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Return Florida State to their rightful place at the top of college football.

Each year, I try to compile a list of the best destinations to play dynasty mode depending on what kind of a fit you are after. I typically don't publish this list, but I figured it'd be a fun one to publish this year as I try to figure out what destination I want to go to. Here it is:

The Return to Glory Dynasty: Florida State. It's all there for the taking in Tallahassee.

Manage a Powerhouse Dynasty: LSU. If you want a challenge, LSU would be a good one since they reside in a state that isn't one of the top three hotbeds for recruiting in game like Texas/Florida/California are but rather it's in the second tier of states, so it's a bit more challenging.

The 'Become the Next Boise' Dynasty: Colorado State. The Rams used to be really good back in the prior decade or two, and held the reigns as a premier mid-major program. It's time they return there.

The Impossible Dynasty: Western Kentucky. There isn't much to say about WKU, the recruiting isn't good - the team is bad. It's going to be a challenge for sure.

The New Guy Dynasty: UTSA. For a couple of reasons, the Roadrunner is a much cooler mascot than a Bobcat (Texas State) and you play in the Alamo Dome. Cool right?

The New BCS Power Dynasty: California. Let's face it, things aren't rosy in Berkely, but they have been and can be. It's time to make the Bears a traditional power.

The WACky MAC Dynasty: Central Michigan. The Chippewas are a cool bunch and feature the best fit out of the two conferences which I really have the least amount of care for in the Nation.

Finally, the We Were Good Before Games Were Invented Dynasty: Notre Dame. Why? Because the rise of video games have brought upon nothing fruitful for the Irish. They're independent and their schedule this year is a bit of a bear. Give 'em a try.

So what about you? What are your top dynasty destinations for NCAA 13?

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Member Comments
# 1 TheGipper86 @ 06/30/12 10:42 AM
Roadrunner is cooler than a Bobcat...psh. We'll see come Novermber 24th.
# 2 PRAY IV M3RCY @ 06/30/12 11:06 AM
what about tennessee..playing in neyland stadium..in the sec bring this team.back to its glory days
# 3 Ramminyou @ 06/30/12 11:14 AM
I'll be doing the Swing Your Sword offline dynasty with Wazzu, and the Keep Yourself Alive online dynasty with my Tigers.
# 4 sactown_13 @ 06/30/12 11:24 AM
LSU a challenge? ? I'm not seeing it
# 5 ngw411 @ 06/30/12 11:39 AM
I did Colorado State last year but i havent decided on this year yet.

PS: RB#6 for Colorado State is a beast but he lacks alot of speed.
# 6 Reggie16 @ 06/30/12 11:41 AM
I feel like Umass will be a challenge based on the recruiting
# 7 Tovarich @ 06/30/12 11:52 AM
What's with calling Western Kentucky bad? They were 7-5 last year.
# 8 DorianDonP @ 06/30/12 11:57 AM
I disagree with Louisiana not being a hotbed for recruiting. Per capita they are the best NFL producing state in the country.

Plus, isn't Florida or Texas a pipeline state for LSU on NCAA?

Louisiana had the most NFL players per capita of any state last year, if you count the number of players it had on season-opening rosters (53) and its total population according to the 2010 U.S. Census (4,533,372). If we measure Louisiana's number of 2012 FBS signees against its total number of high school football players in 2010-11, only Florida and Georgia had better ratios. Louisiana had 18,229 high school football players in the 2010-11 school year, lower than the totals at Pennsylvania (26,505), Virginia (25,549) or Alabama (22,833). Yet Louisiana had a combined total of 62 four-star and five-star recruits from 2008-12, while Alabama had 60, Pennsylvania had 54 and Virginia had 53 (not including players from Chatham Hargrave Military Academy or Fork Union Military

# 9 robbiedizzle @ 06/30/12 12:07 PM
Originally Posted by TheGipper86
Roadrunner is cooler than a Bobcat...psh. We'll see come Novermber 24th.
Let's not forget that we have the legendary Larry Coker as coach here at UTSA!
# 10 Lawdawg25 @ 06/30/12 12:11 PM
My destinations:

The Return to Glory Dynasty: SMU. It would be fun to bring back the pony express after their death penalty.

Manage a Powerhouse Dynasty: Texas of course. Haven't had an outstanding record the last 2 years but still a major team.

The 'Become the Next Boise' Dynasty: Tulsa. Great offense and you can get most of your recruits from Texas.

