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Here is a quick NBA 2K13 video clip from Gamescom, just skip to roughly the 9:47 mark.

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# 1 eko718 @ 08/15/12 06:02 PM
Nice find man.
# 2 Gman 18 @ 08/15/12 06:05 PM
I can tell the game looks like it's running smooth this year than it was last year. It also looks more realistic.
# 3 jr2424 @ 08/15/12 06:08 PM
Great find. Love the perimeter bumping

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# 4 Sundown @ 08/15/12 06:08 PM
Looks more realistic overall especially with the new defensive animations, but there's still some sliding. Then again the player didn't try doing much in the way of iso so we didn't get to see the momentum effects much.
# 5 alexthegreat @ 08/15/12 06:09 PM
Nice. I loved seeing KD actually stay in front of Bron and make contact with him. The new physics are going to be sweet.
# 6 Blue @ 08/15/12 06:10 PM
Cool find definitely noticed the better flow, nice new replay animation
# 7 jayman504 @ 08/15/12 06:11 PM
only thing thats bothers me is chalmers pass to ray at the 3pt line....looks "lofty" to me...but your right looks pretty damn smooth
# 8 Eman5805 @ 08/15/12 06:11 PM
LeBron just isn't built up right. He still looks like mini-Shaq. But man, it was pretty to look at.
# 9 youALREADYknow @ 08/15/12 06:15 PM
30 second clip in August, so I guess we take it all with a grain of salt... BUT....

Most of those perimeter bumps of the ball-handler when driving to the basket would be foul calls in the NBA. Defenders should either cut off the path or ride the ball-handler to a spot, not bump them in mini-animations. I'm interested to see how "stuck" into those contact animations we get. Hopefully there's a slider for those contact animations just like we got for Driving and Inside Shots in 2K12.

I did see a forearm check to the back to maintain "contact" though and that was nice to see. The overall pace of the walking/running animations looked cleaner and less herky-jerky.

The passing looks almost as bad as in 2K12 but again, judgment to be reserved for release. Still seeing those ugly, floated, half-overhead passes where bounce passes or chest passes would be made.
# 10 tcnumba10 @ 08/15/12 06:19 PM
Game animation looks alot better and more realistic especially on the defensive side, shadowing the ball handler's moves. Looks good so far!
# 11 qnzballa5 @ 08/15/12 06:20 PM
Dawolf did say earlier that besides the manual passes being great.. The pass system is still like 2k12= bad so yea.. Expect more lofty passes n i dont like all of the bump animations but nice find n video..
# 12 bigeastbumrush @ 08/15/12 06:22 PM
Love the hand-checking/bodying by Durant on LeBron in the paint.

And yes..I'm glad there was no foul call.

Player models look bigger than 2K12..almost like Live 10 size.

Didn't like that LeBron seemed to run slightly hunched over.

Floor spacing was meh. I don't know..either they need slightly smaller models or a slightly larger court.
# 13 mlp111 @ 08/15/12 06:36 PM
looks great to me, super realistic, i like the bumping and the hand check D by durant on lebron, looks great! RTPhysic system looks noticeable to me! day one purchase PC and xbox!
# 14 magicman32 @ 08/15/12 06:41 PM
Looks great. The defensive animations look a lot more realistic. The game looks more polished and smooth. I can't wait to play this game!!!
# 15 Conda @ 08/15/12 06:43 PM
I like what I see so far. Even the pass from Chalmers to Allen. It was lobbed slightly so Sofalosha couldn't intercept it. That is all.
# 16 Vni @ 08/15/12 06:51 PM
Man it looks so smooth.
# 17 blues rocker @ 08/15/12 06:59 PM
nice...i liked what i saw. not perfect, but definitely saw some improvements.

at the beginning of the clip when Lebron is running up court, the sprinting looks a bit quicker than in 2k12, which is definitely a big thing i wanted to see fixed. the sprint trigger just didn't feel like it made you go any faster in 2k12.

overall i still see a little sluggishness to the movements, but i wasn't expecting that to ever go away completely...if you want smoothness, i guess you have to sacrifice some responsiveness. passing still looks a bit slow to me, but it's hard to tell from a 30-second clip.
# 18 SageInfinite @ 08/15/12 07:00 PM
# 19 domidomdomz @ 08/15/12 07:03 PM
Looking good, 2K
# 20 yungsta404 @ 08/15/12 07:03 PM
Love the interaction with the defender and ball handler the game looks more realistic.

I also noticed the crowd didnt even react to that 3 so im guessing they didnt fix the crowd reaction to big plays

Im sure the passing will be cleaned up before the final game is released.

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