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Casey Mears races Talladega in NASCAR The Game: Inside Line. Starting at the back of the field, Casey works his way to the front using the draft. Towards the end of the race, the front pack break away and leave Casey looking for a dance partner!

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# 1 bigdoc85 @ 10/19/12 07:32 AM
Looks pretty good to me. Looking forward to this once we get a price drop. I guess that will give me the opportunity to wait for reviews.
# 2 mdiggitydawg @ 10/19/12 09:20 AM
looked ok, but speeds up to 205...200 without a drafting partner? that seemed kind of unrealistic, am i wrong? also...did it seem like he moved through the first 20 opponents pretty easily? i wonder what difficulty the setting was on for this video?

overall i am eagerly anticipating this release...seriously hope it's a hit...i miss the old papyrus days for my PC
# 3 Lieutenant Dan @ 10/19/12 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by Flamehead
Looks pretty decent. Two encouraging things I saw:

1) When bump-drafted from behind by the cpu, the user didn't go spinning which was my biggest gripe with last year's title.

2) Toward the end when he got separated from the front pack and had no drafting help, he started dropping back.
Yeah, and the cars didn't look like crumpled newspaper after bump drafting either.
# 4 brandon27 @ 10/19/12 10:34 AM
It looks promising at least! So far so good!
# 5 pk500 @ 10/20/12 05:45 PM
Drafting model looks solid. Momentum toward front ends when Mears loses drafting partner. Hard to tell about the physics model, especially from a Talladega video because the cars never use the brakes.

But the graphics are lousy. NASCAR Thunder 2005 for the Xbox and PS2 almost had comparable graphics.
# 6 angelojordan @ 10/26/12 09:54 PM
actually i dont like the idea of an arcade game, but for me everything about nascar is ok.

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