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Ever played FIFA or PES and wondered just exactly why the ref blew the play dead? While most soccer rules are pretty easy to pick up, there are some peculiarities that can induce plenty of head scratching for a newcomer to the sport.

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# 1 cincy14fan @ 07/11/12 04:30 PM
Great comments on the offsides, too bad FIFA doesn't do that in this game. Which is one thing they need to fix.
# 2 UK0wnag3 @ 07/11/12 06:56 PM
More good stuff man. Keep it up.
# 3 gigadkc @ 07/12/12 05:24 AM
easy way to remember how offside works: whenever there's a forward pass there have to be 2 opposing players between the receiving player and the goal at the time the pass is played. It's that easy.
# 4 cincy14fan @ 07/12/12 03:11 PM
I guess I should say that offsides in this game works, just they don't play exactly like in real life. For example one of my friends will pass the ball to a teammate that is offsides. He will try to stay away for another player to get it and when another player does they will call it offsides (which isn't offsides). Same as if the ball is kicked away from the player and an offside guy comes back and the guy who lost it will grab it but the guy who was offside will be called for off. Again not offsides.
# 5 Cline @ 07/16/12 07:41 AM
Good post. I'm still fairly inexperienced when it comes to the tactics of soccer/football but take great joy from playing and watching the games.
# 6 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 07/18/12 09:11 AM
These 3 sessions have really enhanced my knowledge of the game. Thanks for this as it is greatly appreciated

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