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# 1 cmebfresh @ 09/21/12 12:08 PM
Looks like im going to have a lot of modes going at the same damn time
# 2 Canquain @ 09/21/12 12:10 PM
I play 2K all year long each one but this is going to be crazy and better with the myTEAM can't wait!
# 3 colbertnation64 @ 09/21/12 12:10 PM
Looks much better than I expected. I'm excited! The addition of classic players makes it that much better.
# 4 Kashanova @ 09/21/12 12:15 PM
can't wait to try this out
# 5 PippenAintEasy @ 09/21/12 12:16 PM
Nets jerseys leaked at 4:00...not feeling the logo on the shorts.
# 6 AirJordanFan93 @ 09/21/12 12:16 PM
Nice addition with the classic players.
# 7 InRodWeTrust @ 09/21/12 12:17 PM
I like how you have to pay a salary to each player every game. So teams wont just always be stacked and you will need role players to fill out your teams
# 8 TUSS11 @ 09/21/12 12:19 PM
Can I have '98 and current Kobe on the same team?
# 9 The 24th Letter @ 09/21/12 12:22 PM
Wow, this is going to keep me busy.
# 10 InRodWeTrust @ 09/21/12 12:22 PM
I wonder if the lineups are position specific? Could I possibly field a team of 12 PGs if I wanted to?
# 11 RipCity71252 @ 09/21/12 12:23 PM
A lot more to this mode than I thought.
# 12 KB2009Champ @ 09/21/12 12:24 PM
I'm still a little confused.

If I wanted to play my team against a friend's team, could I do that online? Or do you play the CPU only?
# 13 TUSS11 @ 09/21/12 12:24 PM
# 14 Ionowut @ 09/21/12 12:24 PM
The more I advance in Road to the playoffs, more rewards I receive. I'm going to have to work hard to acquire a superstar. 20+hours for a gold tier player, well I think it's going to be worth it. I find it interesting it will update like the real NBA all season. It gives a realistic feel to it. Not to mention they allow you to use classic teams.
# 15 adul @ 09/21/12 12:26 PM
myTeam is so dumb, what a waste of space on the disc
Really wasted the MyCrew development for this BS?
Better get some better legacy games/teams this year!
I want Kobe VC T-mac teams in their prime. I've only seen AI.
# 16 infam0us @ 09/21/12 12:26 PM
2k spoiling Knicks and Nets uniforms this year, they are on a role
# 17 TorreyG @ 09/21/12 12:29 PM
Will ever get the Knicks Arena right there is no longer an opening in the middle of the seats.
# 18 Vni @ 09/21/12 12:29 PM
Definately gona try that mode. Sounds pretty fun.
# 19 mymannemcee @ 09/21/12 12:31 PM
Wow, the amount of stuff you can do in here is really extensive. I'm gonna be spending lots of time on this mode here.
# 20 xrobbyh14x @ 09/21/12 12:32 PM
I thought the most important thing for me that has me pumped for MyTEAM after watching the new insight was that you can customize Signature Skills on each player, so that the players you match up with may the same, but act differently based on those skills. I'm also hyped to learn there will be classic players in there. I'm still gonna do My Career, Blacktop 3v3, Association and Create A Legend, but My Team has me intrigued.

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