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We're at ten days until Madden NFL 13 launches in stores nationwide -- a few days before that for people who own EA Sports Season Pass. So as we enter the final homestretch, what is your excitement level at for this year's Madden?

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# 1 PackerBacker123 @ 08/20/12 12:43 PM
high, the infinity engine is the reason
# 2 Schreck11 @ 08/20/12 12:55 PM
all-time high, the ps2's franchise was great but CCM looks very fun and something that wont get stale! Skol Vikings!
# 3 jpdavis82 @ 08/20/12 12:57 PM
Was at a high after the demo, now after seeing the retail videos of CCM, draft, scouting, etc.. It's an all time high, bring on the 24th(ST)

The community seems really split on this one
# 4 bghost @ 08/20/12 01:04 PM
played the demo, didn't care for it much, but you cant make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, happy that they tried something different.
Will not buy.
# 5 Sausage @ 08/20/12 01:09 PM
Iffy at the moment, but may cave on Tuesday on Midnight. Playing the demo and watching several videos of the retail I'm just not wowed enough. Adding RTP to an already stiff gameplay engine just looks at times weird. Connected Careers looks unique and immersive from what I have seen. Also, knowing what I know about what they couldn't improve this go around is also disappointing.

I also felt the same way about NCAA 13, but I really enjoy the game very much on the default Heisman level, before that I was using Authentics/Iliveforthis's slider sets. I'm in year 5 of a Canes dynasty, about to start year 1 of a 1 star dynasty, and playing as my alma mater UVA on an Online Dynasty with my good friend.
# 6 UofOducks52 @ 08/20/12 01:10 PM
You know this is the year that I thought my love of digital football games would die, especially since (for myself) NCAA 13 was lackluster at best. After playing the demo for Madden 13, my faith has been restored to a high level. Everything seems so fluid and exciting. I cannot wait until the 28th; will buy.
# 7 Aggies7 @ 08/20/12 01:19 PM
The demo didnt help or hurt. So I am still stuck on just medium excitement. I have always been a Franchise guy so it will really depend on how CCM plays. Seeing some of the draft videos that have been posted helped, but still want to see it for myself.
# 8 EmmittSmithx22x @ 08/20/12 01:33 PM
I wanted to say all-time high, but I couldn't do it. It's high, but the demo made me scale back my expectations a bit.

The Demo wasn't horrible, I don't like the fact that defenses are weaker in this game. They improved WR/DB interaction, but for some reason it just seems a ton easier to complete passes
# 9 jakeywakey911 @ 08/20/12 01:47 PM
Ya the community seems to be split, but I feel EA is final headed in the right direction and the gameplay feels so much better with the RTP. Definitely excited for the 24th EA Season Ticket. Lets go
# 10 charter04 @ 08/20/12 01:53 PM
I was already excited but, after reading through the CCM manual I'm at an all time high.
# 11 spottieottiedop @ 08/20/12 01:58 PM
Seems like im more excited than usual. CCM and the demo has me feeling the glass is half full.
# 12 8 @ 08/20/12 02:07 PM
After sitting last year out and only playing Madden 11 two or three times I'm getting pretty excited. The draft video looked great, overall CCM is what is bringing me back to Madden this year.
# 13 thbends @ 08/20/12 02:24 PM
Mug... Buying it though. Just getting ready for the snake bite of something like online leagues not working right.
# 14 sydrogerdavid @ 08/20/12 02:49 PM
1. I don't have the money. I need a guitar.

2. I'm not falling for it again. They got me last year.
# 15 BRxSKINSx @ 08/20/12 02:55 PM
It's at a 6, maybe 7... Which is great because it's usually at a 1 or 2...
# 16 La Verite @ 08/20/12 03:17 PM
Redbox rental for me.
# 17 Zer0 C00lness @ 08/20/12 03:18 PM
I am very excited to play Madden this year. The last time I traded NCAA in for Madden was Madden 10, and I was disappointed. Hoping it will be different this year.
# 18 ahorton100 @ 08/20/12 03:38 PM
Excitement level is 8.5......always first day purchase
# 19 J ROCK 05 @ 08/20/12 03:52 PM
Definitely a buy for me! I didn't buy Madden last year because it has been the same every single year! This year feels fresh; love the new infinity engine it's definitely not perfect but a good step in the right direction. Still want a live ticker at the top or bottom of the screen in CCM mode that periodically pops up scores from other games in my own CCM but I can wait til next year for that I guess.
# 20 starryclub @ 08/20/12 03:55 PM
If I can trade enough older games in towards it's purchase, I'd consider it. People legitimately think this will be the best Madden yet? Sure wasn't in the demo, it was a step in the right direction though.

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