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FIFA 13 Gameplay - Barcelona vs. PSG

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FIFA 13 Gameplay - Manchester City vs. Manchester United

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FIFA 13 Gameplay - FC Bayern München vs. Chelsea

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FIFA 13 Skill Games

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FIFA 13 Goals

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FIFA Soccer 13 Videos
Member Comments
# 1 Lofty @ 09/05/12 09:41 AM
Originally Posted by artmind
So arcadish and unrealistic
I cant believe how bad this looks. Still ping pong football, backwards and forwards. There is no build-up or change in pace. PES is playing so good this year, yet as much as I want to like Fifa, this just looks exactly the same as lasts years.

Side note; The top two videos have THE most annoying voiceovers I have ever heard. How about you slow down and talk like a normal person .........
# 2 kennyacid @ 09/05/12 10:07 AM
Yikes smh that last vid was bad. No build up on the goals, just one constint pace
# 3 jb1 @ 09/05/12 10:26 AM
This may be the most arcadey looking FIFA i've seen for a while, the User V User vids are awful in the sense that it is just head down and run to the opposition goal as fast as you can while showing off as many tricks as you can. Surely it should be more difficult than it looks here to just steam through other teams midfields.

However what concerns me most is video three where it looks as though Chelsea are being controlled by the CPU and they are almost as bad as the User vids where Chelsea are rarely passing the ball backwards or even sideways. Almost every pass is forward and as a result they often make ridiculous passes that cause them to lose possession.

FIFA has never been sim but this looks as far away from sim as you can get right now. The speed of the games look awful, the style of football on display looks awful and i'm concerned that tweaking sliders and team styles will not make much of a difference when playing offline.

Just my opinion but FIFA seems to be heading in the wrong direction right now.
# 4 Gnemi @ 09/05/12 11:09 AM
Wouldn't these videos look the same even in FIFA 12?

EA Sports is never going to release a video promoting the simulation, slow as snails, realistic gameplay. That's not to say FIFA 13 is even capable of proper simulation settings, but if it is, EA isn't going to promote that.

They'll always generate the bulk of their sales from kiddies and their dribbling/sprinting/volleying/uberPWn style of play.

Let's all hope there's a lot more to this game than we're seeing in the videos, but from my perspective, these are the sort of videos we see every. single. year.
# 5 Gnemi @ 09/05/12 11:22 AM
A few notes:

1. All three of these games are playing on Normal aka. Blazing Fast speed.

2. The first video showcases two clown human players trying to use every skill move in the game and sprinting the entire time. It's incredibly discouraging if you think that FIFA 13 will *have* to play that way, but I doubt that's the case. It's almost as if it's on Methamphetamine Mode or something, but it looks awful.

3. The ManU / City video is mostly highlights edited together (like Match of the Day) but it's a 1000 times more controlled and promising than the first video.

4. The most depressing thing I'm seeing is that EA Sports have once again made "Skill" moves too much of a part of the game. Yet, that's a decision made by the individual and since I play mostly against AI in Career Mode, I choose not to bother with that stuff. Hopefully, the CPU won't abuse skill moves. It didn't in FIFA 12.
# 6 ezio @ 09/05/12 12:28 PM
I agree with what others have posted. It looks similar to Fifa 12 and quite honestly does not look very good. Still going to try the demo but it looks like I may be back to the other game this year.
# 7 Gnemi @ 09/05/12 03:20 PM
I'm not sure what difficulty level or game speed was used for the Chelsea - Liverpool match, but I agree that CPU Chelsea were really terrible. They refused to pass the ball to the wings and generally looked to be in a rush to pass the ball back to Bayern. The threat from Chelsea was utterly non-existent. They could have been Cheltenham FC. I counted at least 20 times that Chelsea would pass into the midfield and Hazard, etc. would dribble until dispossessed, ignoring the wings or supporting midfielders.

I also noticed in that game, for the entire first half, 1 foul and zero cards. Ugh.

One other worry, a worry that applies regardless of difficulty settings or game speed: The moment Chelsea got the ball, wherever they were on the pitch, they behaved like it was Do or Die, time to ram the ball up the field and try to score as though they're on the counter. Like Total Football on meth.

