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Madden NFL 13 demo is available now for the 360, queue it up right here.

If it's not showing up on your console, try this route.

1: Go to Game Marketplace
2: Demo
3: Genre
4: Kinect

The Madden NFL 13 demo will be available for PS3 later this afternoon. We'll update the post when it pops up online.

The Madden NFL 13 demo includes the New York Giants vs. San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks vs. Washington Redskins.

You can choose difficulty settings. 5 min quarters and it's an entire game. It will also have full commentary. No sliders this year. You can change play style between game flow and conventional.

Check here for PS Vita demo details.

Play a game or two and post your impressions here.

*UPDATE: Madden NFL 13 demo is online for PS3 now!

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Member Comments
# 1 Dime nR @ 08/14/12 06:31 AM
This game is BEAUTIFUL. And yes, you can feel the physics!!!
# 2 ZeroRevived @ 08/14/12 06:34 AM
All I want to know is pass blocking better? I have a PS3 so I'm relying on my Xbox peeps to give me some info.
# 3 Dime nR @ 08/14/12 06:36 AM
Crowd actually goes nuts when a big play is made!!
# 4 R9NALD9 @ 08/14/12 06:40 AM
Man I'm jealous...need to wait till Thursday before I'll be able to play.

Can anyone comment on field and uniform degradation?

Oline/Dline play better than previous years?

Does the blindside rush generate sacks/pressure at all?
# 5 Ferweezy @ 08/14/12 06:41 AM
Does anyone got a live ustream going on with live gameplay??
# 6 Ferweezy @ 08/14/12 06:43 AM
Can someone tell me is a chain gang present in the demo? I know its a dumb question, but a chain gang was non existent in NCAA 13. I'm a fan of the little things.
# 7 salty222 @ 08/14/12 06:43 AM
Tackle pile is sick!!
# 8 salty222 @ 08/14/12 06:44 AM
Playing as 49ers I hit Bradshaw and caused a fumble. The ball then gets KICKED as players are fighting for it. That has never happened!!!
# 9 Dime nR @ 08/14/12 06:44 AM
Originally Posted by Ferweezy
Can someone tell me is a chain gang present in the demo? I know its a dumb question, but a chain gang was non existent in NCAA 13. I'm a fan of the little things.
Yes, chain gang is on the sidelines.
# 10 Tengo Juego @ 08/14/12 06:49 AM
You can actually adjust the game speed and speed threshold, and turn off or adjust accelerated clock.

First play was a Zone Read keep with RGIII for a 76 yard TD!
# 11 stephenk24 @ 08/14/12 06:52 AM
Is the throwing action good? Or does the ball still act weirdly and go through the qbs hand when released? Thanks.
# 12 Permatron @ 08/14/12 06:56 AM
Any noticeable differences in the running game?
# 13 Steve_OS @ 08/14/12 06:58 AM
You can adjust the sliders!
# 14 salty222 @ 08/14/12 06:58 AM
Just took a kickoff return to the house with Ginn. As I'm running down the field the crowd started to get louder and louder!! Very nice touch
# 15 Ferweezy @ 08/14/12 06:59 AM
Is nano blitzing is present? Has anyone tried it on the cpu? Do the o-line pick it up better?
# 16 darknmild @ 08/14/12 06:59 AM
Originally Posted by DukeC
Welp, I just got beat deep becuase i tried to cover the underneath route with the Strong Safety. Nice of the Cpu to recognize that.
which difficulty are you using?
# 17 Dime nR @ 08/14/12 07:01 AM
As someone pointed out earlier, cant believe on a fumble the ball was actually being kicked around!! Awesome.
# 18 darknmild @ 08/14/12 07:02 AM
Originally Posted by DukeC
Pro. Default settings.
yeah that is cool that the cpu recognized your coverage on that level
# 19 BenjiA @ 08/14/12 07:03 AM
Can you spectate a game? Watch CPU vs. CPU?
# 20 darknmild @ 08/14/12 07:08 AM
why does this feel like Launch day going to bed glad i have today off so i can sleep and by time i wake up it wont be too long for the ps3 demo, like i said earlier enjoy the demo 360 peeps.... do people still use the term peeps lol at myself

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