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What new feature excites you more: connected careers or the infinity engine?

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# 1 qetuonz @ 07/24/12 05:27 PM
I imagine I will be using CC like offline Franchise (that I basically always play) anyway, so no big deal there. Its all about the gameplay, so if Infinity Engine makes it feel fresh Im all for it.
# 2 lavy23 @ 07/24/12 05:39 PM
Infinity Engine for sure. If it is executed correctly it could be the first Madden since '05 worth the release day price at least for me. Madden 12 was the best Madden in a long time (not saying much but still) and building on that with the Infinity Engine could turn out very well. Not getting my hopes up though, they could still mess this up somehow.
# 3 SaintBrees @ 07/24/12 05:48 PM
Im actually looking forward to the improved passing and catching rather than the infinity engine
# 4 kingsofthevalley @ 07/24/12 05:52 PM
Infinity engine
# 5 kennyacid @ 07/24/12 06:10 PM
Infinity engine and the improved passing and catching
# 6 AiDub @ 07/24/12 06:11 PM
I'm actually looking forward to playing Madden as a whole again. I played it for a week last year but traded it in because I thought NCAA 12 was better. CC and the new Physics engine has intrigued me... Hopefully enough so that I can hang on to it a bit longer this year.
# 7 wallofhate @ 07/24/12 06:11 PM
Infinity engine especially if its tuned and resembles what has been shown in some of the videos with mark schlereth.
# 8 Boog Been Swaggin @ 07/24/12 07:11 PM
CCM has a lot of potential however, the IE is definitely what Madden have been missing. The IE will bring more light to CCM, Offline Play, etc.
# 9 CuseGirl @ 07/24/12 07:17 PM
This Inifinity Engine, this isn't the same Inifinity Engine used by Bioware in Baldur's Gate?

I only ask because only 5 years ago, Bioware was purchased by EA, so I find it funny that suddenly Madden is getting to use a physics engine that's been around since 1998.....
# 10 Fiddy @ 07/24/12 07:20 PM
connected careers for sure..
# 11 pjb2329 @ 07/24/12 07:34 PM
Although I'm intrigued with the infinity engine, I would have to go with CC. In past Maddens I would play a game or two and then the game would collect dust. That started to change with Madden 10 & 11 when I started playing a few ranked matches here and there, and when 12 dropped I finally put my foot in the ring and really got into online franchise mode. With that being said with CC I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at playing as a created coach as well as player amongst other things offered in 13!
# 12 dmslapped @ 07/24/12 07:42 PM
infinity engine
# 13 CaliDude916 @ 07/24/12 08:05 PM
Infinity Engine
# 14 N51_rob @ 07/24/12 08:06 PM
Tough one. Seeing how a lot of people are pointing to FIFA and NHL about the 3 year plan of the physics engine in those games. I am going with CCM. Having an online franchise that has the full functioning salary cap, free agency, draft, and cut days in addition to preseason mattering all with 32 other guys online is probably more of a draw to me, because i have been asking for that since Madden 10 and online franchise's first year.
# 15 JayBee74 @ 07/24/12 08:07 PM
I'm not buying Madden, so who cares.

I just have no faith in this franchise.

Of course, nothing is etched in stone. If the reviews are out of this world, I'd be buying it for the engine.

That's beyond a longshot.
# 16 Super Glock @ 07/24/12 08:13 PM
Infinity engine for sure. Going off the videos, it's going to be a game changer for sure. I am so freaking excited for Madden 13.
# 17 CM Hooe @ 07/24/12 08:39 PM
CCM for me.

Why is the third choice even listed? It's not an relevant option to the topic question and only serves to incite.
# 18 Lionsfan7887 @ 07/24/12 08:46 PM
I'll go with both
# 19 Cusefan @ 07/24/12 08:51 PM
Originally Posted by JayBee74
I'm not buying Madden, so who cares.

I just have no faith in this franchise.

Of course, nothing is etched in stone. If the reviews are out of this world, I'd be buying it for the engine.

That's beyond a longshot.
You don't do this for every game? I don't know about you guys but I check the reviews for any game I buy.
# 20 Bull_Dozer @ 07/24/12 08:58 PM
I'm looking forward to being able to edit everything on every player I want, and have the freedom to play franchise mode how I choose.. Yay Madden 13 on the Wii!

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