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No one knows exactly what's going on at EA right now in regards to their NBA Title. Live wasn't included anywhere in EA's quarterly earnings call, then it was revealed it wouldn't be shown off to gaming journalists yesterday, now there's a rumor it could be a digital title.

So what do you think is going on? Will we see Live on store shelves? In a digital store? Vote now on your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 Fiddy @ 08/03/12 10:13 AM
i have zero faith in it coming out this year at all, in stores or digitally. sigh
# 2 THE YAMA @ 08/03/12 10:20 AM
Epic fail. EA honestly just needs to pack it in because they are getting farther and farther behind 2K. They should start focusing on an MLB title instead of NBA.
# 3 Dynastium @ 08/03/12 10:25 AM
Not coming out I bet.

Shame, we need a company other than EA or 2k or Konami to make sports games.
# 4 Tyrant8RDFL @ 08/03/12 10:44 AM
I dont think its coming out at all. The fact that they could not showcase a decent amount of gameply at E3 told me this would happen.

Hey it is what it is. Them boys have no faith or heart, and they are to shook by 2k. I wish I worked at EA I would take 2k head on.

Man up EA stop being scared and release your game!

Im just talking crap because I want the game to release
# 5 MNutt @ 08/03/12 10:44 AM
The game will not be that Bad, it will be different from 2K Yes. But it is good to have variety. Even if the NBA Live is Ok it will have better server connections then 2K by far. So it will be enjoy able.
# 6 khaliib @ 08/03/12 10:51 AM
The MO of EA has been to market this bright idea that's supposed to be the "Next Thing", make their profit from it, then move on.

In some cases, especially with the College sports, they just get dropped all together.

Live 13 will have some Visual upgrades, but it will not be getting this huge jump everyone is expecting with over 2 yr developement time period they had.

It will be Live 10 with visual/audio improvements and probably some type of sell about waiting until the Next Consoles to do what they really wanted to do.

It's not even a must rental now, that's how much they've run what used to be a must buy (early 90's) into the ground.
# 7 BigshotSportcenter @ 08/03/12 10:55 AM
My heart goes out to EA, it's been a long and successful run. Hopefully they shock us and bring out a great game. I guess they got something amazing that they wanna keep quite about but I'm losing faith.
# 8 bonannogiovanni @ 08/03/12 11:02 AM
Almost sure it will be delayed another year, this time ea won't need a demo out to realize its bugs are beyond patch level. I would suggest as someone else has said, let alone basketball and deliver a solid baseball game for the now orphaned 360.
# 9 RUFFNREADY @ 08/03/12 11:26 AM
I dont want to sound negative, but i dont care if LIVE comes out (any format). I will be buying 2K13 for sure, and if some form of Live does come out i will get it as long as the price is right! You can never get enough NBA!
# 10 Marvc @ 08/03/12 11:56 AM
If they release this game it needs to be 19.99 to have any chance.
# 11 BK_NC @ 08/03/12 12:01 PM
I didn't read much into NBA Live not being in yesterday's summer showcase after watching it. They only showed 2 sports games, both Wii U related. They didn't even show Madden Vita and it supposedly launches right along side the console versions and I don't think its even been shown publicly yet.

This showcase seemed to be more for the benefit of their Mobile side (non Vita/DS) of gaming than anything.

It could be yesterday's event wasn't the best place to debut to the public NBA Live 13.

I don't thing going digital-download only on the consoles is the right route. There is to much noise on the home screens and market places of the 360/PS3. I think NBA Live would get lost there. And a lot of people would balk at wanting to wait on an 8 gig download.

Whatever is going on with it. Not showing anything to the public a couple of months before the game supposedly was supposed to launch is a horrible sign. If a publisher or developer is afraid to show the game to the public so close to launch date then there is only one reason.
# 12 NoTiCe_O @ 08/03/12 12:05 PM
Originally Posted by RUFFNREADY
I dont want to sound negative, but i dont care if LIVE comes out (any format). I will be buying 2K13 for sure, and if some form of Live does come out i will get it as long as the price is right! You can never get enough NBA!
They have to have at least one trick up their sleeve. Waiting for this hands-on later in the summer.
# 13 kevmasood @ 08/03/12 12:16 PM
Admit yall they r done !!!!!!! I want competition 2 thats wat 2k needs and fix them damn servers lol
# 14 yaboythecib @ 08/03/12 12:47 PM
all eyes is on EA right know a rabbit out of the hat will be perfect. expecally know that the communtiy is counting ya'll out....
# 15 texasgmr @ 08/03/12 12:50 PM
I have a strong feeling that it won't even happen. If so, I don't think anyone will care about it anyways. I wanted to give it a chance, but now lost all faith.
# 16 tril @ 08/03/12 01:10 PM
Maybe a january release!!!. I dont see them canceling an NBA release again. A December/JAnuary release may eb beneficial to EA. By then soem folks will have had their 2k fix filled and will be willing to try something new.
I believe they did this with tehir college game back in 04. They released in January
# 17 savoie2006 @ 08/03/12 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by tKlausEffect
There is about as much of a chance as 2K Sports releasing MLB 2K13 as there is of EA releasing a new NBA Live. If EA can't monopolize an exclusive license to a sport, they don't produce the game. The quality of EA titles just isn't there to compete with other developers making games for the same sport. EA exists to take your money, not to produce amazing video games. Accept it.
This is a load of crap. EA has only monopolized NFL games and that's because the NFL left them with no choice. The NHL series was simply a better product and had better support than 2K's. Not to mention the market for NHL video games is quite small. 2K tried to turn the tables on EA with the MLB 3rd party license and only ended cutting their own throats budget wise. Plus MLB 2K just couldn't compete with The Show. As for the NBA series, it might have been a different story had they not taken a left turn after NBA Live 10. In any case whether it's an NBA or MLB game or both that EA comes out with, they are gonna have to bring their A game to compete with The Show and NBA 2K. All businesses are here to take your money, that's kind of the point of being in a business.
# 18 22cedric @ 08/03/12 02:07 PM
I still think the game will be out on store shelves by october.
# 19 kdurant35rules @ 08/03/12 02:35 PM
It'll be out but I'll wait till reviews come. The screenshots don't look so good.
# 20 eye guy @ 08/03/12 05:39 PM
As far as what we've read and (not) seen, things just don't look promising for EA's title. It's a shame really because this company has all the talent (Fifa, NHL, Tiger Woods, etc, etc...) and financial backing that it's a surprise that they aren't releasing a basketball game with the polish of their other top sports titles.

Just have a look at my signature. It's a quote from a Mike Wang interview. This is the problem with EA. They are continually trying to 're-invent the wheel' instead of just building on their foundations. Imagine the polish Live 10 would've had...

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