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NBA 2K13 mobile is a stand-alone simulation experience available for iOS and Android devices. NBA 2K13 features enhanced graphics, intuitive one-touch controls and, for the first time, multiplayer via Gamecenter or Bluetooth. Players can also relive some of the greatest games in NBA history in NBA's Greatest Game Mode!

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# 1 djbaker @ 10/26/12 10:22 AM
I bought this game for $9 thinking I could use it to acquire vc. Nope...

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# 2 The_Wise_One @ 10/26/12 12:18 PM
Pretty cool. No point though if you cant earn more vc....
# 3 theprocess @ 10/26/12 02:01 PM
Just get the free app that gets you Free VC...Did I mention it's free
# 4 johhnywave @ 10/26/12 02:17 PM
Meh. These types of games just don't translate well, unless you connect a controller to your phone/tablet.

There needs to be a good basketball sim game for mobile devices. Like a football manager for basketball. Or even something like new star soccer.

I would purchase that.
# 5 elgreazy1 @ 10/29/12 08:55 AM
This games are starting to look really great, but l'm not sure how I feel about the functionality. Do games like this open the door for 2K to create NFL-based football games on aps? I recall one of the executive rights agreements EA made with the NFL allowed for an open window for online and non-console based games.
# 6 VDusen04 @ 10/29/12 02:35 PM
I couldn't here what they were saying (no audio, at work) but the only thing I was interested in seeing was the classic mode and I have to say (for the millionth time), I hope that finds its way toward the consoles. So far I've seen a "Greatest Game" category for Allen Iverson, Dirk Nowitzki, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Vince Carter and Kevin Garnett. That'd be majorly awesome to experience.

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