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While the NBA Live 13 trailer shows the game in action, according to Kotaku, it might be the last we see of it, for quite some time.

Questioned by Kotaku, an EA Sports spokesman refused to discuss release format, time frame, or the game's anticipated feature set. Asked why this series, which has been off shelves for three years, couldn't hit an Oct. 2 release date with a 70-man team in place for a year, he said:

"We're not going to get into that level of detail with this announcement. In early April, you saw where we were with this project and how ambitious it was, that they had to take down the code of Elite and rebuild it. Its easy to surmise that also took time, in the development cycle, to get the whole thing up to speed. It was an ambitious project and it is a challenging game to create."

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Member Comments
# 1 Nathan_OS @ 09/13/12 02:52 PM
Honestly, I don't know what to think..... smh

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# 2 Greene_Flash03 @ 09/13/12 02:53 PM
Even Shady00001 can't make this game appealing...
# 3 DaWolf @ 09/13/12 03:00 PM
I saw some good in it. Player Models, some animations but overall you can see the stiffness from the gameplay video.
# 4 noshun @ 09/13/12 03:05 PM
Players remind me of Gumby models, the way they move and animate something is off. Looks a bit stiff.
# 5 exposedaking @ 09/13/12 03:05 PM
Looks good..if they get thier gameplay and animations right, they might have something.

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# 6 Conda @ 09/13/12 03:08 PM
So, they really DID spend 100 hrs on each player's face
# 7 Drewski @ 09/13/12 03:12 PM
Wow that looked bad. Just awful. And thats their reveal trailer. Eeeeesh.

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# 8 BrianFifaFan @ 09/13/12 03:12 PM
That was turrible. Player models have little definition, and have this weird sweat sheen to them. Animations are very, very stiff. Normally EA goes all out to create buzz with their "sizzle" trailers. No smoke, no fire, no sizzle. My opinion, they need to delay until they have a game worth launching.....
# 9 Tha_Kid @ 09/13/12 03:13 PM
This is good news. The release window is speculative, all they've said is not the 2nd.
# 10 bigeastbumrush @ 09/13/12 03:13 PM
Where was the "This is not actual gameplay footage disclaimer"?

That was clearly enhanced. Shame on you EA. Props on the faces but miss me with that Avatar-looking gameplay.

I didn't know sagetheinfinite did the trailer song
# 11 hoop xyience @ 09/13/12 03:16 PM
I guess that wasn't the pre-alpha build we saw a few weeks back.
# 12 hallauer @ 09/13/12 03:17 PM
It has no fluidity at all. When Rondo goes for the layup, (0:28 second mark) it just looks odd and jerky. That and all the players look like they're made of plastic as opposed to having life like skin tones. I grew up playing Live and it's so sad to see how the whole series has fallen apart.
# 13 keator @ 09/13/12 03:17 PM
they should just make this an iOS release and be done with it....
# 14 fitzgerald434 @ 09/13/12 03:18 PM
I guess I'm probably the only one that actually liked the trailer I guess but if EA just works on the animations/gameplay then Live could be a decent game
# 15 Nathan_OS @ 09/13/12 03:18 PM
Well this honestly looked better than that Miami vs Thunder Gameplay

But isn't it suppose to?.....

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# 16 MR Anderson310 @ 09/13/12 03:21 PM
wow .....sad ! the player faces looked good but u can tell that the game play will be super robotic ... dont know why they cant get it right but hey they tried
# 17 SageInfinite @ 09/13/12 03:27 PM
EA sports games animate horribly this generation. Nice to see at least something though after all this time, but damn. No bueno. Faces look amazing though and I like the colors.
# 18 mymannemcee @ 09/13/12 03:34 PM
You've got to be kidding me.
# 19 DaveDQ @ 09/13/12 03:36 PM
On one hand the faces look good but faces with sweat look like they are covered in plastic wrap.

The movement looks rough. Even at the end there where the defender jolts away from the dunk, it looks very hard and rigid.

But beyond any of that, how do you release a game's trailer this time of year and then say it's delayed indefinitely? If that is not the tell all of where this franchise is, I don't know what is.
# 20 kjjnesb @ 09/13/12 03:37 PM
We should have really seen this coming when they sent the game to Tiburon that is alot to ask of one studio especially heading into a new gen they already do Madden Tiger Woods and NCAA.

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