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According to GTPlanet, Gran Turismo 6 is rumored to include a large number of tracks. Now the question is, will it release for the PS3, PS4 or both? Of course the release date is always a matter of question...

According to a reporter on hand at the event, Lucas suggested the series’ next flagship title would include a very large number of tracks. Though the Polish source article is not clearly translated by Google, our own Amar212 offers a better interpretation of what was said:

“The amount of (tracks) will be such that will make a hat fall off your head.”

“Hat falling off your head” is common way to say how you will be amazed by something.

Representatives from Polyphony Digital have, of course, already been spotted at the Bathurst circuit, scanning and photographing it for Gran Turismo 6.

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# 1 Retropyro @ 07/26/12 11:03 AM
Should be out sometime around 2018? Maybe.
# 2 sketchy1 @ 07/26/12 11:22 AM
i'm sure that based on this announcement they will have all of 12 tracks in the game that are real or something stupid. i waited years for GT5, and was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let down by the number of tracks/real series available i was pissed. somehow i still played the game for 40-50 hours, but after that i immediately traded it in.

def never buying another GT game without reading plenty of reviews and possibly renting it first. they lost their credibility with all the crap they promised and completely failed to deliver in GT5.
# 3 rspencer86 @ 07/26/12 12:13 PM
Sounds like 2025 is going to be a fun year for racing fans and PS5 owners!
# 4 ps3veron @ 07/26/12 12:14 PM
I really honestly didn't like GT5 and I feel that these developers really need to churn up information in like 2-3 years when we get closer to the game.
# 5 CaptainZombie @ 07/26/12 12:27 PM
Originally Posted by rspencer86
Sounds like 2025 is going to be a fun year for racing fans and PS5 owners!
LOL! If Sony still has their gaming division in 2025.
# 6 Perfect Zero @ 07/26/12 02:06 PM
I'll believe it when I see it. GT5 was great until it was released. I've had to move on to other things like Project CARS, which has made me more of a computer gamer.
# 7 DickDalewood @ 07/27/12 03:41 PM
So we'll have 10 premium tracks, and 50 standard tracks?

Just give us a game with consistent car models (cockpits included) great driving physics, and a career mode that's actually fun. I want to race, earn points, unlock cars, and advance in level. And if that means cutting back on some of the cars so that more than 30% of them look good, then so be it. I'd gladly take 500 great looking cars over 800 that look like ****, and 200 that looked fantastic.

Hell, Forza now has what, 700 cars? All with fully-detailed interior views? When it comes to the car selecion, the two games aren't even in the same league anymore.

And holy hell, fix those engine sounds.
# 8 Aggies7 @ 08/01/12 04:58 AM
Do they still have rights to certain NASCAR tracks and cars? Might check it out if they added a good amount of both.

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