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2K Sports has released some new NBA 2K13 screenshots of NBA legends appearing in the game.

Included are Allen Iverson of the 2000 – 2001 Philadelphia 76ers, who will be available for the first time as a historic player in the game. The screenshots also feature in-game highlights of Wilt Chamberlain of the Los Angeles Lakers , Shawn Kemp of the Seattle Supersonics, Shaquille O’Neal of the Orlando Magic, Alonzo Mourning of the Charlotte Hornets, and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls.

To view all of the NBA 2K13 screenshots, click here.

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Member Comments
# 1 King_B_Mack @ 08/29/12 01:04 PM

Iverson!!!! Throwback Sixers team!!!!! Oh ****.
# 2 AirJordanFan93 @ 08/29/12 01:06 PM
01 Sixers nice now just add the 01 Lakers into the game.
# 3 Reyes19 @ 08/29/12 01:06 PM
Finally Allen Iverson,the original A.I is included in the game. Can't wait to put him on the Sixers in CAL
# 4 The Kid 24 @ 08/29/12 01:08 PM
All we need now is Reggie!!

Come on 2k, we know you have a few more surprises in store for us!!!
# 5 lindo9595 @ 08/29/12 01:09 PM
If Iverson is in the game they got to add the raptors team from one of the early 2000's years. Young VC vs Iverson would be too sick!!
# 6 Muzyk23 @ 08/29/12 01:09 PM
it's a damn time AI !
# 7 Vni @ 08/29/12 01:10 PM
# 8 Gman 18 @ 08/29/12 01:12 PM
Great news!!!
# 9 mymannemcee @ 08/29/12 01:14 PM
We need to know which team. The 2000 Finals team? The 2005 team with Korver, Iggy and Webber?

Aww man I can't WAIT!
# 10 richmo @ 08/29/12 01:14 PM
Nice! I wonder if they'll start bringing back more early 2000's squads, ON TOP of all the existing classic teams.
# 11 poloelite @ 08/29/12 01:14 PM
Screw 2k for kicking Live even more while it's down. All this great gameplay info, Dream Team, 2012 USA Team, Pippen, Barkley, All Star Weekend and now Iverson?? I'm not a fan of bullying at all 2k.... But I will most definitely support your superior product because you listened to US, THE FANS!!!!
# 12 Bobcats3 @ 08/29/12 01:15 PM
i hope they add the 2004-2005 bobcats
# 13 Vni @ 08/29/12 01:15 PM
Don't see any sweat on any of the screenshots so far. Have they really said it was back?

edit: Well I guess their skin looks kinda shinny.
# 14 Xuriath @ 08/29/12 01:17 PM
Yes!!!!! Iverson vs. Derrick rose finally!!!
# 15 LoSoisNiCEx414 @ 08/29/12 01:17 PM
OMG!!! Rating??? Prolly a 97 for prime MVP Iverson
# 16 ChrisHansen59 @ 08/29/12 01:17 PM
Add the 2001 Lakers and then we're talking.
# 17 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/29/12 01:17 PM

# 18 mreyes930 @ 08/29/12 01:17 PM
I hope this means we'll be seeing more from the 00'-10' era. Recent but still worth looking back at. Rookie Lebron, MVP Tim Duncan, Kobe-Shaq Dynasty, Vinsanity and T-Mac. One can hope.
# 19 Gman 18 @ 08/29/12 01:18 PM
I hope Rick Fox is in 2k13.
# 20 MarvellousOne @ 08/29/12 01:20 PM
2K finally brought back the man who was the face of there franchise for 5 years strong! Good deal, glad to see A.I. get some love!! Would also be nice if these shoes was in as an added bonus...no me saying this does not mean I am knocking 2K or complaining, just for A.I. being in the game is good enough for me, but I wouldn't mind them adding these shoes to the fold.


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