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2K Sports has released this new video for NBA 2K13 featuring Blake Griffin of the Los Angeles Clippers and comedy twins The Lucas Bros.

In the first in a series of digital films released for NBA 2K13, Blake Griffin talks about dominating the 2013 All-Star weekend activities... all of them. Watch out for the Blake face!

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# 1 rockchisler @ 08/28/12 03:12 PM
Now That's Funny as heck, Good Marketing........
# 2 Thunder Storm @ 08/28/12 03:31 PM
Originally Posted by Jonnie
Easy to see they didn't add the option to set home and away colors considering blakes wearing blue at home. which means its one setting and its set to team color 1 or 2. Art team just said skip the fans, as usual. This commercial is dope though.
Dammit 2K !

they still haven't added that ? even crappy a** NBA Live had H/A colors.
# 3 Duwares @ 08/28/12 03:46 PM
Blake Face, lol. CP3's son did the best one
# 4 riichiieriich @ 08/28/12 04:17 PM
Not funny at all. I couldn't stop laughing at the two bums that look like crackheads though.
# 5 DatGD12guage @ 08/28/12 04:57 PM
Blake came of that screen real smooth and the bounce pass with the dunk.....? NICE! Kinda reminds me of...........

bounce pass+cp3+blake= fun to play with
# 6 JasonMartin @ 08/28/12 05:10 PM
This dude is hilarioussssssssssssssss, I know it's a joke and all. But it would be funny to see him win the 3 point contest when he is already horrible at throwing free throws.
# 7 DubTrey1 @ 08/28/12 05:32 PM
Nice 2K vids as usual. Keeping it light. Blake is comical. Those Lucas Bros or whatever - they look like 2K CAPs to me. Heads to big for their body.... looked like a orange wearing glasses sitting ontop of a toothpick.
# 8 squeakybirnbaum @ 08/28/12 05:47 PM
Originally Posted by riichiieriich
Not funny at all. I couldn't stop laughing at the two bums that look like crackheads though.
Thank you o' mighty judge of comedy.
# 9 whoahello @ 08/28/12 07:08 PM
I rather get news about the game.
# 10 ctu130 @ 08/28/12 07:18 PM
the colour of the sleeve looks improved if im not mistaken? :S
# 11 aloncho11 @ 08/28/12 07:52 PM
He's mentioned some new stuff: Rising stars, Celebrity game, Half-time performance of all-star game, half-time performance of rookie sophomore game....
# 12 aloncho11 @ 08/28/12 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by ctu130
the colour of the sleeve looks improved if im not mistaken? :S
It's the texture. I noticed that too, the sleeve texture looks very much improved and so does the wristband texture (now it has that "towely" look)
# 13 BiggD @ 08/28/12 09:11 PM
Great marketing!!! Blake is one funny dude
# 14 raiderphantom @ 08/28/12 10:12 PM
I chuckled. It was funny in a cute/corny kind of way. The little heads of bacon and the whole awkward/ignorant ish was funny.
# 15 JWiLL02 @ 08/29/12 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by whoahello
I rather get news about the game.
Why do people even post this?

Not everything related to the game is a news item...this is called marketing. A little thing that is somewhat important in the entertainment industry.


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