The Impossible Dynasty: Idaho. Not a real great team and recruiting can't be too easy in the Midwest.

The New Guy Dynasty: UTSA. I created Texas State on teambuilder last year so I've already had my fill of them. Plus UTSA has their actual stadium, unlike the other two.

The New BCS Power Dynasty: Washington State. Exciting new offense under Leach, as well as a couple playmakers to get you started. New uniform combos add some spice too.

The WACky MAC Dynasty: Bowling Green. They're one of those teams that I never think or hear about, so it might be fun to try and build them up.

Finally, the We Were Good Before Games Were Invented Dynasty: Agree with Notre Dame here. Always fun to try and bring Notre Dame back to the glory days.
# 11 DorianDonP @ 06/30/12 12:12 PM
I like the thread idea though. Good work. Let me give it a try.

The Return to Glory Dynasty: Notre Dame. I think you can go a million different ways with Notre Dame in a dynasty. You can stay independent and schedule whoever you want. Or you can join the Big 10, Big 12, or ACC and still have it be realistic. I think I may do a ND dynasty for the first time.

Manage a Powerhouse Dynasty: LSU. I think this is a good pick. Fun stadium. Fun conference. Fun rivalries. Still have a lot to prove.

The 'Become the Next Boise' Dynasty: ECU. Good location and I like the uniforms.

The Impossible Dynasty: New Mexico State. Just a few years ago, the athletic department asked fans to donate food to the program so that they could feed the football players. What a storyline to start a 'it's impossible to win here' dynasty.

The New Guy Dynasty: UTSA. Good pick.

The New BCS Power Dynasty: Clemson. They have everything you need to become a power in college football. Good state for recruiting. Rabid fanbase. Winnable conference. Yet they only have one National Title and it was over 30 years ago.

The WACky MAC Dynasty: Buffalo. It's something about making a New York area football team good that is intriguing.

Finally, the We Were Good Before Games Were Invented Dynasty: SMU. They got the death penalty. Nuff said.
# 12 CKW11 @ 06/30/12 12:13 PM
I'm going with my favorite team like I always do, FSU all day.
# 13 DerkontheOS @ 06/30/12 12:30 PM
The Return to Glory Dynasty: Miami, I'm not a Miami fan or anything, but I just think it would be fun to bring them back to the top of college football.

Manage a Powerhouse Dynasty: Boise State. They aren't really a powerhouse, but I'm a Boise State homer.

The 'Become the Next Boise' Dynasty: SMU. I just love their uniforms and their history.

The Impossible Dynasty: Army. Not much going for them.

The New Guy Dynasty: UTSA. They play in the Alamo Dome and set the record for attendance for an up start football program.

The New BCS Power Dynasty: Michigan State. The Big 10 is a hard conference, plus Notre Dame is one of their rivals.

The WACky MAC Dynasty: Northern Illinois. I live in Illinois and never hear about them, unless it's in relation to Michael Turner.

Finally, the We Were Good Before Games Were Invented Dynasty: Army. I know its the same as the impossible dynasty, but they were a major powerhouse a very long time ago.
# 14 Watson @ 06/30/12 12:35 PM
Louisiana isn't a recruiting hotbed? LOL what? Aside from Louisiana, East Texas is literally right next to LSU country as well.
# 15 snidey @ 06/30/12 01:40 PM
This guy clearly hasn't looked at LSU roster and seen how many in state players they have year in and year out
# 16 zmcman1 @ 06/30/12 01:42 PM
lol Louisiana not a recruiting hotbed. Probably a top 5 state. Texas/Florida/Cali/Ohio/Louisiana.
# 17 FaM0us Skins @ 06/30/12 01:43 PM
I would probably do a franchise with Clemson. Every year I usually do a LSU one though. I think I should do a different team in this years game
# 18 Reggie16 @ 06/30/12 01:44 PM
USC could be an interesting one, With barkley leaving, and the two freshman qbs behind him.
# 19 cparrish @ 06/30/12 01:44 PM
If anyone wants a fun challenge, take a team like Navy, Air Force, Vandy, Army, Stanford, Northwestern, etc., and only recruit players with an A in interest in academics. Also, only sign as many players as there are leaving from your team every year. Do not ever cut anyone. Always stay within the 70 player max. It is a really fun and challenging way to play a dynasty but after you build the team up it is so much more rewarding.
# 20 imhim312 @ 06/30/12 01:46 PM
The next boise state I would put Northen Illinois University they have produced back back double digit win totals and have a florida pipeline

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