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# 1 Rhouston @ 09/07/12 08:22 AM
I promise I'm not trolling here, because I do think this is the best Madden on this generation of consoles and has definitely made some promising strides. But I have to say, those RUNNING ANIMATIONS... (shutter) ugh. How can EA Sports look at that and say, "Yep, I turn on the TV on Sunday and that's how the players run"? Not even close! I just don't understand how animators could code last generation Madden and NCAA running to look realistic, yet this generation, it still looks robotic and jerky! Or do people just not care? If someone could shed some insight, I'd appreciate it.
# 2 sooperb @ 09/07/12 08:59 AM
If you eat a bag of pretzels every day for dinner for 6 years then all of a sudden you have access to a nice juicy orange as well that might seem like the best dinner you have ever had. Same thing with 2K. I stopped eating the pretzels several months ago.
# 3 TheScrubCity @ 09/07/12 12:54 PM
Originally Posted by Clarke99
Is this just NFL only or what?
No it's just what most people send. We had hockey last week, and MMA this week. It can be any sports video game.
# 4 Jaynubz @ 09/07/12 01:04 PM
Nicely done!! By the way Scrub, you can call me Jaynubz. Spunkbandit was my original gamertag but then Microsoft requested I change it so but thanks for including me in the top10 bro!!
# 5 der juicen @ 09/07/12 09:38 PM
Woo, got number 9 this time. I'll get number one... one of these days.
# 6 DaveDQ @ 09/08/12 11:14 AM
Good work.

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