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EA Sports’ Madden NFL 13 Ratings Reveal enters its second week as the fans decided amongst all QB’s that RGIII will be the fastest, Matthew Stafford will have the strongest arm, Aaron Rodgers will have the most accurate deep ball and Peyton Manning is the most aware.

Voting has begun to determine the running back with the highest acceleration in Madden NFL 13. For the rest of the week, we'll see polls for the acceleration and elusiveness rating.

This campaign allows fans to vote on attributes like speed, elusiveness, hit power and more. The winner of each vote will be the highest-rated player for that attribute at their position in Madden NFL 13.

Upcoming weeks will focus on running backs, wide receivers and defenders, with the winners in each category announced every Friday. Here is the voting schedule breakdown:
  • Aug 6 – 10: Running Backs – Speed, Acceleration, Trucking, Elusiveness
  • Aug 13 – 17: Wide Receivers & Tight Ends – Speed, Spectacular Catch, Route Running, Agility
  • Aug 20 – 24: Defense – Speed, Hit Power, Tackling, Man Coverage
  • Aug 24: Offensive Line, Special Teams and Overall Team Ratings
Not only will each winner receive a boost in their attributes in Madden NFL 13, but they’ll also be immortalized with a special card in Madden Ultimate Team. Fans who collect the cards of every winning player will be able to add them to a collection which will unlock a special Madden Ultimate Team reward in Madden NFL 13.

So the question is... Which RB deserves the highest acceleration ratings in Madden NFL 13?
  • Darren Sproles
  • Chris Johnson
  • Ray Rice
In case you missed it.
Which RB deserves the highest acceleration ratings in Madden NFL 13?

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Member Comments
# 1 Major9 @ 08/09/12 10:20 AM
No question, Darren Sproles. Him and Noel Devine(who never made the NFL) accelerates through the hole like no RB I have ever seen.
# 2 SuperNoVa27 @ 08/09/12 10:25 AM
CJ2k is no doubt the fastest of all three.

But, Sproles has the best acceleration of the group.
# 3 leathrneck34 @ 08/09/12 10:34 AM
D-Train has the highest acc of anyone just inj prone.
# 4 Champion8877 @ 08/09/12 10:50 AM
Sproles. I would argue that Shady McCoy needs to be in the poll as well.
# 5 cardinals57 @ 08/09/12 10:52 AM
Darren Sproles.
# 6 fatleg3 @ 08/09/12 11:18 AM
I cant choose between Sproles and CJ. Those little legs of sproles move so fast but at the same time watching CJ break one is a thing of beauty
# 7 TeamBuilder @ 08/09/12 11:27 AM
Sproles okay... but I think Jammal Charles should be tops in this category. I assume the reason he wasn't included is because they put him in the elusiveness category.

He should win both.
# 8 cuttingteeth @ 08/09/12 11:43 AM
I say Sproles, too, but they should have included Deangelo Williams.
# 9 dooney_30 @ 08/09/12 03:20 PM
Ima have to go with CJ2K... And the below clip will show exactly why

# 10 dooney_30 @ 08/09/12 04:12 PM
Originally Posted by MaddenSaints
WOW, a video...
Type in Darren Sproles 2011 - 2012 and all of his videos will show why he is the fastest coming to acceleration. CJ is faster, but sproles is when it is acceleration.
I already did. He's takeoff is fast but not as fast as CJ. It looks like Sproles takeoff is fast but its because he is shorter and take quick shorter strides. And in the video you can see how fast CJ takeoff is after he hopped in the air, landed and then took off like nobodies business. That is ACCELERATION my friend!
# 11 BenjiA @ 08/09/12 04:36 PM
Jahvid Best? LaMichael James?
# 12 Joobieo @ 08/09/12 05:05 PM
Darren for sure , how fast he gets in and out of holes is insane !
# 13 bmj2k7 @ 08/09/12 05:50 PM
My 1st thought was Reggie Bush, then Sproles then Peterson, then Johnson yet only Sproles is on this list WTF EA do some homework. These list get worse and worse. Reggie Bush has more excelleration than everyone on that list.
# 14 TalenT @ 08/09/12 05:52 PM
Ummm Reggie Bush....

That's what I was thinking @ bmj2k7. I was shocked to not see him there.
# 15 saintsyadig @ 08/09/12 10:48 PM
Sproles! He gets ten yards in a blink of an eye.
# 16 THE YAMA @ 08/10/12 08:37 AM
From the list above, I'd say CJ2K. Although I'm sure there are a lot of others out there with higher acceleration than those three.
# 17 outtamyway24 @ 08/12/12 06:09 PM
Where is Chris Rainey? Him and Jeff Demps were amongst the fastest duo in all of college football and would regularly race each other. Demps, although he didn't make the team, opted to try out for the U.S. Olympic team instead of the NFL. If Rainey can keep up with Demps, that deserves 100 Acceleration!

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