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The Olympics are seriously one of the finest sporting events the world can put on, with so many athletes competing in so many diverse sports -- it's not hard to find people to root for with stories you can easily get behind.

So what about you? What is your favorite Olympic sport(s)? Do you like the less mainstream stuff like Archery and Beach Volleyball or the more mainstream stuff like Basketball and Tennis?

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# 1 bonafied0034 @ 07/30/12 03:14 PM
Beach volleyball and handball definitely

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# 2 THE YAMA @ 07/30/12 04:16 PM
Between basketball, and track and field.
# 3 OSUFan_88 @ 07/30/12 04:25 PM

Such an awesome sport.
# 4 TracerBullet @ 07/30/12 04:45 PM
Originally Posted by OSUFan_88

Such an awesome sport.
What he said. I was looking the most forward to this all year. It doesn't matter if it's men's or women's. They need more TV time.

After that, I'll probably take the Track and Field events and honestly, I enjoyed Cycling as well. I guess you could say anything that is a race.
# 5 Tovarich @ 07/30/12 05:14 PM
Curling! Oh, that's the other Olympics.

Tennis would be my answer, but it's not that different than any other tennis tournament which has such a variety of countries anyway.

I guess I'd say volleyball, indoor or beach, doesn't matter.
# 6 superjames1992 @ 07/30/12 05:16 PM
Women's beach volleyball.

I'm not sure if I like it because of the sport itself or other reasons, though....

Curling is fun to watch in the Winter Olympics.
# 7 ItsOrangeBaby @ 07/30/12 05:19 PM
I mainly like the mainstream stuff basketball, tennis, and track. I can get into a few of the random sports for short views, but other than that its mainly just the above 3.

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# 8 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 07/30/12 06:09 PM
Beach Volleyball, and some of the gymnastics is actually pretty entertaining to watch.
# 9 NYJets @ 07/30/12 10:12 PM
I like men's basketball, women's soccer, and women's indoor volleyball. Haven't really watched handball, but it sounds interesting.

Just about everything else I have no interest in.
# 10 dickey1331 @ 07/30/12 10:14 PM
I like sports you dont see on TV. Some of these I only see at the Olympics and enjoy them the most.
# 11 drewst18 @ 07/30/12 10:15 PM
I don't know why but Diving is one of the most fun sports to watch. Specifically synchronized platform, Its nuts at some of the stuff they can pull off let alone being in perfect unison with a partner. As well same reasons as diving trampoline is great as well some of the gymnastics (but some of it is pretty boring)

I love the olympics and try to watch as much of the non main stream stuff as possible. Its the best of the best and I only get to see it once every 4 years so I try to spend most of my time watching those sports. Rarely do I watch the basketball or Soccer games. Although olympic tennis is fantastic!

I don't understand the whole beach volleyball craze. It is a good sport, but so many people seem to like it for the woman. If I want to see woman in a bikini I can go to the beach or at the very worst the internet.

As for the worst sports - Weightlifting, Judo (was bored out of my mind today) and Shooting.
# 12 BostonsDaBest @ 07/30/12 11:42 PM
I learned about handball on day 2 of these Olympics, and I care more about it than Lochte and Phelps for some reason. I also try to follow soccer, beach volleyball, and basketball. I want to watch fencing, but I can't find it anywhere.
# 13 Retropyro @ 07/31/12 12:10 AM
I prefer all the non-mainstream North American sports during the Olympics. It's a nice change of pace to watch events that I normally don't get to see.
As others have said, Handball is awesome.
# 14 TheDayMan56 @ 07/31/12 01:57 AM
Beach volleyball, soccer, EDIT: (Womens) volleyball, and gymnastics.

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# 15 Tha Answer @ 07/31/12 03:19 AM
Diving, Track And Field, Volleyball(Wonan's), Basketball and Gymnastics
# 16 gigadkc @ 07/31/12 04:41 AM
definitely decathlon and heptathlon, their winners will always be the kings and the queens of the Olympics. Other than that I enjoy the pole vault and high jump events.

I'm not much of a fan of the running events anymore, it's still way too obvious that all good runners are taking roids like it's no one's business. You just have to compare the bodies of US or Caribbean runners to the European runners and you'll know what I mean. I don't wanna say that this isn't the case in other sports but it's not that obvious there (ok, swimming maybe, they're also f*cked up).
# 17 AirJordanFan93 @ 07/31/12 06:26 AM
Mens Basketball
# 18 ~LiverpoolRed~ @ 07/31/12 07:33 AM
Women's Beach Volleyball and Water Polo.
# 19 AUChase @ 07/31/12 09:37 AM
I'm not sure I have a favorite, outside of Men's basketball.

Water polo may be a close second for me.
# 20 bohne78 @ 07/31/12 09:39 AM
When Im at home Ill pretty much watch olympics all day long...doesnt really matter what sport i enjoy it all. Favorites: track and field, swimming, volleyball, handball, basketball, cycling (track), artistic gymnastics..also weight lifting is pretty sick i dont know how they lift so much from they knees it looks scary..would like to know more about judo and wrestling...
I just dont like the chinese winning so many gold medals...

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