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49ers, Eagles and Cowboys Most Popular Teams through NFL Week One

In the two weeks following this year’s record-breaking launch, millions of Madden NFL 13 fans have hit the virtual gridiron to battle rivals and mimic what is sure to be a thrilling NFL season. More than 80 million games of Madden NFL 13 have been played since the August 28 launch, the equivalent of an incredible 156,000 NFL seasons.

In online ranked head-to-head games, fans have taken the field most often with the 2011 NFC West champions, San Francisco 49ers, followed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Dallas Cowboys, Baltimore Ravens and Green Bay Packers. Interestingly, prior to their Week 1 matchup against the New Orleans Saints, the Washington Redskins were the 12th most used team by Madden NFL 13 fans; however, since rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III’s impressive debut performance on Sunday, the Redskins have become the 4th most selected team. To date, fans have played more than 8,600 games of Thursday night’s upcoming matchup, Chicago Bears at Green Bay, with the Packers winning 54% of the time.

In addition, during the first two weeks following the launch of Madden NFL 13:
  • 485K players joined an online Connected Careers league
  • 3.6M Madden Ultimate Team card packs were opened
  • 4M Madden Ultimate Team Solo Challenges were played
Madden NFL 13 continues to be the talk of the town. Since launch there have been:
  • 630K “Madden” mentions on Twitter
  • 8.5M unique visitors to the Madden NFL Facebook page since launch—an average of seven new visitors per second
  • 370K tweets and Facebook posts published directly from within the game

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# 1 COLE THE SHMOLE @ 09/12/12 11:11 PM
More than half the tweets are either ?'s or complaunts about the game lol
# 2 d11king @ 09/13/12 12:06 AM

Don't let the Bills avatar fool you, I only have this because of the league I'm in here on OS. COWBOY UP!
# 3 BlastX21 @ 09/13/12 03:17 AM
Originally Posted by ghettogeeksta
Just more proof on why they call the Dallas Cowboys Americas team.
...and the floodgates have opened.
# 4 Rawdeal28 @ 09/13/12 03:52 AM
YaY! everybody picks the same team!

tell me something i dont know. another of the hundreds of reasons i only play people i know or from OS.

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