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The NBA 2K13 demo is out, so now is time to voice your opinion on your buy/no buy decisions. Sound off in the poll to your right on the frontpage and above you in the forums!

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# 1 jack6251 @ 09/26/12 11:12 AM
Geeked! It always has and will be a buy on my part. Many improvements this year. I especially like how they linked the stamina to the dribble stick. Can't continue crossing over and over with energy taking a major hit. Looking forward to Tuesday!
# 2 ratedmoney @ 09/26/12 11:13 AM
I think gameplay wise 2K11 has been dethroned. LD2K was right.
# 3 DirtyJerz32 @ 09/26/12 11:18 AM
All aboard the hype train...
# 4 Carrington618 @ 09/26/12 11:24 AM
They still don't give you a complete feel for the game( 2k demo) as EA does with madden demo; but ova all I'm getting $100 bball head phone an all. I do wonder if its to hard for new comers
# 5 wallofhate @ 09/26/12 11:32 AM
Demo has me...waiting for the real game. I know the game will be great but the demo wasnt enough I couldn't get the feel of the game at all.
# 6 superbus @ 09/26/12 12:09 PM
Won't touch the demo.

Why? Because I don't want to jack up my game in 2K12, which I still play nearly religiously.
# 7 icemanfrost @ 09/26/12 12:33 PM
Everybody keep talking about 2k11 was the best playing 2k when actually it was 2k7 and this demo remined me of it alot but i do see some exploits that could be cheesed and hope they adress it in the retail version
# 8 Guy Georges @ 09/26/12 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by superbus
Won't touch the demo.

Why? Because I don't want to jack up my game in 2K12, which I still play nearly religiously.
good decision
i should have done the same.. now i'm stuck with 2 teams and 1 qtr for a week lol cause i know i won't go back to 2k12 ^^
# 9 robbie24 @ 09/26/12 01:03 PM
Am I the only person who just doesnt find 2k basketball to be all that fun? With all the features and stuff, you'd think it would be. I don't know why, but I just find it boring. And I LOVE basketball.

The dribble stick is really cool, and way simpler.
Also, doesn't anybody else find the game generally too dark? It lacks brightness.

Maybe it's just me!
# 10 b0z1c @ 09/26/12 01:06 PM
game of the year..for sure
# 11 videlsports @ 09/26/12 01:08 PM
I' ready to purchase. Love the Demo just have to get used to the controls again.
# 12 TreyIM2 @ 09/26/12 01:32 PM
Definitely copping this after playing the demo.
# 13 MAGboyswifT27 @ 09/26/12 01:35 PM
2K never gives us a lot on any of their demos' but the final product always comes through! There will be some dislikes for all of us as we play but I think overall with the changes as NBA fans or fans of the game well appreciate 2K13

On a side note I'm a Hip Hop head and all but one thing ill really miss is hearing those "original 2K Beats"
there are some artists we know through mainstream but there are others where we wonder who is that? And what's the name of that song? Idk 2K music has always been pretty good (still bumpin 2K10-12 music on my iTunes lol) but when theres nothin but Jay- Z music I'm like ESPN's crew saying, "C'mon Man!" lol
# 14 boodahisthe1 @ 09/26/12 01:45 PM
Good demo..im buying console and pc version..for the people complaining about the lighting, i would strongly suggest buying the pc version..there's so much editing you can do to the game its ridiculous..they should hire some of those guys bcuz they make the game so much better..and if you dont have a pc strong enuff to run 2k, sorry, ur gonna be stuck with what they give u on console.
# 15 domidomdomz @ 09/26/12 01:53 PM
Gameplay improved a lot!

Now if only we can have stable online games...
# 16 sleepyshotta @ 09/26/12 02:58 PM
I can't even look at 2K12 anymore
# 17 eaterofworlds888 @ 09/26/12 03:15 PM
Very excited. Great new controls and animations.

I do hope for more presentation in the retail version and also I liked the post game and pump fakes better in 2k12. but I still think it's better than 2k12 and I am pretty excited.
# 18 caveman87 @ 09/26/12 03:21 PM
Im ready to preorder
# 19 Greekcian @ 09/26/12 03:33 PM
Slightly irritated with myself. Because I keep forgetting to hold LT/L2 when i'm wide open :P
# 20 mrmass413 @ 09/26/12 03:38 PM
I can't wait the demo is amazing...me and Boston are gonna break a lot of hearts this yr

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