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Thanks to pjt8405, here is a full list of transactions needed for the next NBA 2K13 roster update, which includes name, contract status, position played and jersey number.

Fully Guaranteed Players

New York Knicks
  • James White – 1 year Guaranteed contract - SF/SG - #4
  • Pablo Prigioni – 1 year guaranteed contract - PG - #9
Brooklyn Nets
  • Mirza Teletovic – 3 year guaranteed contract - PF/C - #33
Detroit Pistons
  • Kyle Singler – 3 year guaranteed contract - SF/PF - #25
  • Slava Krostov – One year guaranteed with non-guaranteed team option for
    2nd year - C/PF - #55
Toronto Raptors
  • Alan Anderson – One Year Contract Guaranteed - SF/SG - # 6
San Antonio Spurs
  • Nando De Colo - 2 year guaranteed contract - SG/PG - #25
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Alexey Shved – 2 year Guaranteed contract - SG/PG - #1
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Joel Freeland – 3 year guaranteed contract - PF/C - #19
  • Victor Claver – 3 year guaranteed contract - SF/PF - #18
Non-Guaranteed Players Missing

Philadelphia 76ers
  • Maalik Wayns – Unguaranteed - PG - #18
Charlotte Bobcats
  • Cory Higgins - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #11
Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Donald Sloan - Unguaranteed - # 15
Miami Heat
  • Terrell Harris - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #14
New Orleans Hornets
  • Brian Roberts - Unguaranteed - PG - #22
  • Lance Thomas - Unguaranteed - SF/PF - #42
Utah Jazz
  • Kevin Murphy – 2 year unguaranteed - SF/SG - #55
New York Knicks
  • Chris Copeland - Unguaranteed - PF/SF - #14
Los Angeles Lakers
  • Darius Johnson Odom - Unguaranteed - SG/PG - #7
  • Robert Sacre - Unguaranteed - C - #50
Orlando Magic
  • Dequan Jones - Unguaranteed - SF/SG - #20
Denver Nuggets
  • Julyan Stone – Unguaranteed contract - PG/SG - #10
Houston Rockets
  • Scott Machado - 2 year partially guaranteed contract - PG - # 1
  • Greg Smith - Unguaranteed - C/PF - #4
Phoenix Suns
  • PJ Tucker – unguaranteed contract - SF/PF - #17
  • Luke Zeller - Unguaranteed - PF/C - #40
  • Diante Garrett - Unguaranteed - PG/SG - #10
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Will Conroy - Unguaranteed - PG - #5
Golden St. Warriors
  • Kent Bazemore – Unguaranteed - SG - #20
Players that need to be added
  • Sam Young to Pacers - SF/SG - # 4
  • Etwaun Moore to Magic - PG/SG - #55
  • Dominic McGuire to Raptors - SF/PF - #1
  • Damien Wilkins to 76ers - SF/SG - #8
  • Jon Leuer to Cavs - Pf/C - #30
  • Demaree Carroll to Jazz - SF/PF - #3
  • Sasha Pavlovic to Blazers - SG/SF - #3
  • DeAndre Liggins to Thunder - SF/SG - #25
  • Daniel Orton to Thunder - C/PF - #33
  • Troy Murphy to Mavericks
Players that need to be removed
  • Travis Leslie from Clippers
  • Shawne Williams from Blazers
  • Jordan Williams from Hawks
  • Dominique Jones from Mavericks
Remove players from Free Agent Pool, due to overseas signing
  • Terrence Williams - Signed in China
  • Von Wafer - Signed in China
  • Gilbert Arenas - Pending deal to sign in China
  • Derrick Brown - Signed in China
  • Jamaal McGloire - Player Development coach for raptors
  • Garret Siler - Signed in China
  • Hamady N'Diyae - Signed in China
  • Josh Powell - Signed in Greece
Assistant Coach Changes for accurate Association Mode

Dallas Mavericks
  • Jim O’Brien replaces Terry Stotts as Stotts is now the Head Coach of the Blazers.
Memphis Grizzlies
  • Dave Joerger replaces Henry Bibby as Bibby is still there but Joerger is the lead Asst. along with being one of the top up and coming coaching candidates.
Sacramento Kings
  • Alex English replaces Mario Elie as Elie has moved to the NJ Nets coaching Staff.
Los Angeles Lakers
  • Eddie Jordan replaces John Kuester as Eddie Jordan is lead Asst. Which he will implement the Princeton Offense this season.
Utah Jazz
  • Jeff Hornacek replaces Scott Layden as Layden has taken a Asst.GM position with the Spurs.
Orlando Magic
  • James Boreggo replaces Patrick Ewing as lead Asst. Coach. He is the lead Asst. this year under new Head Coach Jacque Vaughn.
New Jersey Nets
  • PJ Carlesimo replaces Sam Mitchell - Mitchell is a Studio Analyst as Carlesimo has been the lead Asst. Since last season.
Toronto Raptors
  • Johnny Davis replaces Alex English - Alex English is coaching with the Kings since last season.
Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Terry Porter replaces Bill Laimbeer (now NBA TV analyst) - Porter has been on staff since last season and is the lead Asst.
Portland Trail Blazers
  • Jay Triano replaces Bernie Bickerstaff as he was let go after Terry Stotts was hired as Head Coach
Chicago Bulls
  • Ron Adams is lead Assistant Coach not Ed Pickney as Pinckney was only added as of last season.
Atlanta Hawks
  • Lester Connor is Lead Assistant Coach over Bob Bender.
Phoenix Suns
  • Elston Turner is Lead Assistant Coach as Bill Cartwright was released late last season.
Washington Wizards
  • Don Newman replaces Sam Cassell as lead Asst. Coach. Newman comes over from Spurs staff.

