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Act as your team's floor general by calling out plays and strategies using NBA 2K13's voice recognition on Kinect.

Call for screens, make substitutions, clear outs, defensive formations, Gatorade dunks and more.

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# 1 SouthBeach @ 09/04/12 07:04 PM
The playcalling is pretty dope with Kinect. That's what impressed me the most.
# 2 Ionowut @ 09/04/12 07:05 PM
Man, I got a PS3. I wanna use Kinect, looking good.
# 3 Sneakurs @ 09/04/12 07:17 PM
Looking good, but what kind of Gatorade dunk was that.
# 4 WaddupCouzin @ 09/04/12 07:34 PM
Very nice!
# 5 thareezen @ 09/04/12 07:35 PM
The ps move has a mic.....
# 6 Polaris @ 09/04/12 07:36 PM
Kinnect video looks good BUT can you use these commands on a PC version of Kinnect? I have a PC version of kinnect and I would like a SDK Mod for the PC version of NBA 2K13.
# 7 OverKick @ 09/04/12 07:36 PM
Even though it's not available online, this is still a nice addition to the game.
# 8 barimanlhs @ 09/04/12 07:37 PM
I like how it is implemented. Simple and intuitive. Also the player models looked a bit slimmed down which is nice. The gatorade bath is hilarious...looks like they are pouring slime on him lol
# 9 Goffs @ 09/04/12 07:38 PM
finally some solid 5 on 5 footage and no close up stuff
# 10 Brettles67 @ 09/04/12 07:40 PM
In Madden 12 I think it was you could call plays and do all this with your bluetooth headset on ps3. Why does this have to be limited to Kinect?
# 11 Caveman24 @ 09/04/12 07:41 PM
this is great
# 12 texasgmr @ 09/04/12 07:42 PM
Yes now I can use my KINECT more than I have been. Thanks 2K!!!!
# 13 youvalss @ 09/04/12 07:44 PM
Nice addition.

I didn't like Duncan's running animation at 1:13, it looks so weird. He was moving like a guard, in my opinion.
# 14 stillfeelme @ 09/04/12 07:51 PM
Is it me or is the court wider could be the spacing? The 1-3-1 will definitely get exposed this year. That pass GSW did at 25 seconds would have been 2 times more riskier in 2K12. The big man didn't get an automatic speed burst to close out on the zone, I like this. The spacing is so much more better.
# 15 SouthBeach @ 09/04/12 07:51 PM
Originally Posted by thareezen
The ps move has a mic.....
This sounds so lonely.
# 16 Sundown @ 09/04/12 07:53 PM
Cool feature.

But Warriors away colors still look way too light-- is it my imagination that it's worse than last year?-- and Andrew Bogut's hair is still the long version from 2k12. I know David Lee's face still looks nothing like him so it seems almost no work was done for the Warriors outside of the rooks.

There's also that weird animation pop/glitch when Bogut tries to box out and fight for the rebound.
# 17 Ionowut @ 09/04/12 07:59 PM
Originally Posted by Shumpert21
lol pause at :26 . guy on warriors bench with bright white shirt standing out like crazy and sitting like a boss. Jay Z?
No, that's definitely not him. He stood out the most because of the shirt, it's just a fan.
# 18 wrestlinggod1 @ 09/04/12 08:02 PM
Originally Posted by Jonnie
just realized that was serge ibaka guarding lebron.... and he couldnt get by him -__-
I was waiting for someone to point this out. Hopefully this is an older build like Shumpert21 said.
# 19 NINJAK2 @ 09/04/12 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by Shumpert21
this has to be an old build look at kevin love here

then go to 1:36 and Kevin Love looks like the 2k12 version with short hair and no facial hair so this must be an old build.
Good catch. Bynum was also on the Lakers in that vid as well.
# 20 BRxSKINSx @ 09/04/12 08:18 PM
Dang....I guess now i can wipe the dust off that Kinect and use it for sumthin now..... Thx 2k....

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