalss @ 06/17/12 01:40 PM
I love the emotions the interviewer is showing, it really shows how much he cares...

- "This Saturday it's my 10 year annivarsary with 2K!"
- "That's awesome, that's incredible..."
(More like: 'Whatever')

I didn't even know there's the technology for artificial-media guys. Good stuff!

Anyway, Like others, I like the "different feeling" Rob was talking about. I also hope it's different graphics-wise as well.

# 19 Retropyro @ 06/17/12 02:16 PM
Are they finally going to get rid of the suction defence?
# 20 TreyIM2 @ 06/17/12 05:24 PM
Yea, these interviews bit...

Anyway, my biggest anticipation is what Mike is going to do to the controls. Will analog dribbling, hopefully ala Live 10, make it in as, at least, an option? I can't say enough how far that would go with me because it seems like every time I get NBA 2K, I don't play that long because of how I virtually hate iso motion. I try and try to give it a chance but I just think it's horrible and all the greatness of the game gets over shadowed by it because I don't feel that connection I need through the controls.

Mike Wang, PLEASE make a man like myself happy by implementing those great controls you created for Live 10. Nuff...

Oh, one more thang - NO-GUITAR-HERO-DUNK-CONTEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SCRAP THAT NON-SENSE, ASAP!!!! Thank you

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