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Check out some of the NBA 2K13 videos captured by DaWolf, from Gamescom.

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NBA 2K13 Videos
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# 1 barimanlhs @ 08/16/12 07:01 PM
Im really liking the lighting this year, it makes the game look very nice. Also it appears to run very smooth. I cant wait to see the other vids!
# 2 SouthBeach @ 08/16/12 07:18 PM
It looks more polished so far. I'm sure the warm-ups will be off during pre-game rituals, so I'm not too worried about that.
# 3 iLLosophy @ 08/16/12 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Video #2 is up.
Some nice dribble moves by chalmers @1:18
# 4 youALREADYknow @ 08/16/12 07:35 PM
User games are so arcade-mode it makes me feel like I need to shower after watching them. Gross.

Great footage coming in today though so thanks to all that went and came back with the goods.
# 5 JasonMartin @ 08/16/12 07:39 PM
Appreciate the effort and the video.

Concerning the gameplay: The speed of some of these moves look way too fast. Wow... looks unrealistic.
# 6 Steve_OS @ 08/16/12 07:40 PM
All 4 videos are up.
# 7 MostlyChilly @ 08/16/12 07:41 PM
Gotta tell you not of a fan of all the fancy looking gold borders on menus.
# 8 Rasco11 @ 08/16/12 07:42 PM
Seen at least a couple new rebounding animations...much needed. Nice touch

Lots o pump fakes, they must be double tapping pass button (isn't that the new command to fake pass?)

Thanks for vids Wolfie
# 9 Rasco11 @ 08/16/12 07:47 PM
Lol...what happened to the good old chest pass? Lot's of overhead passes it seems. Maybe we can manually trigger chest passes too? Hard to know, you can tell people playing are unfamiliar, or adjusting to new controls...
# 10 Goffs @ 08/16/12 07:50 PM
LOL vid 4 sounds like Wolf was told not to record
# 11 jbthegreat @ 08/16/12 08:04 PM
Originally Posted by MostlyChilly
Gotta tell you not of a fan of all the fancy looking gold borders on menus.
That's Jay-Z the executive producer's fault he on his watch the throne ****
# 12 tommyboii2008 @ 08/16/12 08:09 PM
The people playing these games are TURRIBLE!! (Charles Barkley Voice)
# 13 mylifeishid @ 08/16/12 08:17 PM
Somebody should've taken the sticks from those guys. They're making it hard to judge the changes in gameplay because it looks like they're playing the game for the first time.
# 14 Goffs @ 08/16/12 08:23 PM
Why do you guys still complain about how bad people play? If you go to DaWolfs page and watch the gamescom vids from 2k11 it's going to be the same.

You guys do realize that this is in Germany right? The number one sports games that probably played most are PES and the FIFA series. So if you expect to see solid gameplay then you will just end up being disappointed with the result.....the worst part about this is that people judge the game itself and not the players...

Why not just watch how the players move...react...pass...shoot...those are the things to look for and not how people play...
# 15 Gman 18 @ 08/16/12 08:28 PM
2k13 has Norris Cole's hightop fade.
# 16 Rasco11 @ 08/16/12 08:29 PM
Ha! No doubt! You know first game of '13 most of us are going to go to shoot only to do a step-back dribble!!! New controls will be an adjustment.
# 17 alkamist @ 08/16/12 08:32 PM
this game looks like 2k13 everything looks the same not to sure why everyone thinks its looks different...
# 18 jersez @ 08/16/12 08:33 PM
Man can't wait till September rolls around so I can get my hands on the demo.
It feels like the days are flying but for some reason October isn't here yet.

I like what I saw.
# 19 mymannemcee @ 08/16/12 08:38 PM
Yikes...wouldn't be surprised if the people playing this even knew the sport of basketball...
# 20 videlsports @ 08/16/12 08:42 PM
I wanted to see more dribbling from the Dribble stick, they were moving the ball around alot which is cool but some passes should have been picked off IMO.

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