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2K Sports has just released the written breakdown of all 31 NBA 2K13 Signature Skills.

Q: Why create these Signature Skills for 2K13 when you already have several attributes in 2K12?

A: We felt that our existing attribute and tendency system quite didnt lend itself well enough to various situational moments that happen in basketball, nor did it help identify very specialized players. Outlet passes, winning charge calls, staying hot through in-game breaks, etc, are just a few areas where our attributes system failed to give you what you need. Were now able to dig deeper into these situations to allow players stand out where theyre most known. Lets take shot blocking for example. LeBron James is well-known as the best chase down blocker in the league. In 2K12, when you were in a chase down situation, LeBron was unable to block the shot from behind as much as wed like him to because he had only a 60-ish Block attribute. With the inclusion of the new Sig Skill, Chase Down Artist, were now able to give him the types of skills he needs to embarrass the unsuspecting shooter, without having to artificially raise his Block attribute (which would then allow him to block shots in areas hes not known for). There are reasons like this for every skill created, which is why were bringing this feature to you for NBA 2K13.

Here is a list of all 31 signature skills.
  • Posterizer
  • Highlight Film
  • Finisher
  • Acrobat
  • Spot Up Shooter
  • Shot Creator
  • Deadeye
  • Corner Specialist
  • Post Proficiency
  • Ankle Breaker
  • Post Playmaker
  • Dimer
  • Break Starter
  • Alley-Ooper
  • Brick Wall
  • Lockdown Defender
  • Charge Card
  • Interceptor
  • Pick Pocket
  • Active Hands
  • Eraser
  • Chase Down Artist
  • Bruiser
  • Hustle Points
  • Scrapper
  • Anti-Freeze
  • Microwave
  • Heat Retention
  • Closer
  • Floor General
  • Defensive Anchor
Read all of the NBA 2K13 Signature Skills details, on the official Tumblr page.

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Member Comments
# 1 Sneakurs @ 09/02/12 03:38 PM
Exciting. Ill get to reading.
# 2 WaddupCouzin @ 09/02/12 03:43 PM
Good lookin out
# 3 nova91 @ 09/02/12 03:46 PM
So far I know my boy Hansbrough has at least one sig. skill.
# 4 jersez @ 09/02/12 03:48 PM
Originally Posted by from_the_blog
A player with this skill will often look to dunk on defenders when attempting a dunk in traffic. To get this skill to trigger there must be a defender in the vicinity. To force big-time contact dunks, his stamina must be above 80. Once the dunk completes, his teammates will be given a temporary energy boost.
OWWWWW weeee that sounds nice, stamina is going to play a role this year, it seems.

# 5 Colts18 @ 09/02/12 03:48 PM
he must have a stamina level of 80 or higher.
Seeing this for a few of these skills makes me smile.
# 6 spankdatazz22 @ 09/02/12 03:49 PM
Great write up, thx. Can't wait to see how all those that pre-judged before even hearing anything will still spin it in a negative way
# 7 mymannemcee @ 09/02/12 03:49 PM
Very happy that stamina is a part of the game and there are certain things you have to do on the checklist before the signature skill lights up. VERY happy.

Much less chance of exploiting all of these if you don't understand how to implement them. Good job.
# 8 Thunder Storm @ 09/02/12 03:50 PM
I kinda think 80 is STILL too high, most users call timeouts and refresh their players stamina bars like every 2 minutes.

It's a great start tho.
# 9 jersez @ 09/02/12 03:51 PM
Shot penalty sounds interesting hmmmmm wish we can get the full details about it.
# 10 Colts18 @ 09/02/12 03:53 PM
Ankle Breaker
Example Players: Jamal Crawford, Austin Rivers, Tyreke Evans
This player is apt to break the ankles of his defender when performing isolation dribble moves. This skill provides a 30% increase in the chances of forcing defenders into ankle-breaking defensive falls, stumbles and recoveries.
Disgusting. Immature. Childish.
# 11 Jujuwebe @ 09/02/12 03:53 PM
These skills sound great! It's going to be awesome to start the break with Kevin Love's outlet pass!
# 12 TheManofSteel3kO @ 09/02/12 03:54 PM
I think this post-up should be able to quiet the doubters to a degree.
# 13 ForeverVersatile @ 09/02/12 03:55 PM
Does anyone have the sig skills video? I missed it.
# 14 thareezen @ 09/02/12 03:57 PM
A good read cant wait to see more players revealed with their skills.
# 15 Pappy Knuckles @ 09/02/12 03:59 PM
# 16 jersez @ 09/02/12 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by from_the_blog
.Lockdown Defender
Example Players: Andre Iguodala, Thabo Sefolosha, Tony Allen
A top-notch perimeter defender who automatically neutralizes most offensive Signature Skills of the player hes actively guarding. Its a fairly powerful skill that only elite defenders possess. The only offensive Signature Skills that a Lockdown Defender cannot neutralize are Brick Wall and Floor General.
Okay I'm hyped now. WOW
# 17 2_headedmonster @ 09/02/12 04:00 PM
Originally Posted by Shumpert21
lmao 30%? you act like its 50%.
to be fair, 30% is pretty damn generous...

maybe "20% increase in the chance of creating seperation , 10% of stumbling and 5% of falling."
# 18 jersez @ 09/02/12 04:03 PM
Man lockdown defender has made my heart rejoice, they can neutralize almost all of the offensive sig skills besides floor general and brick wall, I'm fine with that. Stick skills still matter I love this 2k.
# 19 seanbarkley @ 09/02/12 04:03 PM
I'm loving what I'm reading, most of all the effects that some actions have on the rest of team!very realistic IMO.
# 20 Colts18 @ 09/02/12 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Shumpert21
lmao 30%? you act like its 50%.
No I am acting like it is 30%. 30% for what is happening is a very high figure. If it said something like 5-10%, I wouldn't be as upset, but a 30% higher probability to make someone fall off of a crossover? Something that probably happens less than 30 times in an entire NBA season now has the potential of happening at least once per NBA 2K game is cheesy and immature.

I don't think you understand how high of a number 30% is when it comes to THIS.

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