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Madden NFL Creative Director, Michael Young asks this question, via Twitter.

Which "lesser known" media personalities would you like to see in Madden's virtual twitter feed in the future?

For me, beat reporters from each team, would be a good start, or official Twitter accounts from each individual NFL team.

Who would you like to see?

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# 1 PVarck31 @ 07/04/12 05:14 PM
Beat reporters would be awesome.
# 2 JerzeyReign @ 07/04/12 05:21 PM
Beat reporters would be the best.
# 3 Reed1417 @ 07/04/12 05:30 PM
beat reporters would be nice.
# 4 N51_rob @ 07/04/12 05:39 PM
While I agree with beat reporters, I will say "official team twitter" accounts would be nice too. Have them spin what's going on.

Especially in online CCM where guys tend to make crazy deals. In the OS Vets Eli Manning was traded about 6 times.

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# 5 Skyboxer @ 07/04/12 06:04 PM
Beat reporters and team twitter would be nice way to go.
However IMO until we can get a lot of the off field stuff and disgruntled player stuff it's still a little short of the mark. This isn't EA's fault though as the NFL won't allow it I believe.

Love how OOTP has any and all things that can happen (Player getting hurt riding skateboard with kids etc..)

Add in that (if the NFL ever lets that happen!) to where it puts in a lot of more variables and unknowns and we'd have something special I think.

Also having some sort of user input would go well. Like every week we could (either as a player or coach) give a statement that is then used in part for news and twitter posts. Probably would have to be a group of questions with multiple answers to choose from etc..)
# 6 Marino @ 07/04/12 06:07 PM
Beat reporters would be awesome. I want my fake Omar Kelly talking about how much he loves the offensive line and battle in the trenches, just like the real Omar!
# 7 jmurphy31 @ 07/04/12 06:11 PM
I agree with everyone and would like to see beat reporters and team tweets.

I would also add individual players tweeting before or after big games.

I really hope they don't add non football athletes or celebrities.
# 8 Victory23 @ 07/04/12 06:11 PM
Beat reporters would be cool and so would team accounts.

How about doing a contest for fans to get their accounts into the game? It would be good marketing for EA and it would be cool for people to see their Twitter in-game. Fans could tweet about the teams sort of like they do in real life, praising and criticizing coaches and players.
# 9 jmurphy31 @ 07/04/12 06:13 PM
Is there an official list of everyone who will be tweeting in the game?
# 10 DJ @ 07/04/12 06:14 PM
I'd like to see players tweet.
# 11 bigeastbumrush @ 07/04/12 06:26 PM
I'd like to see ex-players and ex-coaches:

-Shannon Sharpe
-Warren Sapp
-Keyshawn Johnson
-Jimmie Johnson
-Michael Strahan
-Dan Marino
-Boomer Esaison
-Cris Carter

"Lesser knowns" could be just randomly-generated names.
# 12 jmurphy31 @ 07/04/12 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by speedy9386
What are beat reporters?
Reporters that are assigned to a specific team, follow them and report on them.
# 13 mrprice33 @ 07/04/12 07:17 PM
A guy like bill Simmons would be awesome.
# 14 Cryolemon @ 07/04/12 07:17 PM
sites like Deadspin would be cool to see.
# 15 vln13 @ 07/04/12 07:24 PM
How bout parody accounts like Faux John Madden or Peyton's Head? those are the funniest! Maybe some random non-football celebrities too talking about the game from the fan's perspective. Superfans like Fireman Ed...
# 16 TennesseeVols16 @ 07/04/12 07:44 PM
I'm sure he already is, but I don't know for sure, but Jay Glazer if he isn't in this years game. It would be nice to see who all is in the game so it would give us a better idea on who to recommend. Maybe when some of the older players retire have them start tweeting.
# 17 josef @ 07/04/12 07:50 PM
Originally Posted by mrprice33
A guy like bill Simmons would be awesome.
ooo yeah, that would be nice..
# 18 Cryolemon @ 07/04/12 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by vln13
How bout parody accounts like Faux John Madden or Peyton's Head? those are the funniest!
That would be pretty cool, but I'm not sure the NFL would let them do it.
# 19 Tweeg @ 07/04/12 08:01 PM
I'm willing to bet we end up with some kind of celebrity twitter accounts instead of legit NFL analysis.
# 20 lgxjames @ 07/04/12 08:24 PM
Is Stephen A Smith in already??

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