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With Skill Games, the FIFA 13 team has created a number of different challenges that focus on the core elements of the game which helps not only the novice FIFA gamer, but veterans of the game as well, through various levels of difficulty.

Sound interesting to you?

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# 1 ChubbyBanana @ 08/09/12 12:44 PM
Looks interesting! Hopefully it will help me get a better handle on some of the skill moves I need to brush up on.
# 2 NaturalSelected @ 08/09/12 01:28 PM
This is a great addition, and will help transition people to the controls if they don't know them all. Plus, practicing certain skills before was a huge pain, say volleys.

Well done.
# 3 Darkleaf @ 08/09/12 01:31 PM
Great vid! Ive always wondered why they didn't have something like this for years.
# 4 MrGameW1nner @ 08/09/12 04:10 PM
That is absolutely beautiful. This means more people can learn how to play real soccer. This benefits everyone especially people who play online. More games in general should adopt this mentality, they are not hiding anything. They have opened the whole game up. Well IMO.
# 5 liberaluser @ 08/09/12 07:30 PM
This looks like an amazingly fun tutorial that rewards you for getting good at the game. Far better than the often confusing and directionless practice modes we get in sports games today.
# 6 SkillzKillz719 @ 08/09/12 07:59 PM
Looks good!
Can't wait.
# 7 JayD @ 08/09/12 10:23 PM
so happy they have finally included this feature. One of the reasons why I skip out on FIFA is that there is a pretty hefty learning curve.
# 8 RamzaLugria @ 08/09/12 11:35 PM
I like it!
They shoud incorporate them into career mode and call it training. It would be a fun way to improve your players and break up the games cycle that plagues the mode.
# 9 rckabillyRaider @ 08/09/12 11:41 PM
looks good! I see they took the idea from the other game last year, but looks like they totally improved upon that idea.
# 10 THE YAMA @ 08/10/12 08:32 AM
I'm going to love these skill games. I'm a perfectionist when it comes to games like this.
# 11 Altimus @ 08/10/12 09:41 AM
Welcome addition, even to vets of the series!
# 12 BezO @ 08/10/12 03:21 PM
Looks fun & useful. I don't care for the Mario style points pop up though. Displaying points at the bottom of the screen or on a scoreboard would've been a slicker.

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