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WWE '13 gets real with the all-new enhanced audio and Spectacular Moments of WWE Live and completely updated Predator Technology 2.0! WWE '13 in stores October 30, 2012.
One of the biggest changes in this year’s release is a difference you’ll be able to hear, as WWE LIVE replicates the sound of an actual, live WWE event. When you hit signatures and finishers, kick out of perilously near falls, WWE ’13 will simulate the rowdy, riled-up and downright raucous crowd you’ve come to expect from WWE programming. This is the most authentic sounding WWE Games experience to date – take it from us, as we’ve spent the past month listening to the crowd roar as a familiar Oklahoma accent repeatedly shouts, “BAH GAWD!”

Speaking of what you, our loyal fans deserve, howzabout totally updated, polished and optimized Predator Technology? Predator Technology 2.0 builds upon the successes of last year’s debuting Predator Tech, with a gameplay experience that’s smoother than ever. Additionally, WWE ’13 also introduces, for the first time ever in a WWE Game, the inclusion of mid-air, real-time finishing maneuvers, so you can change the course of a match, pay-per-view or storyline in the blink of an eye – just like on WWE television.
WWE '13 also provides plenty of gameplay improvements that should go a long way toward making matches feel more like real wrestling. "Back in the day, SmackDown vs. Raw was clunky," Yang admitted. "Like, there was so much content, but it was not polished." Yuke's implemented a new game engine in WWE '12, Predator Technology, and with the help of more than 1,000 additional animations this year, matches look more fluid than ever before. Many of the new animations are in the area of reversals — successfully complete a split-second button prompt, and your Superstar will smoothly transition into a counter-attack. If you have a finishing move stored, you can take advantage of new mid-air reversals to catch an opponent leaping toward you and immediately put the hurt on him.

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Member Comments
# 1 toine2983 @ 07/26/12 01:00 PM
Digging the new dynamic commentary.

Hopefully it is just that, dynamic.

I like the improvements they made to the crowd and gameplay as well.
# 2 jeffwwe12 @ 07/26/12 01:24 PM
Just awesome! I'm super excited!
# 3 Basketball GURU @ 07/26/12 02:08 PM
That Shemus jumping off the top rope into a code-breaker was nice! The whole counter off the top rope feature looks good so far.
# 4 TorreyG @ 07/26/12 02:13 PM
I was on the fence but after seeing this I'm sold but I will say I hope they update certain wrestler ring attires such as CM Punk when he comes to the ring.
# 5 CaliDude916 @ 07/26/12 02:18 PM
Damn! This is looking amazing!
# 6 bmg050 @ 07/26/12 02:38 PM
I was just curious, I haven't bought a WWE game since 2004 when it was on ps2, can anybody tell me how different they've become (for better or worse) and if I should get WWE 13?
# 7 Calvin_Johnson81 @ 07/26/12 03:45 PM
I haven't bought a wwe game sine 08 but i might have to pick this one up
# 8 Feldman011teen @ 07/26/12 05:29 PM
Well I guess I missed predator technology 1.0 don't know where that went b/c last year's game felt the same from years ago.
# 9 sportznut02 @ 07/26/12 05:51 PM
This is looking good. I have not purchased a WWE game in a few years. With the Attitude Era stuff that might be changing this year.
# 10 R9NALD9 @ 07/27/12 02:06 AM
Looking great! Definitely a first day buy for me!
Getting the Stone Cold version as well!
# 11 Cubfan @ 07/27/12 06:33 AM
I like the trailer and can't wait for more info. I just hate the kick out button mashing system is still in.
# 12 BlueNGold @ 07/27/12 09:14 AM
That clip with Punk and Jericho looked so smooth. I'm excited.
# 13 Aggies7 @ 07/27/12 10:14 AM
I love the new additions. Commentary sounds great and love the mid air reversals into finishers.
# 14 CaptainZombie @ 07/27/12 11:20 AM
WOW! WWE 13 looks amazing. Hopefully the commentary is dynamic as they say its going to be.
# 15 BenGerman @ 07/28/12 07:30 PM
Can't wait! WWE '12 was right up there with the Show as my favorite sports video game of the year. I felt like the lack of a weight system and mid-air finishers were two of the biggest gameplay flaws. Awesome to see it was added.

Not to mention, the audio was terrible last year, but wow does it sound better in '13.
# 16 UMhester04 @ 07/28/12 08:05 PM
BenGerman I hope you create another thread like you did last year explaining how to properly play Universe mode, as it helped my experience a ton. IDK if you change arround attributes and sliders or not but if you do then maybe this year we can collaborate on a system for everyone to enjoy?
# 17 jyoung @ 07/28/12 08:23 PM
Originally Posted by RealmK
Looking good, was hoping to hear JR go "BAW MAH GOD HE HAS GOT TO BE DEAD!" heh the audio sounds great, the new air reversals and pin reversals look great as well.
# 18 DBMcGee3 @ 07/30/12 09:17 AM
Looks pretty awesome I have to say, but it could really all come down to the online servers. It seems THQ has been able to drastically improve the online experience in the past few months on WWE '12, so hopefully that will spill over into WWE '13. I have never been more upset at a developer than I was with THQ last year, when I was getting booted pretty much every time I ever tried to get on community creations. Get that cleaned up, and maybe add an additional 50 CAW spots (100 total), and you can count me in fa sho. 12 was a really fun game to me, despite its flaws.
# 19 Vinzanity @ 07/30/12 09:31 AM
WWE '13! That's what am talking about! Officially this is going to be the best wrestling game I'll ever play since HCTP!
# 20 bigbob @ 07/30/12 12:20 PM
The only thing I can complain about is at the end. I'm not a huge fan of the "Oh My God!" chant, it just seemed kind of, I don't know.. fake. Of course, I know they will never add "Holy ****!".

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