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During an interview with ESPN, Producer Yuri Bialoskursky has confirmed, no Infinity Engine or MUT in the Wii U version of Madden NFL 13.

ESPN Playbook: Don’t you think Nintendo consumers are going to be frustrated by getting an inferior version of “Madden” again? The Infinity Engine is what defines “Madden 13,” yet it’s nowhere to be seen on the Wii U.

Yuri Bialoskursky: It’s not for a lack of want. We definitely wanted to get the physics into the game. The Infinity Engine is something that is a point of interest for “Madden” fans, it’s just something we weren’t able to achieve for this first year on the new hardware. A lot of times, new hardware comes with new challenges. But we were able to add things to “Madden” on a lot of different levels, like being able to draw your own hot routes and being able to change your plays on the fly and create your own plays, giving you the ability to do whatever you want to do pre-play. Play-calling is another area that could be underestimated at face value. You have your playbook fully exposed to you. You don’t have to dig through menus and dig back out of menus to find the perfect play. There’s a lot of searching around, I think, on the other consoles. Just the way it’s laid out enables you to access everything very quickly. Then, of course, you’re able to utilize substitutions and packages, making changes very simply and very intuitively by just tapping and swiping the screen.

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# 1 Gaycandybacon @ 08/03/12 03:47 PM
Imo sport games are not Nintendos style anyways. They try to cater to kids as much as they can.
# 2 cuttingteeth @ 08/03/12 04:09 PM
The wii was meant to be a motion based gaming device, but then this hand held device is more of a touch screen operation combined with being essentially a PS vita. It probably should not have gotten the wii name on it, as it is it's own thing.

It makes me think of this... “I hate turkeys. If you stand in the meat section at the grocery store long enough, you start to get mad at turkeys. There's turkey ham, turkey bologna, turkey pastrami,. Some one needs to tell the turkey...man, just be yourself. I liked you the way you were." - Mitch Hedberg.
# 3 Broncos86 @ 08/03/12 04:26 PM
# 4 Broncos86 @ 08/03/12 04:44 PM
The problem with the Wii U is that, once again, it's inferior hardware. It's not even really up to snuff with the 360. So what happens when the PS4 and next Xbox comes out, and they're pushing some serious horse power? Those consoles are going to be doing things that the Wii U has no chance at. That can mean physics, AI, and more. Instead, you'll get what was seen on the Wii. A novelty game. Because the Wii U won't be able to keep up. I'd imagine Madden 14 for Wii U gets Infinity just as NCAA 14 gets it. But once the new consoles come out, I'd expect the Wii U to once again be the step child nobody wants to acknowledge.
# 5 mestevo @ 08/04/12 01:50 AM
The most potentialI I see of the Wii U is of ports of this generations best 3rd party games and all of Nintendo's franchises finally making the jump to HD.

Like all consoles it will take time for developers to get a good handle on getting things running well on it.

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# 6 blklightning @ 08/04/12 02:44 PM
Originally Posted by Broncos86
I hope Sony learns their lesson with the PS4. No wonder the PS3 versions of games were so crap for so long. I'm surprised most companies even bothered.
# 7 N51_rob @ 08/04/12 08:41 PM
But how can you say that online is such an emphasis and then not include features like Madden Ultimate Team?

Madden Ultimate Team is something that we’re not going to have in year one. It’s another one that we plan to add in as we go.

You’re killing me.

Again, we have other features that are really great. Connected Careers is going to take a lot of your time. Being able to interact and play against other people online while you try and create a legend out of yourself or picking one of those old legends like a Vince Lombardi or a Barry Sanders and taking them through a career is fun. There is a lot to look forward to on the Wii U.
That sounds a lot like the start this generation of consoles again. Take away features only to add them again later as a "new feature"
# 8 Bull_Dozer @ 08/05/12 05:32 AM
I love Madden on the Wii because it's cartoony and doesn't try to be hyper realistic. I have no interest in the Wii U, I'd rather wait till the xbox 720 comes out before buying a new console. PS4 and Xbox 720 are going to destroy the Wii U in graphical power.
# 9 DJ @ 08/05/12 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by N51_rob
That sounds a lot like the start this generation of consoles again. Take away features only to add them again later as a "new feature"
I really, really hope we don't walk down that road again when the next consoles drop.

Nintendo has very little interest in sports gaming, which is a shame because if they got 3rd party games to be on the level (or very close) to what the other systems have, I think more adults (especially those with kids who have already purchased a Wii for the family) would be inclined to, you know, actually use the system.
# 10 kdurant35rules @ 08/05/12 01:21 PM
Wii U is weaker than other consoles with less capacity.
# 11 blklightning @ 08/05/12 10:44 PM
So much for Wii U Madden being truly next gen as they said before.
# 12 CM Hooe @ 08/05/12 11:35 PM
Originally Posted by N51_rob
That sounds a lot like the start this generation of consoles again. Take away features only to add them again later as a "new feature"
No one wants to hear this, but all these different platforms do have different internal architectures and system libraries to reference when writing the code of the game. It makes perfect sense that EA would have to yank something out and put it back in later, because it's likely completely broken right now due to switching platforms and thus in no state for public consumption.

There simply isn't a way to just transplant a computer program to an entirely new hardware configuration and operating system easily. Same reason why there are different versions of PC games released for Windows, Mac, and Linux (though with Mac having adopted Intel, a bit less so recently, but OSX and Windows are still catastrophically different).
# 13 guitar4468 @ 08/06/12 10:11 AM
Originally Posted by kdurant35rules
Wii U is weaker than other consoles with less capacity.

What do you mean weaker than 360/ps3?

Based on reported specs,

The cpu will be better running an IBM power 7.
The graphics card will be better running at least amd 5000 level card
1.5 to 2gb of memory
and using Blu Ray like disk
Yea it might have a 8GB hard drive, but that does not mean much other than storing games/DLC.

It is about 3x times more powerful than this generation.

Not to mention, based on some of the specs of the next Xbox and PS4, you might not be seeing the biggest jump for next generation. Heck the xbox is rumored to have an atom proc and a low end amd 7000. Depending on which one they choose may not even beat out the 5000 of Nintendo Wii U.

I know the Wii was under powered, but the Wii U is not. Yes the next Xbox/PS might have a little more power, but its going to be like dreamcast/ps2 compared to the xbox in terms of difference.

In this case, this is EA trying to get madden out and not wait a year. like the first 360 Madden, it will lack features because they are not used to the Hardware and are not going to skip a release to learn it.

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