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We'd love to hear your top 3 likes and dislikes about Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. Any and all items listed will be noted and brought to the upcoming Community Event for Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14, via CoreySA.

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# 21 kickingguru @ 10/26/12 01:53 PM

1. Tempo Swing.... You have the possibility of screwing it up, but if you hit correct it goes where it should (Hated the large Random Landing of the past)

2. Online Country Clubs....

3. Online Country Club Tournaments


1. Live Tournaments have become stale... I played the crap out of them, but became a grind...

2. Status points as a means to rank people/clubs... This ruined every aspect of team play. Specifically as you were penalized for playing team based games both in terms of time and actually status points earned.

3. The fact that you could not have Casual members of your CC. For the first 3 months, admins had to make hard decisions if they wanted to compete with the top clubs... This also is why I hated the Status points... This caused rifts with good friends that simply did not play the game but a few rounds a week. Give us the ability to have a core 15 - 20 guys to compete, but then an unlimited # of casual members who can play our CC tournaments and in the club, but do not count toward the overall club leaderboard...

Basically, figure out how to rid the world of the status grinding... It ruined the overall experience for most...
# 22 OnlookerDelay @ 10/27/12 06:17 PM
Originally Posted by kickingguru
1. Live Tournaments have become stale...
Greatway to characterize it - "stale". I find it inexcusable that Tiger Woods 13's Live Tournaments are the most stale of the series!? Seriously, Tiger Woods 10 and 11 have a more engaged, "live" atmosphere than Tiger 12, and to an even lesser degree, Tiger 13!

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