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EA Sports has just released the complete Madden NFL 13 ratings for every running back in the game.

For the complete Madden NFL 13 running back ratings, click here.

The ratings category winners in Speed, Trucking, Elusiveness, and Acceleration will be reflected in the week one Madden NFL 13 roster update.

What are your thoughts on the running back ratings?

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# 1 Lodeus @ 08/10/12 09:29 AM
Ratings are ridiculously high.
# 2 nsviking07 @ 08/10/12 09:33 AM
Well I guess I need to look into tradin for a rb in my league Benjarvus is SO slow.
# 3 Nature_Boy @ 08/10/12 09:52 AM
Darren McFadden - Overall 91.
# 4 TeamBuilder @ 08/10/12 09:57 AM
Finally some love for Seahawks FB Michael Robinson!

Arian Foster has a higher truck rating than Peyton Hillis???
# 5 RGiles36 @ 08/10/12 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by SA1NT401
Aside from maybe MJD.... Everyone could lose 5-10 points off their overall...
For context, roughly only 20% of the RBs are rated 80 or above.
# 6 RGiles36 @ 08/10/12 10:02 AM
Originally Posted by Nature_Boy
Darren McFadden - Overall 91.
His injury rating is a great equalizer though if you play with a realistic injury slider.

That said, I'm glad Donny Moore saw the light on DeMarco Murray's injury rating. I wasn't lobbying for his skill ratings or overall to be higher, but I do think he gets a bad rap as an injury prone player. He only missed a handful of games in college, and had a legitimate ankle injury that ended his season. An 80 is very reasonable -- might've gone like 78 myself but that's splitting hairs.

He sure had Ryan Mathews injury rating correct though. Listed as a 71, and don't you know he broke his collarbone on his first carry in the preseason last night? Sheesh.
# 7 jeb4056 @ 08/10/12 10:11 AM
Felix Jones is rated too high at 81, there are a bunch I think are rated too high though...but being a Cowboys fan I know Felix is too high at 81, especially since Murray's only an 83.

I was expecting Felix to be low - mid 70's
# 8 jbd345 @ 08/10/12 10:12 AM
Freddy Jackson an 89? I guess I can live with that.
# 9 racingmad43 @ 08/10/12 10:18 AM
I plan on taking the Broncos in CCM and I had no idea that Moreno's Speed was going to be an 86. Hopefully I can pull a decent trade for Ben Tate.
# 10 THE YAMA @ 08/10/12 10:21 AM
LaMichael James with some pretty nice speed ratings. Couple of UCF alums gaining some respect.
# 11 Chiefsfan881129 @ 08/10/12 10:22 AM
Could someone please post all the chiefs rb and fb ratings for me as IM at work and viewing the doc or the ea site is blocked And won't be home for another 2 hours I saw someone mention that foster has a higher truck rating then hillis if so Donny Moore needs to step down as roster guy cuz he clueless sure foster good but he not the trucker that Hillis is go chiefs!

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# 12 seasprite @ 08/10/12 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by racingmad43
I plan on taking the Broncos in CCM and I had no idea that Moreno's Speed was going to be an 86. Hopefully I can pull a decent trade for Ben Tate.
Moreno is about 4th on the depth chart for them IRL
# 13 TheKingOfVa @ 08/10/12 10:27 AM
I really can't complain about Beanie Wells ratings, He's going to be a beast
# 14 Dj_MyTime @ 08/10/12 10:33 AM
Originally Posted by MaddenSaints
I do not understand why AP is a 97 with him basically being out all season. Not only that but all of the stats on the ratings are better than MJD and yet they are the same overall.
He suffered the main injury the LAST GAME of the season, and missed four games (so if injury is lower I'm ok with that) but I swear people just make stuff up to try to get their point across...smmfh

# 15 The Rulah @ 08/10/12 10:37 AM
The Ravens have their starting RB and FB in the top 10. That should make for a good time running the ball.
# 16 saintsyadig @ 08/10/12 10:42 AM
I'm loving Sproles, Thomas, and Ingram. Who Dat
# 17 Skyboxer @ 08/10/12 11:06 AM
Originally Posted by KCmizzou852
Why the hell is Dexter McCluster in this list. The man has moved back to WR and has only practiced as a wide out this off season
Well KC still has it wrong then as he's still listed as a RB at their official site. Kind of hard to complain about EA having as a RB then...
# 18 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/10/12 11:08 AM
The only rating I have a serious problem with is Trent Richardson. I just don't think you rate a guy that high before he has ever played a down in a real game. I am always iffy on Bama running backs anyway. They usually get to run behind the best Oline in the nation and they usually have an iffy QB so their stats are sometimes hard to judge them by. I knew Ingram would be an OK back, but not elite because of those factors. I think TR will be better than Ingram overall, but you gotta wait and see them play a game lol.
# 19 N51_rob @ 08/10/12 11:11 AM
Tim Hightower should have a better pass block rating for a 3rd down RB type. I think Helu's catch might be to high, Royster's Acceleration might also be a tad high. I would like to see Helu be faster too, but not as bad as I thought.

Also, I guess defense doesn't really matter as next week is WR then after that the Season Ticket holder will have access to the game.
# 20 Dbrentonbuck @ 08/10/12 11:12 AM
Note, if you raised Richardson's awareness from 55 to say 85 he would probably be ranked in the top 10 backs based on his other stats. That is what I mean.

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