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So far this year it seems like the community is taking a "less is more" approach to the sliders in NCAA Football 13. The testing on this year's game has shown that tweaking too far in any one direction can cause different parts of the game to break. Whether it be too many dropped passes, no pass rush, or kickers who can't make extra points, this year, maybe more than ever, the OS slider makers have been more cautious in their approach. As it seems to be year in and year out with the NCAA Football games, the penalty sliders are either overpowered or completely useless.

Below I'll outline some of the sets that I like, and I hope you'll find something that helps you get the most out of NCAA Football 13.

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# 1 schnaidt1 @ 08/10/12 03:30 PM
i thought for sure i was going to make it this year. a solid rating from the community. i feel like i am the only person with a 4 star rating with more than 10 votes not on this list. oh well....maybe next year.
# 2 rudyjuly2 @ 08/10/12 04:07 PM
I thought Hartstopper's were great. Why no mention of him?
# 3 CM Hooe @ 08/10/12 04:23 PM
I actually think the game plays absolutely great on default Heisman.
# 4 NoleFan @ 08/10/12 07:26 PM
Originally Posted by CM Hooe
I actually think the game plays absolutely great on default Heisman.
I played a 1/2 of auto pass coach mode on default Heisman earlier today and actually felt it played a good game of football.... Despite being down 7-21 against Boise with Idaho, I didn't feel "cheated".
# 5 Herky @ 08/10/12 08:02 PM
Oraeon and mkharsh both have made the jump to Heisman recently. Sounds like this is the level to play on this year.
# 6 Tyrant8RDFL @ 08/11/12 07:48 AM
I play on Heisman also. Its not at default but slightly adjusted nothing major.

Penalty sliders are tricky and some don't exist. PI and clipping.
# 7 pdiehm @ 08/11/12 10:11 AM
Count me in on the default heisman camp.

What i've seen with some of the slider sets is they nerf human run blocking down to the point that the OL guys don't perform the basic assignments (ie: pulling OL running right by the guy they should be blocking).

On default, I've had 2 great games: I beat Rice with UCLA 20-17, and Nebraska 28-23.

My only concern is when Nebraska was down 28-10, they went into major interception mode. My last 3 plays were picked. 2 DT's and a DE all with picks on 3 consecutive passes, so I'm thinking that INT's will be dropped.

Will play a few more games at some point to make a better determination on whether I finally want to start a dynasty on default heisman.
# 8 Mizzou24 @ 08/11/12 11:55 AM
Hartstoppers have definitely been my favorite authentics are good aswell..
# 9 Riggins @ 08/14/12 09:50 AM
My problem is I think I'd get smoked by the computer on Heisman. I don't know why but I'm just not very good at this game, maybe I play 2K12 basketball too much.
# 10 Sydeburnz @ 08/14/12 12:15 PM
I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop in the form of Patch number 2 before I put any more time into my coach sliders. If zone coverage actually gets fixed coach mode should be awesome!

My OD is using Authentics Hesiman Sliders with the Coach Rosters and we are actually losing games this year!

Interceptions are pretty high with them though, you really have to play smart, but we are learning to throw it out instead of away

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