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We all have our biases. Many/most NCAA Football 13 players undoubtedly are playing a dynasty and you all likely have a favorite geographic region/conference to play within. So what about you? Do you have a favorite conference to play in? Why do you like that conference? Is it your favorite team's conference?

Sound off!

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# 1 jello1717 @ 07/25/12 05:30 PM
B1G of course.


# 2 Lionsfan7887 @ 07/25/12 05:38 PM
Originally Posted by jello1717
B1G of course.


I approve this powerful post!
# 3 cardinals57 @ 07/25/12 05:39 PM
Originally Posted by Lionsfan7887
I approve this powerful post!
I approve this approval post, except Go Green!The big ten is my favorite followed by the PAC-12 and SEC.
# 4 sniperscout75 @ 07/25/12 05:41 PM
Definately the Big 12 for me. As a die hard Mountaineer I find it refreshing to play conference games against the likes of Texas, Oklahoma etc... Its a new experience for me as even with the ability to realign last year I like to keep conferences to real. Lets GOOOOOOOO Mountaineers!!!!!
# 5 BraveHeart @ 07/25/12 05:41 PM
I enjoy playing in the Sun Belt.
# 6 jamie1981 @ 07/25/12 05:47 PM

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# 7 Blue @ 07/25/12 05:50 PM
I personally love the Big East... The most even conference I know and always room to improve,you don't have that in the SEC or Big 10 unless your Minn, Kentucky or Vandy... Every game is a good one, I like to test the new alignment starting next year which is even more of an even conference(minus Memphis) and every team can improve.
I'm really excited to see UCF in the Big East next year...
# 8 goblue1523 @ 07/25/12 05:56 PM
The MAC! Half of the teams in the MAC could beat half the teams in the B10.
Go Huskies!
# 9 nolesfan69 @ 07/25/12 05:58 PM
ACC but the SEC is much more respected
# 10 IrishNDFan @ 07/25/12 06:13 PM
I like playing Conference USA. It has a wide variety of teams/playing styles. Also, I like playing in the shadow of BIG XII country, so once my team is improved, I set up a few early season games against the big boys like Texas or OU and surprise them.
# 11 The GIGGAS @ 07/25/12 06:20 PM
Sun Belt, WAC, MAC... they're all fun to play in. I always start a low prestige team dynasty, so I play in those a lot.
# 12 radney @ 07/25/12 06:25 PM
I'm a Seminoles fan so naturally for me, it's the ACC. However, to keep from being bored, I play with Texas, Auborn, Iowa and Rutgers all in dynasty mode so I keep the game interesting!
# 13 PhillyPhanatic @ 07/25/12 06:32 PM
I really enjoy the Mountain West. Lots of diversity in this conference
# 14 paconaifas @ 07/25/12 06:45 PM
B1G for sure! GO BADGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 15 jeffcrab @ 07/25/12 06:50 PM
I have left coast bias though, living in Utah and all.
# 16 jcool213 @ 07/25/12 06:54 PM
sec arknasas is1
# 17 Dynastium @ 07/25/12 06:59 PM
Playing in the ACC as Florida State right now... but it's not that fun. Might move to the SEC next season or something... I prefer a challenge. Miami, VT, and GT are all lackluster in my Dynasty.
# 18 JoshC1977 @ 07/25/12 07:11 PM
I love re-creating the old SWC (with Arkansas as a member). Other than Rice, everyone in that conference is a serious threat.
# 19 kingsofthevalley @ 07/25/12 07:11 PM
MAC all day. Thats where the challenge is. You can tell personality types by what conference they start in. MAC means you enjoy extreme challenge, any other conference means you like **** handed to you on a silver platter like a spoiled lil one.
# 20 weeeeeeez @ 07/25/12 07:14 PM
Offline Dynasty: Big Ten

Online Dynasty with friends: SEC

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