Gimme a break, by the way, with all the use of dribbling gimmicks like rainbows. That sort of thing happens once in a blue moon in a real football game, yet half the FIFA database is capable. See: Ribery @ 13:59 and again at 14:50. So ridiculous. Later in the match, Thomas Mueller dribbles around would-be tacklers like he's Neymar Mueller.

So yeah, having watched all three videos now, especially the Bayern / Chelsea game, I'm officially disheartened. I only play against the CPU, so that more or less constitutes a dealbreaker if it's as bad as the video showed.
# 8 Lofty @ 09/05/12 03:51 PM
You are all completely right. The gameplay every years gets worse, after making big leaps in 09 and 10. I have been playing the Pro Evo demo which plays so well compared to this. All on default with 'Top Player' difficulty.

Comparing the videos I have seen above with PES, shows me that realism is firmly back in the Konami camp.

Every year I hear people say that EA have made fatigue really effect people who spam the sprint button. Even the kid commentating in the top video said exactly this while gameplay clearly showed no such effect. I dont bother playing online because of this complete tat. Only a handful of players in the game should be able to pull off the skills used in the game every 30 seconds. Why dont they introduce a 'cool off' effect in the game where players cant keep running skill moves every few seconds.

The biggest concern I have - which was brought up in an above post - is that there is no sideways/backwards play. Everything is forward in a flat out motion. no burst of speed or momentum changes. This game looks like they have ripped the Fifa Street engine out and whacked it straight into Fifa.

I want to see some slow build up play, some side to side passing and a bit of keeper work. Instead its just an 11-a-side kiddie friendly Fifa Street.

I am firmly in the Konami camp again, which has been a long time coming. You see passing all over the park from the CPU and smart build up play. Nothing new from Fifa, including the same horrible old keeper animations.
# 9 gerg1234 @ 09/05/12 04:07 PM
I really hope they fix the microstuttering problem on PC, because FIFA 12 plays great with the mods that are out there...outside of the microstuttering.

May kill the preorder for the Xbox and go PC only this season.
# 10 THE YAMA @ 09/05/12 05:52 PM
Love the videos. I cannot wait for this game! Lets see some Real Madrid videos!
# 11 Gnemi @ 09/05/12 06:18 PM
My biggest problem is that I love the features in the FIFA Career Mode and I love the graphics and presentation. It's just slick. However, having seen gameplay videos for PES and FIFA 13, the actual football is much better for PES this year.

I downloaded the Demo 2 for PES and I'll play it tonight. My hopes that FIFA would continue to become even a decent sim are slowly dying.
# 12 bigeastbumrush @ 09/05/12 07:59 PM

Glad I saw these videos. I cannot justify getting this game.

Even as a casual soccer fan..this is just ridiculous.
# 13 lnin0 @ 09/05/12 08:15 PM
Damn. These are not the FIFA 13 gameplay videos I was hoping to see.

One thing is obvious - anyone frustrated with the unrealistic, arcade online cheese factor in 12 is going to continue to be frustrated. Granted I saw a lot of poor defending but the one-man offense is more powerful than ever with nothing to compensate the defense. Even more frightening, now that the offensive AI isn't just standing there like dullards. Online GPG is going to be through the roof this year.

Also disappointed that the user interface is pretty much untouched other than a few replaced textures. I guess all of the work this year went into training everyone how to dribble like Ronaldo (which apparently any two star player can pull off those moves) and beefing up EA's pay-wall UT services. I know for a fact EA has said they didn't really do anything to differentiate team playstyles and that they left those difference up to the supposed 'player ID' to take care of.

Overall I don't see much in the gameplay that stands out from 12. I didn't really see where stamina comes into play and even the one commentator said it really was only a big deal if you are holding sprint when first touch. Which means streaking up the field twirling like the Tasmanian Devil or sprint/pressing the entire time on defense is still a solid tactic. OhFUN!

My problem is I only wanted FIFA for online play and thought it might be different this year. I was wrong. When it comes to offline play why would I bother with FIFA? To get any enjoyment from the game I find it is best to play on manual, which unfortunately sucks offline since the CPU pass rating never dips below 90%.

