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Could there be a truly fun and great Olympic video game?

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# 1 Rhouston @ 07/30/12 12:36 PM
I think that an Olympics game could succeed if there was a career mode, where you start out at low-level regional competitions, national competitions, eventually work your way up to qualifying and finally, the Olympics. Once the Olympics end, BOOM, you start the process again (only now competing in higher level events, a la Top Spin 4) to get to another Olympics (in a different stadium, arena, locale -- doesn't have to be where the Olympics will actually be at, but just somewhere new).

You should also have to practice in the mode to get better (just like real life). The game should also incorporate a lot of the things that NBA 2K does in their My Player mode, such as press conferences, magazine covers, sponsorships, etc.

I think this would greatly help the genre, but is it going to happen? Probably not.
# 2 SHAKYR @ 07/30/12 12:39 PM
Boxing needs to be in it for me to buy it or be interested. I hate gimmicky control too.
# 3 AirJordanFan93 @ 07/30/12 01:05 PM
If they give it to a EA or 2K then it could be fun. Every olympic game just follows the same old button mash formula and makes for a dull experience. They need to give us a carer mode which includes qualifying for events so if you make a track and field guy you should be able to go to meets etc to improve your ranking. Then you have your countries Olympic Trails to qualify for events. Then you do the olympics. One more thing we need to have official athletes. Why make a game based off of the Olympics if you cant compete against the best and just some randomly generated player.
# 4 THE YAMA @ 07/30/12 01:46 PM
It could if they continuously updated it with new athletes.
# 5 mirrored32 @ 07/30/12 02:21 PM
Yes. I think an Olymic Videogame would be great. Social Media style. why not?
# 6 debauchlord @ 07/30/12 02:58 PM
All they need to do is make it FUN while keeping it realistic. How is this possible? Have three different modes and three different control schemes. Control schemes are 1) controller 2) motion controls and 3) mix and match for the event. Modes: 1) OLYMPIC every event in the olympics, including soccer and basketball (which these games never have) and the weird ones because those are usually fun. 2) PRIME TIME mode which is just the popular ones (ala Track and Field) and 3) CYO (choose your own) mix and match which events you want to play. For marketing purposes you need great sound, music, and a cover athlete, but the selling point is using the facescan tech to put yourself in the game. In CAREER mode you run through tons of games in your chosen event and chosen country, compete in worlds, then olympics. You could even keep it going after the 2012 games and have random stadiums, etc. for years, depending.
# 7 Wildildlife @ 07/30/12 03:13 PM

Best Olympic game there is.
# 8 spikerdude @ 07/30/12 03:39 PM
No no no, it would never work. The sports are too diverse to have a good engine for any of them. Somebody mentioned a career mode for it, but as much as I love career modes I think that would be boring. I don't want to toil away years and years to get a shot at the olympics, just to have not be able to do it again for another four years. Yes there could be other competitions, but that's just more licensing and effort for something that I can't imagine a lot of people wanting to buy. Not to mention there's some events that seem would be incredibly hard to include in a non QTE format. I could go on for more, but there's no need. It should not and will not happen.
# 9 TimLawNYC @ 07/30/12 03:59 PM
What about a game with a lengthy career mode and heavy RPG-style elements, where you choose your build and body type and then compete in a series of mini-games for training and amateur-level competitions to earn attribute points that you could assign as you saw fit? So if you trained well or won a competition, you could choose to put points into acceleration, speed, jumping, flexibility, arm strength, leg strength, core strength, stamina, focus, agility, balance, etc.?

I think this would be really fun, but the only way I see it working as a game would require the unrealistic element that your player would be able to compete in multiple events or disciplines after minimal training in each event, dictated by his/her body type and attributes instead of the actual skill required by these games. In other words, where in the real world one would need to put in hundreds or thousands of hours of practice and training to be an effective gymnast or platform diver, in this game your character's combination of attributes might make you successful at both of those events. Characters who find success in weightlifting might also be effective at shot put and wrestling. Yes it would be unrealistic, but the game wouldn't be as much fun if you were limited to one event, IMO--the fun of the Olympics is the variety of events available.

