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Obviously the roster is missing many players, so if you want to actually contribute to this post and hopefully get a better roster in the next update, let's try to post all changes that are needed. I'll forward it over to the "Insider".

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# 1 gator3guy @ 10/31/12 08:52 AM
Maalik Wayns- backup PG- Sixers....needs to be added. They have no backup PG.
# 2 Steve_OS @ 10/31/12 09:03 AM
Need to be added

Detroit Pistons

Viacheslav Kravtsov - C
Kyle Singler - F
# 3 Steve_OS @ 10/31/12 09:05 AM
Need to be added

New York Knicks

Chris Copeland - F
Pablo Prigioni - PG
James White - SG
# 4 Steve_OS @ 10/31/12 09:08 AM
Need to be added

Minnesota Timberwolves

Will Conroy - PG
Phil Jones - C
Alexey Shved - PG
# 5 Steve_OS @ 10/31/12 09:13 AM
Brooklyn Nets

Needs to be removed

Donte Greene

Need to be added

Mirza Teletovic - PF
# 6 OhioBobcats @ 10/31/12 09:15 AM
Why should we post the changes that need to be made? Just tell the Insider to go to NBA.com, look at the rosters on there and compare them to this update. Good lord, it's really not hard. If the guy actually needs a list of changes that need to be made, he's in the wrong profession. This is basic stuff an intern could handle as far as knowing what changes need to be made.
# 7 PrettyT11 @ 10/31/12 09:16 AM
I know it is not a missing player but the OKC Thunder need their away socks and shoes set to black.
# 8 ebc_baller @ 10/31/12 09:18 AM
How hard is it for them to put the players from the free agent pool on to the correct teams...

Sam Young #4 - Pacers

E'Twaun Moore #55 - Magic

Dominic McGuire #1 - Raptors

Damiem Wilkins #8 - 76ers

Jon Leuer #30 - Cavs

Demarre Carroll #3 - Jazz

DeAndre Liggins #25 - Thunder

Eddy Curry #52 - Mavs

Sasha Pavlovic #3 - Blazers

Earl Barron #30 - Wizards

These players are all in the game in free agents so no excuss that they are not on their respective teams.

Also Donte Greene is no longer on the Nets, Shawne Williams is no longer on the Blazers and Jordan Williams no longer on the Hawks

These small easy mistakes from 2k is frustrating people even more.

PS they added Adam Morrison to the free agent pool. Guess I can finally start my Creating A Legend now LMAO!!!
# 9 KidHypeTellem @ 10/31/12 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by ProfessaPackMan
Add Toko Shengalia to this list as well, Steve. He was drafted in the 2nd round along with Tyshawn Taylor, so if he can make the game then there's no reason for Toko to not be in the game either.
He's already there. Well on mine he is (PS3)
# 10 naot2010 @ 10/31/12 09:35 AM
Insider either is lazy or has another job. The next update should be completed in hours not days. Even fixing jersey numbers takes just a moment to do. There are fans out there that don't get paid making more accurate rosters. Very disappointing for association modes.
# 11 XenoZograscope @ 10/31/12 09:35 AM
Originally Posted by ProfessaPackMan
Add Toko Shengalia to this list as well, Steve. He was drafted in the 2nd round along with Tyshawn Taylor, so if he can make the game then there's no reason for Toko to not be in the game either.

Shengalia is in the game he was added in the update from yesterday.
# 12 ebc_baller @ 10/31/12 09:38 AM
These guys all played in the NBA last season so there is no reason not to have them in the game this year:

Donald Sloan - Cavs

Julyan Stone - Nuggets

Lance Thomas - Hornets

Alan Anderson - Raptors

As far as James White goes.. It is almost laughable that he was not included. He has been in previous games and even had his own dunk package in them too.

C'mon 2k get your sh*t together or people are seriously going to stop buying the game!
# 13 Biagas @ 10/31/12 09:40 AM
If I was an intern for 2k sports and they asked me to be the insider i'd have this on point

when I finish in CS i'll try guys LOL
# 14 b0z1c @ 10/31/12 09:42 AM
players arm sleeves are all set on black. roster still sucks big time..2K is also starting to suck
# 15 seanbarkley @ 10/31/12 09:44 AM
This all feels like having to teach your father how to make babies.
# 16 keshunleon @ 10/31/12 09:50 AM
2K needs to fix this also

K Hinrich: Converse to Nike
D Wright: Nike to Peak
K Perkins: Adidas to Jordans
E Brand: Converse to Nike

I haven't finished going through the entire roster
# 17 FAM CEO @ 10/31/12 09:53 AM
I know i keep posting this, but did online association get updated?

# 18 Frizzz24 @ 10/31/12 10:18 AM
The "Insider" doesn't exist. It's a way for 2K to route people's comments/suggestions/posts to a cyber garbage can so they don't have to hear all the negativity/displeasure when they screw up. They obviously don't give a crap about the rosters or at a minimum they would have at least had the correct 15 man roster for each team, or possibly extended each roster to 17. They've had 3 chances now and they've screwed up ALL of them. All they care about is figuring out ways for hardcore gamers to have less control. NO hexing/editing, no slider share, no manual saving, no being able to download players or teams that have been hexed by OS hardcore gamers. These are the things 2k is focused on this year...NOT making the best overall game possible with the right rosters. Think it's time to just realize where 2k's focus is and just make our own rosters and create our own missing players.
# 19 MagicFan4Life @ 10/31/12 10:20 AM
They need to add E'Twaun Moore and DeQuan Jones to the Magic and also change Gustavo Ayon and Kyle O'Quinn's positions to Center.
# 20 ecovyoudug @ 10/31/12 10:23 AM
Well I guess we're back to just accepting the fact we have to create some of our own players because they are looking at the same league we're looking at and still not putting certain players in the game. So obviously they're not going to make it a point to do so lol. Oh well, I give up on the whole roster update thing, I'm starting my Association once I download a good roster from someone.

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