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A new SSX patch has been released introducing multiplayer modes.

While browsing the globe, you will see 3-2-1-Go! events. Up to 5 riders can compete in Trick It and Race It heats, all starting from a helicopter, which acts as a lobby. A new countdown timer has been added and the winner is chosen on high score and crossing the finish line before the clock runs out. If you don't complete the race, before time is up, you don't receive any points.

Freeride lets you navigate to any drop on the globe with no rules, ghosts, clock, etc. You are free to explore at your own pace. Once you reach the bottom, you are lifted back to the top.

For those of you hoping for split screen, it's not included.

Source - SSX (V3.0) New Game Modes and fixes now live!

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# 1 murph17 @ 08/07/12 09:19 AM
Nice find Steve. I don't even think the SSX-freaks at Mercury City saw this link
# 2 Blzer @ 08/07/12 09:53 AM
Shame at no split-screen, but I like the sound of freeride!
# 3 ps3veron @ 08/07/12 11:46 AM
Nice! Finally going back to playing this now.

As much as I like the "ground breaking" multiplayer (read: leaderboards): there's nothing quite like racing against another live person.

Catch you all down Kilimanjaro!
# 4 aimiami @ 08/07/12 03:30 PM
Finally a free ride mode. Ill probably start playing this again
# 5 Blzer @ 08/15/12 01:39 AM
Because uploading videos is such a recent concept for me, I recorded a Free Ride run down Mt. Eddie.


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