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Check out the new Madden NFL 13 screenshots of Michael Irvin.

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# 1 Gaycandybacon @ 08/03/12 03:58 PM
Holy ****.... I'm blown away
# 2 SageInfinite @ 08/03/12 04:06 PM
That first one is sick.
# 3 BEARYChi @ 08/03/12 04:13 PM
i climaxed when is i saw the first pic......Cant wait for MADDEN 13
# 4 BadBoy7150 @ 08/03/12 04:13 PM
Absolutely gorgeous!! Love the wrist bands as well!! About d*** time EA!!!
# 5 Hassan Darkside @ 08/03/12 04:22 PM
Sleeves look pretty bad but overall, the screen looks great.
# 6 Find_the_Door @ 08/03/12 04:46 PM
Originally Posted by SBTx
I mean good lord, the stripes on these long sleeve jerseys should be at the bottom. A simple look at a picture of Romo would reveal this.

Do they even look at reference material when creating jerseys?!?
Yeah, seriously... it's bad enough to warrant being fixed in a patch.

How it should be:

How it is:

How could this be overlooked?
# 7 justcallmedaddy @ 08/03/12 04:59 PM

Where is Irvin's mouthpiece?
# 8 BadBoy7150 @ 08/03/12 04:59 PM
Originally Posted by Batum Shaka Laka
Yeah, seriously... it's bad enough to warrant being fixed in a patch.

How it should be:

How it is:

How could this be overlooked?
Taking a shot in the dark here...but the jersey's drastically changed between when Irvine played in 98....to when Romo was drafted....lol
# 9 reverend_heat @ 08/03/12 05:03 PM
Originally Posted by justcallmedaddy

Where is Irvin's mouthpiece?
Ha, as the Madden devs have said before, adding mouthpieces is apparently just too much of a herculean task. If you watched Irvin play, he always had that damn mouthpiece. It just doesn't look like him without it. NBA 2k has done such a great job of giving the in-game models those equipment details that instantly distinguish guys from one another. Hopefully, the next generation of consoles will provide the kind of graphical muscle that is obviously required for EA to get these in game. Maybe we might be able to see players who wear mouthpieces, actually wear mouthpieces in the game.
# 10 porkys8077 @ 08/03/12 05:13 PM
Looks awesome.
# 11 TreyIM2 @ 08/03/12 05:24 PM
That first pic - WHOA!! The other two are cool but that first one is just mindblowing, and, yea, yea, some lil, minute things aren't perfect but so effin what. Plus (sidebar), we are FINALLY getting RTP in a Madden plus a slew of other things are to be added, fixed and improved.

I'm diggin the pics and the potential of what's to come. Fix sleeves and mouthpieces next gen for all I care
# 12 DickDalewood @ 08/03/12 05:46 PM
Wow. That first pic especially is incredible.
# 13 fsufan4423 @ 08/03/12 06:02 PM
Please incorporate some sort of camera angle where we can see these awesome details during gameplay...not just replay. Can anyone remember if a football game actually had a action cam?
# 14 wallofhate @ 08/03/12 06:06 PM
THE PLAYMAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# 15 wallofhate @ 08/03/12 06:07 PM
The 1st picture looks like its got some kind of sepia filter or something
# 16 frankwyte81 @ 08/03/12 06:09 PM
I don't care what angle they show, those sleeves are just wrong in every way. Put the stripes in the right place EA. C'mon Man...
# 17 Greatness @ 08/03/12 06:09 PM
I agree, Irvin should have his mouth piece and the stripes on his sleeves should be lower. Other than that everything looks great!
# 18 dorian813 @ 08/03/12 06:18 PM
these images have to be from the Wii U cause the earlier Irvin shoots didn't look this great.
# 19 Gman 18 @ 08/03/12 06:28 PM
Wow, that looks alot like him. This year, alot more players have real faces.
# 20 Av2002 @ 08/03/12 07:09 PM
Yea yea the strips are a bit off but man seeing those screens gotta get u pump bout madden. I hope that got the correct multi color shoe combos correct since there is no editing.

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