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EA Sports’ Madden NFL 13 Ratings Reveal enters its second week as the fans decided amongst all QB’s that RGIII will be the fastest, Matthew Stafford will have the strongest arm, Aaron Rodgers will have the most accurate deep ball and Peyton Manning is the most aware.

Voting has begun to determine the fastest running back in Madden NFL 13. For the rest of the week, we'll see polls for the acceleration and elusiveness rating.

This campaign allows fans to vote on attributes like speed, elusiveness, hit power and more. The winner of each vote will be the highest-rated player for that attribute at their position in Madden NFL 13.

Upcoming weeks will focus on running backs, wide receivers and defenders, with the winners in each category announced every Friday. Here is the voting schedule breakdown:
  • Aug 6 – 10: Running Backs – Speed, Acceleration, Trucking, Elusiveness
  • Aug 13 – 17: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends – Speed, Spectacular Catch, Route Running, Agility
  • Aug 20 – 24: Defense – Speed, Hit Power, Tackling, Man Coverage
  • Aug 24: Offensive Line, Special Teams and Overall Team Ratings
Not only will each winner receive a boost in their attributes in Madden NFL 13, but they’ll also be immortalized with a special card in Madden Ultimate Team. Fans who collect the cards of every winning player will be able to add them to a collection which will unlock a special Madden Ultimate Team reward in Madden NFL 13.

So the question is... Which RB should have the highest trucking rating in Madden NFL 13?
  • Michael Turner
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Brandon Jacobs
In case you missed it.

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Member Comments
# 1 reddogmaddogbul @ 08/07/12 10:19 AM
# 2 THE YAMA @ 08/07/12 10:24 AM
I'm going to say Brandon Jacobs.
# 3 cuttingteeth @ 08/07/12 10:29 AM
I think it's obvious that Beast Mode takes this one. With all due respect to Brandon Jacobs, he is tall and gets his legs cut out from under him more easily. Beast Mode is and plays even lower to the ground, and being a human version of a Madden create-a-player RB just adds to the mix.

I'll be interested to see how Trent Richardson and Mark Ingram fare in this rating, too.
# 4 Scooby803 @ 08/07/12 11:00 AM
Legarrette Blount should be considered.
# 5 TeamBuilder @ 08/07/12 11:18 AM
Where is last year's cover boy?
# 6 seasprite @ 08/07/12 11:21 AM
I voted for Turner, the guy inflicts punishment when he runs
# 7 J Beard @ 08/07/12 11:22 AM
No Blount?
# 8 BigshotSportcenter @ 08/07/12 11:26 AM
Easily Brandon Jacobs 6' 4" 260. No one person can bring him down.
# 9 MVP23 @ 08/07/12 11:29 AM
For what? If still Darren Sproles can truck thru Haloti Ngata then there is no point.
# 10 bxgoods @ 08/07/12 11:30 AM
No Stephen Jackson?
# 11 ansu610 @ 08/07/12 11:45 AM
Originally Posted by J Beard
No Blount?
same thing I said, Turner aint got **** on Blount as far as trucking goes
# 12 Cpre5 @ 08/07/12 11:56 AM
Shame no Legarrette Blount, and Jacobs has spent the last few years running sideways like a scat back with very little trucking.
# 13 GoodImmigrant @ 08/07/12 12:40 PM
I'm a Giants fan and I would vote for Bradshaw before I vote for Jacobs
# 14 Champion8877 @ 08/07/12 01:21 PM
Blount, but since he isn't on here I'll go with Lynch.
# 15 Blaze688 @ 08/07/12 01:45 PM
LOL. LeGarrette Blount isn't even in the running? You've got to be freaking kidding me. Madden is produced in ORLANDO. You'd think they watched a Bucs game or two in the last two years.

# 16 gator3guy @ 08/07/12 01:59 PM
Jacobs is soft.
# 17 DeuceDouglas @ 08/07/12 02:02 PM
Brandon Jacobs is probably the softest RB I've ever seen. Isn't he nicknamed the tip-toe giant?
# 18 Rostee F @ 08/07/12 02:06 PM
# 19 riggs6taters @ 08/07/12 02:20 PM
This vote became completely irrelevant the second I saw Blount wasn't included. The guy is unmatched in that department.
# 20 ImaGamer_OS @ 08/07/12 02:55 PM
Brandon "Look Like Tarzan, Play Like Jane" Jacobs? Are you kidding me? This "beast" averaged 3.8 ypc last season.

I don't like the three nominations at all. Where is Steven Jackson for one? Blount?

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