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Another NHL 13 tuner has been released, bringing it up to version 1.04. Check out the details below.

All Modes
  • Greater chance of penalty being called if a player is tripped (stumbles will now be considered trips)
  • Pokecheck less effective in HUT
  • Goalies less vulnerable on shots from distance on the rush on Game Styles Normal and Hardcore.
  • Decreased AI ability to make long stretch passes when Users were calling for a pass.
  • Increase penalty calls across the board
  • Increase effect of CPU Opponent and CPU Teammate penalty sliders
  • Increase chance of slash being called on stick lift from a bad angle
  • Increase likelihood of interference being called
  • Increase chance of CPU clearance being played over the boards
  • Increase chance of boarding, charging and hitting from behind being called
  • Increase time CPU will finish checks after puck is released

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Member Comments
# 1 Taku @ 09/27/12 05:16 PM
OMG I GOTTA RESTART TEH GAME WTF!!!!!!!!!!11111111eleventybillion
# 2 SlyBelle @ 09/27/12 05:24 PM
Oh my...if this is for real, glad I hung on to the game...
# 3 onlybygrace @ 09/27/12 05:25 PM
Originally Posted by Taku
OMG I GOTTA RESTART TEH GAME WTF!!!!!!!!!!11111111eleventybillion

unfortunately, I dont have the net near my Xbox. Boo.
# 4 DJ @ 09/27/12 05:45 PM
Sounds like a great tuner. If the penalties are increased, I'll be picking this game up. Keep me posted, guys!
# 5 SlyBelle @ 09/27/12 06:08 PM
Just played a game on all star with 10 minutes, max penalty sliders and madx aggression/hitting....

Only saw 3 penalties....1 on the CPU 2 on me....only one game, so hoping for better results on more.
# 6 Section_25 @ 09/27/12 06:27 PM
Nice !!!

Hope this works out for all of us
# 7 Steve Danger @ 09/27/12 07:07 PM
I just played a game with 20 minute periods, Oilers vs. Rangers, full penalty sliders, and there were 2 penalites called total. One on me and one on them.

It's just one game, I know, but ehhhhh...
# 8 gopher_guy @ 09/27/12 07:10 PM
Please let this tuner work!!!
# 9 xx19kilosoldier @ 09/27/12 07:14 PM
Originally Posted by gopher_guy
Please let this tuner work!!!
What he said^^^
# 10 canucksss @ 09/27/12 07:17 PM
Originally Posted by gopher_guy
Please let this tuner work!!!

hoping that EA will also make suggestion on what kind of sliders should we concerned about to have these "increases" be seen in the game.
# 11 meetjsquared @ 09/27/12 07:19 PM
Can everyone please post results with difficulty level, # of minute periods, and some of the relevant sliders (aggression, etc.) so we can have some basis for comparison. Everyone's doing it so far, but that way everyone else will follow suit.

Great to hear there was a tuner update, will try my luck later after the football game and post what I get.
# 12 Steve Danger @ 09/27/12 07:31 PM
Originally Posted by tofubrain2
all I have to say that with default everything, new tuner this game is organic and consequential. With the penalties I've seen, I'm incredibly impressed. I wish I could say **** YEAH! without censorship lol

I'm offline all the way BTW and if I could back flip I would hahahaha

sorry i'm excited but this opens up soooo much more. I knew it! I knew it. Good job fellas.
I wish I saw what you saw. I play 20 minute periods on all-star with full penalty sliders and full aggression. Again, I played a game with the new tuner and got 2 total penalties called.
# 13 Section_25 @ 09/27/12 07:52 PM
One thing is for sure ..... there are WAY more tripping penalties from poke checks that make players actually go down to one knee......as there should be......I'm liking what I see so far.
# 14 habslover10_GoYanks @ 09/27/12 07:53 PM
Are the goalies still really bad with this tuner?
# 15 teddyballgame78 @ 09/27/12 08:11 PM
So far half way through the 2nd period of my game got 2 penalties called on me. They latest a charging game misconduct on Orpik

Sent from my HTC One X using Tapatalk 2
# 16 Rules @ 09/27/12 08:13 PM
Loading up now......
# 17 eF 5ive @ 09/27/12 08:25 PM
Where do you DL tuner? My be a gm mode is set to latest. Is it auto dl?
# 18 teddyballgame78 @ 09/27/12 08:27 PM
1 game 7min periods 2 penalties on me 1 on the cpu

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# 19 tvman @ 09/27/12 08:27 PM
Originally Posted by eF 5ive
Where do you DL tuner? My be a gm mode is set to latest. Is it auto dl?
Over on the right hand side of your screen before starting a game you should see a message thata new tuner is available for d/l. If you have it set to latest it should use that one or you can select it manually.
# 20 jasonw2 @ 09/27/12 08:34 PM
6 minute periods, i saw 1 penalty.

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