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It seemed poised to be the moment when the roar was back. 36 holes down, 36 to go and Tiger Woods found himself atop the leaderboard at a Major Championship once again. What happened next can be described as nothing short of a meltdown, with Tiger falling into irrelevancy by the time he made the turn into the back nine in round four of the US Open. So what do you all think, will Tiger Woods win another Major Championship in his career? How long will it be until he does?

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# 1 Jakeboutte @ 06/18/12 12:29 PM
Yes he will! 2015 US Open at Chambers Bay! And I will be there baby!
# 2 fsufan4423 @ 06/18/12 12:48 PM
I hope so! I think the media wants it worse than him.
# 3 misterkrabz @ 06/18/12 12:57 PM
I hope not...the guy is a putz who behaves like a big pouty, whiny baby. The best part is the rude/condescending post round interviews have been at a minimum during his down fall...it's almost painful to watch the guy because he really does come off as a real jerk, which in reality he probably is. On a human level, he doesn't deserve Jacks record and I hope he never gets it. I don't normally root against people, but with him I make an exception because he's a guy who has/had it all and just pi$$ed all over it while the rest of us scratch and claw to get by. He would probably have to be taken down to the Mike Tyson level before this guy learns to have any appreciation for what he has. Even then I doubt it would hit home.
# 4 SinisterAlex @ 06/18/12 12:58 PM
He's only 36, he still has a lot of golf to go. Although, the more you age, the tougher it is on a golfer. But I have no doubt that he will win another major. Unfortunate that Tiger unraveled the way he did on the weekend at Olympic Club, putts short, approach shots way off the mark, etc.
# 5 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 06/18/12 12:59 PM
Guy still has too much talent not to. He may not break Jacks record but I'm sure he will win at least one more IMO

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# 6 rspencer86 @ 06/18/12 02:10 PM
I have a hunch that Tiger has won his last major. Odds are certainly against that being true, but I just have a feeling.
# 7 AiDub @ 06/18/12 02:58 PM
Tiger easily has 10 years left in him. He'll win multiple majors.
# 8 cdawg44 @ 06/18/12 05:02 PM
I believe so. If based off of nothing else than the fact he gets to play Augusta every year and the course the other 3 majors are played on are going to be in his wheelhouse. He gets Valhalla in 2014 for the PGA (won at in 2000), The British at St. Andrews in 2015 (won at in 2000 and 2005) and Royal Liverpool in 2014 (won at in 2006). He may never win another U.S. open, but he will get a few more majors.
# 9 bucs34236 @ 06/18/12 05:27 PM
He collapsed yesterday, maybe he'll win one more if he's lucky
# 10 Scott @ 06/18/12 05:32 PM
Originally Posted by bucs34236
He collapsed yesterday, maybe he'll win one more if he's lucky
He didn't collapse Sunday, he collapsed Saturday...Come on Olympic is a tough course. I still think he'll break the record for majors..
# 11 cdawg44 @ 06/18/12 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by bucs34236
He collapsed yesterday, maybe he'll win one more if he's lucky
I just think we all get so caught up in the moment too much. Olympic was down right brutal and he was just off on some shots and could not get used to the slowed down greens over the weekend. I really like his chances at Kiwah Island this year for the PGA. He won't be penalized for being off at the PGA like you are if you miss shots at the U.S. open. If you watched, his ball striking has really gotten so much better over the past year and it is getting back to that level from 5 to 6 years ago. Plus, hell the guy is healthy for a change. Tiger only played 12 tournys in 2010 and and 9 in 2011. He is already at 12 so far for the year.

He at least gets 3 more before his 40th birthday. Then that leaves him 2 short and if he stays healthy, who knows.

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