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The Wii-U is releasing this fall. At this point, knowing everything we know, are you planning on buying the console?

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# 1 mike24forever @ 06/20/12 10:47 AM
Yes. After seeing the video of the golf game where you place the tablet on the floor. I'm all in.
# 2 mmorgan1981 @ 06/20/12 10:47 AM
i was going to buy before e3 now im going to wait and see the price and better launch games are a make or break for me
# 3 rockchisler @ 06/20/12 11:08 AM
Nope. Dont need to play games that already came out..I.E. Batman
# 4 Retropyro @ 06/20/12 11:08 AM
Not after the disappointment of E3
# 5 IK720 @ 06/20/12 11:12 AM
Oh how Nintendo has fallen.. currently 78% are a definite no lol (me being one of them)..
# 6 DirtyJerz32 @ 06/20/12 11:19 AM
They got my money from the Wii, not this time!
# 7 bigsmallwood @ 06/20/12 11:40 AM
Before E3 I was a DEFINITE yes! I was thinking about all the possibilities with Sports gaming and that controller.....After E3...and "Nintendoland" and a total lack of sports gaming/hardcore games shown...I can easily breathe a loud NO! Wii got me the 1st time....and Miyamoto and reggie are ducking key questions abour Specs, online gameplay/interaction, hardware etc.....which lead me to believe that Wii U may not even measure up to PS3/360....so unless we are shocked come holiday time...I am good without it
# 8 sydrogerdavid @ 06/20/12 11:52 AM
I don't have a Wii. What's the point?
# 9 Feldman011teen @ 06/20/12 11:53 AM
I would but there's no price or release date. Why would you not announce this at e3 6 months before your system releases? Anyways, Zombi U and new Mario and hopefully the Zelda HD collection would warrant this purchase. And Wii Sports on this where you design the play for the football game.
# 10 CM Hooe @ 06/20/12 12:08 PM
The announcement of SmartGlass killed any remote interest I had in this system.
# 11 TheUndogmatic @ 06/20/12 12:53 PM
Just if it plays the same games the PS/Xbox does. You know how on the current wii sports games and some hardcore games are watered down, because the Wii just isn't made for it? If the Wii U doesn't play games like that, and plays games the same way the PS/Xbox do, I'd buy it.
# 12 jmood88 @ 06/20/12 01:32 PM
Hell no. I will never waste my money on a Nintendo system.
# 13 charter04 @ 06/20/12 01:51 PM
I haven't gotten a Nintendo system since the NES so no. I don't want to spend all that money on a system that will look mostly like the PS3 or 360. I'm sure Nintendo will sell a lot of system to Nintendo fan boys and casual gamers though.
# 14 misterkrabz @ 06/20/12 02:41 PM
I'm tired of Nitendo's gimmicks. ould give it a lkif they brought back Griffey basball.
# 15 noshun @ 06/20/12 03:15 PM
No Pii U for me.
# 16 ghm125 @ 06/20/12 03:36 PM
hell no! ,and Ive got a wii for sale...worst investment in my life...join the hd world on console,not a handheld player!
# 17 fsufan4423 @ 06/20/12 03:43 PM
If I do, it will be for my kids.
# 18 scottyo60 @ 06/20/12 03:44 PM
Originally Posted by CHooe
The announcement of SmartGlass killed any remote interest I had in this system.
My thoughts exactly. Smart glass took any thought of investing in a Wii U out the door.
# 19 blklightning @ 06/20/12 04:27 PM
No, I'm not five years old anymore.
# 20 rdelizo35 @ 06/20/12 07:26 PM
No. I already have a PS3.

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