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# 1 Big FN Deal @ 06/23/12 01:48 PM
Now that was "fun". plain and simple, I enjoyed that. lol
# 2 xTriiipZx @ 06/23/12 02:43 PM
I absolutely love Deion hahaha

"Have you ever seen me miss a tackle?!?!"
# 3 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/23/12 04:21 PM
I got time.
# 4 blklightning @ 06/23/12 07:03 PM
He should be a 100 overall. I think Aikman should only be in the low 90s. Irvin should be a 99 and Emmitt should maybe be a 95 since he isn't one of the most physically gifted backs there ever was.
# 5 kalimmortal @ 06/26/12 12:23 PM
deion tackled... he just wasn't a big hitter...

so i woulda made his tackle rating comparable to the average DB but make his Hit Power rating really low...
# 6 Lieutenant Dan @ 06/26/12 01:52 PM
Deion is great. He's as much an expert showman and entertainer as Freddie Mercury was in rock music, with both being amazing talents at their professions. Both men also have/had 'stage personas', like Deion when he's in his 'Prime Time' mode and Freddie when he was onstage as compared to how quiet he was offstage.

Deion always makes me laugh, or at the least smile lol. I enjoy watching him on NFL Network and getting his take on things. The Madden clip above was really amusing.
# 7 Str0mTropper @ 06/26/12 09:44 PM
I hope they added this too, you can't have Prime without it.

I know it's a long shot but would be nice.
# 8 juggalotusx @ 06/27/12 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by CRMosier_LM
Remember guys, their ratings in the game reflect what their ratings would have been as rookies not their ratings during the prime of their careers

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So will it cost less xp to make them better quicker?
# 9 DCEBB2001 @ 06/27/12 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by Playmakers
even as a rookie i don't recall Irvin ever being a 90+ speed...

I know he had the knee injury the following year but he came out of college running a sub 4.5.

but i could be wrong maybe Madden translates a 4.5 out to be 90+ speed in the game.
I believe he ran a 4.52 coming out of college. Not quite sub 4.5. Not sure what that would be for SPD according to EA, but it should NOT be anywhere near 93 or 90 for that matter. I would have him at about 84 for SPD in my ratings system.
# 10 BTownSlinger @ 07/04/12 12:07 AM
Prime should be 100 OVR just because he's the coolest dude to ever suit up.

Love Deion. I need to find me a Sanders throwback..
# 11 KBLover @ 07/04/12 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by Playmakers
Also if Deion was a WR do you honestly think he would have 89 catch ability?
Well, in '96, Dallas used him as a WR, 36 catches for 475 yds (13.2 avg) and a TD.

That probably would be an average type production and I don't remember any knock on him dropping passes.

Also, considering when teams used to (stupidly) challenge him, he picked off a LOT of passes. This was mostly in ATL before he got his "don't throw his way" reputation.

So I think mid to high 80's is fair. 85 or so is pretty much C+ for a WR given how the ratings in M12 go, so, assuming the same in M13, 85 is A/A+ for a DB (never seen one with a 90). That sounds right.

Originally Posted by Playmakers
DB's in Madden can pick off a high number of passes without even being rated in the 80's for catching ability.
Assuming the QB has good abilities and not "for the challenge" or "easy mode" sliders, DBs will need higher CTH (and coverage) ratings to pick off passes.

Guys with 60 CTH can pick off passes, but can they pick off passes from high AWR and accuracy QBs if they make a mistake and throw it "right to him"? The difference between a 60 and an 80 could, and I feel is, that very difference. 60, ball bounces off, 80, can still make the pick.
# 12 MizzouRah @ 07/04/12 10:10 AM
He was a BEAST in FPS Football 97..
# 13 ziggy27 @ 07/04/12 11:26 AM
in the video look like everyone else was running in sand. Who would win a footrace? A young Deion or Chris Johnson?
# 14 DCEBB2001 @ 07/04/12 12:31 PM
Originally Posted by CRMosier_LM
40 time is only a part of the speed equation. 40 times are garbage anyway.... Football isn't played in shorts and track shoes on asphalt.

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I have to disagree. All players run the 40 in similar conditions in regards to clothing these days, so using that as a reason to disregard them seems like a logical fallacy to me. If "player A" runs in shorts for the same distance in similar conditions as any given "player B", then the times over that distance can be used to differentiate velocity (d/t) between players. I realize that the game is more about short space agility and sudden burst/reaction as well as an infinite amount of technical skills, but to say that 40 times are garbage seems a bit harsh to me.

For every player who was great while running an average 40 time (Rice's 4.59 and Smith's 4.60) there are thousands of players who graduate every year who don't even have that speed and athletic ability to make it in the NFL or any other professional football league.

Rice and Smith were able to overcome average overall speed by having great instincts, vision, burst, and agility in the open field. Having those abilities trumps overall speed IMO. In fact, Devin Hester only posted a 4.35 at his pro day in 2006 and a 4.42 at the combine, yet, he has the ability to take a punt the distance on any given play. Why? Because he has elite vision. Watch some of his returns. He usually makes one cut and goes. He is able to see the blocks develop and find a crease in the kick coverage...then...exploit it. He was never worthy of a 100 SPD rating as EA erroneously gave him in my humble opinion. However, his BCV and JKM ratings should be off the chart. I think too often casual fans confuse more intricate abilities with overall speed.

Heck, even in the Super Bowl in 2007, Hester was ran down by Matt Giordano of the Colts on the opening kickoff and he only ran a 4.48. Yet, Hester was able to get into the end zone before he could be caught (and that's even after Giordano had to run downfield, disengage a block, and weave through the trash before getting an open field shot to run him down).


Madden does not currently do a good job of differentiating between skills. Basically, if a guy is fast, they boost his SPD, AGI, ACC, JKM, and SPM, when in reality a guy may be fast in a straight line but can't cut for beans. The opposite holds true as well (see Jerry Rice; not great overall SPD, but amazing ACC and open field agility). This is something that needs to be better represented all while utilizing some of the measurable standards. I guess I ask this. If the 40 times and testing results were not important, why would the NFL coaches and scouts waste their precious time in the offseason on going to the pro days and combines aside from simply meeting with the players?
# 15 Cryolemon @ 07/05/12 03:25 PM
Originally Posted by ziggy27
in the video look like everyone else was running in sand. Who would win a footrace? A young Deion or Chris Johnson?
IIRC one of Deion's coaches said that with the right training he could have been a track sprinter, so Deion was probably faster in his prime.

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