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Courtesy of Fangraphs, an excellent resource.

Justin Verlanderís 12-6 curve

The MLB 2K12 cover star gets ridiculous drop on his best breaking ball. The pitch only sits at 83 MPH, but when you combine this kind of movement with the fact that you can throw the pitch after hitters are used to 100 MPH fastballs, itís easily one of the best pitches in the game. In real life, Verlander aims this pitch at the low outside corner of the strike zone. Thatís the spot where you should place it as well Ė when your opponent makes contact, more often than not, it will be a weak grounder.

Courtesy of Fangraphs, the chart above is of Verlander's curveball movement. The pitches on the chart are as a catcher would perceive them. So, pitches further to the right would break in to left-handed hitters, and vice versa. Movement is relative to the average pitch.

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# 1 bomccready @ 07/13/12 07:16 PM
Originally Posted by jim316
2 Questions.......Does anybody even have MLB 2K12??????? Is this topic worth posting?????? Thanks.....
jim316, MLB 2K12 has sold more than half a million copies to date. The game doesn't sell or get attention like Madden or NCAA, but there's plenty of people playing it. That's why I wrote this series!
# 2 bc3po @ 07/13/12 07:54 PM
Wainwright does have a sick 12-6, love that pitch haha. Sticking to the NL central, Chapmans fastball at 104 is pretty tough to time right
# 3 TheSFKid @ 07/14/12 03:56 PM
Sergio Romo's slider is really overlooked in the game ... I mean just look at that.

# 4 Pythons80 @ 07/15/12 04:48 AM
Halladay's cutter is the best pitch I've seen so far.
# 5 Bunselpower32 @ 07/15/12 11:59 PM
Go to this video, watch the sinker at 1:30. Never seen anything like it.
# 6 Bunselpower32 @ 07/16/12 12:00 AM
Originally Posted by Bunselpower32
Go to this video, watch the sinker at 1:30. Never seen anything like it.
Didn't quite get to ctrl+v.


# 7 shane79013 @ 07/16/12 09:21 AM
looked like a whiffle ball pitch.
# 8 mjbird123 @ 07/16/12 09:55 AM
I think Strasburg's 2 seam is the best pitch ive seen so far. So nasty got at least 5 of my 8k's with him came by 2 seam.

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