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  • 4 new teams added: 99 Rockets, 96 Kings, 81 Rockets, and 2012-2013 Rookies Team #2
  • A second team of rookies has been added. There are now 34 total future rookies available to play/assign to any team you would like (Davis, Robinson, Beal, Barnes, Kidd-Gilchrist, Drummond, Waiters etc). 28/34 rookies have cyberfaces (courtesy NBA2K12 community) and ALL 34 of them have portraits (I did those).
  • Added the Bobcats new logo, new jerseys, and added Mike Dunlap (with portrait) as coach. I made their other jerseys as options to use as retros if you select them.
  • Added 11 new sets of real retro jerseys and assigned them to appropriate teams (55 Pistons, 58 Hawks, 50ís/60ís Royals, 60/65 Celtics, 67 Warriors, 70 Bullets, 74 Pistons, 82 Nuggets, 93 Clippers). Some jerseys were also touched up. Jersey updates courtesy Brenzon/ChrisBrodbeck.
  • Added 55+ new portraits (15 more rookies, legendary coaches, retro players etc) & 25+ new cyberfaces.
  • Multiple player tweaks and editing big men who were dribbling the ball up the court were fixed.
View all the details and download the NBA 2K12 Ultimate Base Roster, right here from NLSC.

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Member Comments
# 1 jaosming @ 06/28/12 12:42 PM
FYI for those interested, HAWK23 is planning on updating this ASAP after the draft tonight.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 06/28/12 12:43 PM
Thanks jaosming. Great video!
# 3 Goffs @ 06/28/12 12:44 PM
It's a shame we can't play in classic court filters like in black & white or the 70's filter. It would've been nice to have no 3 point line as well...but damn this has it all! I hope he carries this over to 2k13!
# 4 wat3 @ 06/28/12 12:48 PM
Why's it all laggy?
# 5 jhawk826 @ 06/28/12 12:56 PM

# 6 SmittyD81 @ 06/28/12 02:31 PM
Outstanding Mod!!! Will be downloaded as soon as I get home. Great work Hawk!!!
# 7 MrCWS83 @ 06/28/12 02:59 PM
Dang this is on PC only? Man I'd love to have this on xbox
# 8 syncinatti @ 06/28/12 03:22 PM
Originally Posted by MrCWS83
Dang this is on PC only? Man I'd love to have this on xbox
I buy both for xbox and pc every year so I dont miss out on mods like this. Besides, the pc version is 20 bucks cheaper
# 9 H to the Oza @ 06/29/12 01:05 AM
cant say enough good things about this mod. LOVE IT!
# 10 woogie98 @ 06/29/12 01:47 AM
If only for xboX
# 11 2k10Fonzarelli @ 06/29/12 05:18 AM
Originally Posted by Profit89
Pc gaming is the best !!
yes, when it works as conveniently as consoles do there's no question. This very mod made me buy 2k12 on pc(for $15, thanks Steam!).

The mod is outstanding. I just wish it, in its current state, would allow one to trade/release/assign players to current NBA rosters like in v14. However, that would mean that The classic teams and Legend teams would NOT be playable in Association ect. And i think the consensus would rather have that and I can't blame them.

Either way, HAwk23 and the UBR's contributors have extended nba 2k12's replay value nearly infinitely.

Its gonna take more than a pre-order bonus to sucker me into buying 2k13 day 1.

Besides, does anyone else feel that it should be available to anyone regardless if they get it day 1 or not? Im not a fan of companies doing things like this to incentivize(is that a word?) people to buy a buggy(one could argue unfinished) product just so the consumer can save 5-10-15 bucks by not having to buy it after the fact.

Probably the wrong time for this question....VIVA LA UBR!!!! if your new to it i'll be surprised if your first 45-60 minutes with it aren't spend glancing over every roster. ENJOY!
# 12 8KB24 @ 06/29/12 08:06 AM
Can someone upload team file for last season Shaq played and it is in this roster?
# 13 cjallure24 @ 06/29/12 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by 8KB24
Can someone upload team file for last season Shaq played and it is in this roster?
Your best Chance would be to try the original roster from the game. I believe is on there.
# 14 8KB24 @ 06/29/12 10:26 AM
He isn't. Thanks anyway. Downloaded DNA from 2Kshare and edited him trough REDitor. 79 rating is okay I guess for a player who scored 17 points per 36 minutes in his last season.
# 15 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/29/12 11:02 AM
Question to the guy with the video, did you have any graphic mods? It looks nice.
# 16 CarryTheWeight @ 06/29/12 12:18 PM
I just found and downloaded V19 last night and then I find that V20 is already out. Oh well, will download again.

HUGE credit to all the modders working on this project. This gives infinite replay value to 2K12 and it's for this reason alone that I'm deciding against buying a console version of the NBA 2K games anytime soon.

It's basically a dream come true for me to play with the '96 Raptors and the '75 Buffalo Braves, so I give all the credit in the world to these modders and their attention to detail. Simply amazing stuff.
# 17 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/29/12 01:08 PM
Originally Posted by Andarus
No Career Stats, No Real Shoes, Crashes... is there any other Roster out with Rookies on their new teams?
What are your problems? No crashes for me.

Also, no mod will have their career stats.

This is the best mod you will ever get, trust me.
# 18 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/29/12 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Andarus
Do you think I'm stupid? This is no Mod! This is a Roster with Bonus-Teams...

I only want a Roster with 2012 Rookies. Basically I hope for a Albys/LG Roster Update. Since then I play with old Albys Roster + DraftClass
Anytime you mod files in the game, it is a mod. You are adding files and replacing, therefore, yes it is a mod. Bonus teams? He makes the game that much more playable.

You act like its garbage, give some respect. There are plenty of roster files for what you are looking for, quit being lazy and google.
# 19 miami01 @ 07/01/12 11:14 AM
I thought this was suppossed to be on pc but im pretty sure I can hear controller sticks moving around
# 20 J4son @ 07/01/12 12:37 PM
Originally Posted by miami01
I thought this was suppossed to be on pc but im pretty sure I can hear controller sticks moving around
Thats because you can use a controller, PS3/XBOX for the pc.

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