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Is it possible for a game to be enjoyable, innovative and completely functional, yet nearly unplayable all at the same time? I wouldn’t have thought so, until I played NBA Baller Beats.

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# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/01/12 01:28 PM
A lot better score than I expected. Looks like a pretty decent game.
# 2 Crimsontide27 @ 10/01/12 04:27 PM
This game will be a massive bust, hope they didnt spend more than 10k making it.

Who in their right mind came up with an idea to have a dribbling baskeball game, in the house, close to a television.

Complete failure of thinking a title through.
# 3 Runne130 @ 10/03/12 12:04 AM
looks like a fun game, i think moms old rule of no ball in the house might come into effect tho, good thing im nt their anymore
# 4 BRxSKINSx @ 10/03/12 02:07 PM
I'd rather watch a Jersey Shore marathon than play this game for 10 mins.... No lie....
# 5 archangelkatana @ 10/09/12 05:46 PM
This game is actually fun, and I broke a decent sweat while playing the first time. It does require a larger floor space, the kinect kept telling me to move back. After certain cross over moves I tended to move forward. But with the fake shots, and fake passes, and having to maintain a tempo its really nice. Also you have to keep your eyes forward like you do in games, because you have to hit your moves at the right time. So if your looking at your ball then your toast as far as getting a good score. I have a wood floor. I would assume you need wood or tile to play this indoors. If you have carpet I doubt it will work for ya. I guess since I got this game at a big discount it is easier for me to have a positive review. I picked it up at target for like 18 dollars. So for a game, and a ball that is a great deal. Even if I hated the game I had a new basketball. Although the ball is rubber, and not as nice as the leather balls at sports stores. Not everyone will like this game, but if you have someone at home who wants to learn how to dribble than this is a fun way to do it.

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