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FIFA Soccer Blog (FSB) has posted some more FIFA 13 goodies today, make sure you check them out.
One area for improvement in Attacking Intelligence that we identified in June was that we wanted to see more instances of players coming towards the ball to become a passing option. The system tends to focus more on players making runs away from the ball carrier and in the EAC build I still felt this was the case. Itís not a problem because the movement compared to FIFA 12 is almost incomparable but to add just a little bit of light and shade to the visual element of Attacking Intelligence I think it would be great to see more players moving towards the ball carrier showing for a pass.

Some additional tuning has also happened under the hood to the Attacking Intelligence logic which makes players consider whether making a forward run is actually a good idea or not. In the E3 code weíd played previously certain players (especially fullbacks) had a tendency to vacate their position too freely leaving you vulnerable if the ball was turned over. Thatís now gone and if you already have your winger out wide in a great position, the fullback isnít going to run forward just because he can. Heíll still push up to support and overlap if itís appropriate, but if thereís a man to mark that will be his first priority.
Swearing can still influence the ref though. Excessive swearing can cause the referee to be stricter on your team or be more lenient on your opponents. It can also be mentioned in commentary and be used to trigger stories within Career Mode. After a decision is made, Kinect will be listening for a short period of time (we donít know how long) and if it picks up on any unsavory language, itíll trigger one or some of the events above.

Elsewhere it can be used to make tactical changes and subs without pausing, and when playing as a single player you can encourage team mates to shoot, make clearances and call for passes, amongst other things in Be A Pro. Ian assured us that there will be support for various accents, that each needed to be individually tested.
Q: All these new additions wont matter when Birmingham city get took over and sign Kaka, Ronaldo etcÖ

A: we re-wrote the transfer system and there are lots of improvements there for authenticity.

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Member Comments
# 1 THE YAMA @ 07/24/12 10:43 AM
Loved the Q&A for career mode. Great read overall! Keep the FIFA updates coming, Steve!
# 2 pj_28 @ 07/24/12 11:09 AM
I'm glad they have qualifiers for their version of the world cup, but I'm a little sad only euro and south america have national cups.
# 3 NaturalSelected @ 07/24/12 11:16 AM
Huge improvements with international tie-ins. This adds incredible depth compared to what was in FIFA 12 career mode (which I still enjoyed for awhile).
# 4 rudeworld @ 07/24/12 01:26 PM
What the added for the KINECT is great... it doesn't take away from but adds too.... if EA and or 2KSports can add this to other sports games that can open up some game play changes in the career modes and or EJECTIONS in the different sports.

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