Oh....and is it just me or does PES graphics blow FIFA away. Not the animations, which we all know is FIFA's domain, but the actual look of the players, fields and stadiums. PES13 just looks more realistic and, from the looks of it, plays much better vs CPU. Unfortunately I don't think EA is going to make it a choice this year.
# 14 KG @ 09/05/12 08:45 PM
The Chelsea video didn't look as bad but there are still so many things that have plagued the FIFA series for years that look like they haven't been addressed:

Still looks like defenders (especially the CPU) aren't closing down around the box. This allows way too many shots from outside the box.

Goal kicks still end up being won by defenders who are WAY too high up the pitch. This leads to a header from your CB which falls at the feet of your striker who in turn starts the counter. Where is the midfield?

Lobbed/Chipped passes seem to be too overpowered. They almost always seem to be in stride, the perfect height, and fall to the feet of the attacker. In real life these are one of the most difficult passes to complete.

Not many fouls, especially when the ball is in the air.

The CPU seems very "twitchy". There are times where they should be holding up play but instead their doing spins and unnecessary turns. Agility issues aside if, it would look better visually if they just put a foot on the ball and looked around for options.


Pace was MUCH better. It wasn't a fast break like the other user vs user matches.

Good to see the CPU use skill moves that made sense (both contextually and by the right people). Hazard looked dangerous on the ball and used skills to create space.

First touch looked like it really impacts the game and I noticed that the good players (Ribery, Nasri, Hazard, etc...) were more dangerous because their first touch was better. Also, first touches in space looked better compared to in traffic with defenders around (which it should).

Hopefully we'll see more videos this week. I fear that the demo is so close to release-date that any glaring bugs won't be addressed until the first patch which usually comes late for FIFA>
# 15 Matt10 @ 09/05/12 09:42 PM
I really didn't expect this though. With PES 2013 demo(s) being out as long as they have - I would have expected to see something that would COMPETE within the venues of realistic gameplay. What's sad is yes the demographic will still be achieved in those kids who want to button mash and boast their skill dribbling moves; but this is so not good by the looks of it.

I have NEVER understood EA's mentality in their sports games. Why not AIM for a specific SIMULATION representation of the game we see on TV. Make it look like that - and execute it. What's nice about this approach is that you kill 2 birds with one stone; ie the simulation players and the arcade gamers. The arcade gamers don't care because they just want to play with Messi - while the sim gamers enjoy a beautifully represented version of the greatest game on earth?

Stop showing off useless features that equate to only arcade gameplay, and do it for the fans of the beautiful game - this is straight up disrespectful at this point.
# 16 KG @ 09/05/12 10:29 PM
In that Man U - City match there is a Balotelli goal that is just pure FIFA. Lobbed through ball, Mario takes it on the volley and buries it from outside the box with his left with power and placement.

The amount of skill that it would take to do that is unreal with his dominant leg, let alone his left.

Also, way too many 1 v 1's with the keeper.
# 17 dubcity @ 09/06/12 02:42 AM
AI defensive intelligence and tactics (if you can call it that) still seems to be stuck in the dark ages. Meanwhile, attacking intelligence and on-the-ball attacker movement/responsiveness is ridiculously overpowered and 'roided up. And now with precision dribbling being incorporated even further, defenses don't stand a chance. And I thought it was easy enough to hold LT, change directions and then sprint by people before ... now it'll be even easier.
# 18 Qb @ 09/06/12 07:33 AM
Originally Posted by artmind
Nothing surprising to me, it's regular EA sport's style for making sport "simulation" games.
As a true fans of authentic sport games, we must pray for 2K and Konami each and every day, they are our only saviors.
Originally Posted by artmind
We must be thankfull for Konami, they give us realism! I buy PES2013 this year, I want support them. Thanks God we don't have such problems with license like in Madden. It would be nightmare if we have only Fifa.
Enough with these kind of posts in here, please. If you see something specific you don't like or feel is not up to par, by all means, make your point. However, we're not going to have FIFA v PES crap in either game forum. Take the generalizations and rhetoric to some other site if that's how you choose to discuss games.
# 19 RoyceDa59 @ 09/06/12 09:53 AM
Originally Posted by Bugle789
i didnt think so why do you think
FIFA caters to a more casual style as do most EA Sports do. Besides that I still don't think these videos represent the full potential of the game, it may not look as promising to me but I will reserve full judgement until the I play the full game.
# 20 Panicshade @ 09/06/12 09:55 AM
I am going to hold out on any opinion on the game until actually playing it myself when the demo comes out in a few days.

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