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Our resident basketball guru, Steve McPherson, has posted a very interesting and detailed NBARank vs. NBA 2K13 article comparing the ratings created by ESPN's NBARank project and those of NBA 2K13.

So we have two systems of rating players, based on two very different methodologies. How do these systems of rating compare to each other? Well, first, we have to make them numerically comparable.

You see, NBARank looked at more players than were rated in the initial rosters for NBA2K13. (There has also been one roster update since the game was released. I didn’t add any missing players in, although I have updated some of the notable ratings changes. In most cases, changes were on the order of a point up or down.) So I’ve removed about 100 players from the NBARank list and, let me tell you, it was no great loss. The lowest ranked player by NBARank is now Jared Cunningham of the Dallas Mavericks, with a rating of 2.03, so most of the cuts came from the bottom end of the scale. We’re talking about players who make very little impact.

The other key thing to do to make these ratings comparable is to adjust the NBARank scale to the NBA2K13 scale. This was actually easier than I thought it would be, although not because I figured it out but rather because fellow HP writer and Excel wizard Eric Maroun helped me with it. The lowest possible rating for any of the individual ratings that go into making the overall rating for 2K13 is 25 and the highest is 99, which we’re going to call 100 , whereas the lowest possible rating for NBARank was 0 on a scale of 10. Fortunately, this makes the conversion fairly straightforward. Starting with the NBARank, we multiply it by 7.5 and add 25 to get a rank now calculated on a 100 point scale and with a bottom limit of 25.

Source - Hello Data: NBARank vs. NBA2K13

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Member Comments
# 1 thewb27 @ 10/23/12 12:03 PM
Like the way that was put. If you pay to their strengths in nba2k they'll perform. Of you don't then they'll play like their rating. Which is why i find it funny when people get so hurt over ratings. Klay Thompson is s best on 2k13 when you get him open shots...but of the dribble not so much. Life it..
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 10/23/12 01:11 PM
This is actually pretty cool. I'm a stat and chart/graph nerd, so this is very cool.
# 3 xBOSMANx @ 10/23/12 01:41 PM
Good read, very interesting
# 4 Colts18 @ 10/23/12 04:40 PM

The circled underrated players (in this case, massively underrated since as
we’ve seen the average player rating for 2K13 is more than ten points higher
than NBARank) are Matt Bonner (51 vs. 57.7), Steve Novak (53 vs. 59.4), Nick
Collison (65 vs. 66.1), Danilo Gallinari (71 vs. 74.1), Ryan Anderson (69 vs.
74.6), Tyson Chandler (77 vs. 83.6), and Dirk Nowitzki (84 vs 89.8). There’s
certainly noise here (Collison likely gets a bump in NBARank from being a
lunchpail guy on a very good team, Nowitzki gets a bump for being so good for so
long and finally winning a championship), but overall we’re looking at
sweet-shooting big men and a couple bangers.
Which is repeated around these parts when people complain about big men shooters are rated too low
# 5 thedude @ 10/23/12 08:02 PM
I don't have the game yet, but are those unis in the pic unlocked in the game yet, and are teams gonna wear those in the real NBA?

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