The mechanics for each event would be the biggest stumbling block to such a game--it would be difficult to make fun games for each event without resorting to a collection of button-mashing, rhythm, or, even worse, QTE minigames. But I definitely think if some developer could find a way to make this game, there would be a market for it (I would definitely buy it).
# 10 pietasterp @ 07/30/12 04:33 PM
I think it could work - some of my favorite games waaay back in the day were the Epyx produced "Summer Games" 1 & 2 and "Winter Games" on Commy64. Those games were fun, simple, mixing rhythm and timing, and challenging. "Track & Field" was also classic - I played the heck out of those games. I really think it's possible to do right, it just isn't easy. And, of course, the gaming landscape is totally different now, so who knows...
# 11 TimLawNYC @ 07/30/12 04:57 PM
I continue thinking about this, and I have a few ideas to add to my suggestions above. You should get a roster of maybe 12 or 20 athletes as your "team" to begin the game, and then you build them up through training and minor competitions over the three years leading up to the Olympics. The more success each one has, the more you can improve them by increasing their attributes and skills. Then, when you get your team to the Olympics, some will be favorites and some will be underdogs, depending on the success (and resulting attribute improvement) they have had leading up to the Olympics. You get to choose which events each athlete will compete in, but each will have an overall stamina/endurance rating, which will not only deplete over each event, but will be persistent throughout all Olympic events (with only limited recovery on each day between events), so the more you enter one athlete in, the more chance they will run out of gas at some point during the Games.

The Olympic events will have a realistic, one-chance-only structure--no resets or continues. If you choke during your star swimmer's qualifying heat in the 400M freestyle, he doesn't get a chance to compete for the medal in that event. No second chances, just like the real Olympics. Your gymnast only earns bronze in the All-Around? That's what she gets--no reset to go for the gold again. She's either done for these games or gets ready for her next event. If the game is quit or turned off during an event, it counts as a withdrawal for that athlete, and they cannot enter it again.

After the Olympics are over, some of your athletes might retire and will be replaced by new ones, but others will hang around for another round of training in preparation for the next Olympics (this might present balancing issues, but could be worked out by increased risk of injury or rapid decline of skills as athletes age).

Add in a layer of strategy where, as the director of the Team, you are tasked not only with managing and developing your roster of athletes, but also need to deal with financial and political concerns with your home country and the IOC, and I wouldn't even care if the events themselves were just fun button-mashing or rhythm minigames. This game would be awesome.

Now imagine that this game also existed in a persistent online world, so your athletes may be competing against CPU athletes some of the time, but with a real PvP match now and then against another real player's athlete. And the Olympics themselves could be all Player vs. Player, with no CPU athletes involved. But you could also play offline against the CPU if you wished.

I think this game would be epic! I really want to play this now!
# 12 DGuinta1 @ 07/30/12 05:19 PM
Yes very much so, used to luv the game I think it was for Atari of Commodore. It had diving, poll vault, hurdles, relay races. It was awesome fun though can't remember what it was called. It was in the 80's sometime.
# 13 TimLawNYC @ 07/30/12 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by DGuinta1
Yes very much so, used to luv the game I think it was for Atari of Commodore. It had diving, poll vault, hurdles, relay races. It was awesome fun though can't remember what it was called. It was in the 80's sometime.
I'm guessing you refer to "Summer Games", developed by Epyx. Absolute classic game.
# 14 DGuinta1 @ 07/30/12 05:28 PM
Originally Posted by TimLawNYC
I'm guessing you refer to "Summer Games", developed by Epyx. Absolute classic game.
You got it! I remember the races, who tapped faster..lol Needed a ton of floor space, hunched over with the controller on the floor....lol
# 15 BCDX97 @ 07/30/12 05:53 PM
I think the London 2012 game is really fun. So was Vancouver 2010. So I would say it's already happened.
# 16 Eski33 @ 07/30/12 06:13 PM
The best Olympic video games were already made - 30 years ago on the Commodore 64. Summer Games and Winter Games were outstanding. The high dive was awesome as well as the ski jumping.
# 17 jhendricks316 @ 07/30/12 06:22 PM
I'd surely be interested, but there are SO many sports. I think that any given group wouldn't develop each one well enough to be pleasing.

I think it would be a rushed, throw-together project with little depth and only a temporary enjoyment.
# 18 Joobieo @ 07/30/12 07:18 PM
I think this would be a cool "play for a week" type of game other than that it would just die off.
# 19 bukktown @ 07/31/12 12:34 AM
Originally Posted by MMChrisS

Could there be a truly fun and great Olympic video game?

Be sure to vote and comment on this poll. You can vote on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums.
I used to love the winter olympic video games. Bobsled and ski jump and downhill skiing were my favorites but I haven't played a good one since the Genesis days.
# 20 EmmittSmithx22x @ 07/31/12 03:41 AM
I liked track and field for the nintendo :P that was the perfect one to me!

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