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Member Comments
# 1 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 11/01/12 10:24 AM
Was there another release

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# 2 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 10:28 AM
If there is, at least 2k is making some effort in this area even though they keep screwing up.
# 3 NYdreams @ 11/01/12 10:34 AM
i saw the lebron 10s on there earlier... i didnt know there was an update.... what did they update ??
# 4 SwaggerCoach @ 11/01/12 10:34 AM
....so what was updated?

I see Eddie Curry on the Mavericks lol.
# 5 Sandman253 @ 11/01/12 10:42 AM
Originally Posted by SwaggerCoach
....so what was updated?

I see Eddie Curry on the Mavericks lol.
I see that 2K fix Kemba Walker and Gerald Henderson's jersey numbers.
# 6 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 10:42 AM
I've already downloaded J2K9's roster for 360, which is as a complete a roster (accessories, shoes, attributes, sigs, rotations, FULL rosters, etc.) as I've found. The only thing I care about is 2k creating players like Singler, PJ Tucker and others on the 15 man roster so I can put them on my J2K9 roster. Other than that, I could care less about 2k's "Official" roster any more.
# 7 ediddy999 @ 11/01/12 10:45 AM
Kyle Singler
# 8 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 10:48 AM
Singler won a national championship and is an excellent player. Why 2k hasn't created him yet is beyond me.
# 9 qnzballa5 @ 11/01/12 10:50 AM
Next roster update Have Shumpert from the knicks and Stoudemire be on reserves so they cant be able to use Online. It makes no sense. They take Drose out completely but leave guys like Stat n Shumpert, Kevin Love, Andrew Bynum available Online. Just answer this y 2k?? Be consistent plz. If you guys going to leave Granger, Rose out of online then take every Injured player out of the Online roster, doesnt that make more sense?

Also for the lakers where is Robert Sacre, Darius Odom at? We like that you guys are tryin to fix the rosters. But plz fix it right.
# 10 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 10:54 AM
I don't personally see a lot of changes here except for some jersey number fixes. Who all was added?
# 11 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 10:56 AM
FOR ALL 360 users. Just download the latest version of J2K9's roster...it's near perfect. The only thing I did is change the Celtics shoes (because a few of them were incorrect) and downloaded another Kyle Singler that looked more like him. Other than that, I am really happy with this roster.
# 12 TajDeni @ 11/01/12 10:57 AM
anyone know when the rosters for starting a new online association will be updated? as of 12am today harden was still on the thunder, even tho last night he played in an actual game for the rockets
# 13 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 11:04 AM
Originally Posted by XxJustAguessxX
Honestly, I think 2k can only do so much, I believe they do what they can. I know it's hard to justify when you have the same players STILL in the free agent pool that belong on teams and have Jordan Williams on ATL and Shawne Williams on the Blazers. All I can say that in due time everything will sort itself out.
Seriously? This is the 4th roster update they've done and it's still not right right by a long shot. When other people like J2k9 can get the rosters 99% correct on ALL levels, then there is no reason why professionals at 2k can't. It's part of their job...someone's job any way. Someone is getting paid to do this (developers or what have you). It boils down to either just pure laziness or lack of attention to detail or both...which is not a good recipe when you're attempting to make a sim game.

Don't cut 2k a break on this, because the less we expect the less they will deliver. They've already cut out the following things on this game that worked in previous versions.

1. Ability to hex edit.
2. Ability to turn off Auto-save.
3. Ability to create home and away accessories/shoes, now we can only create one or the other and they limited the colors in some instances.
4. Ability to slider share

There are other things I can think of but I think you get the idea. They more we allow them to slack the more they will...particularly with no outside competition.
# 14 superj @ 11/01/12 11:10 AM
Is there anyway to find out what was changed instead of matching my old saved roster to the new one, which is a pain in the a*s.
# 15 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 11:12 AM
@superj...Just watch the video they posted and pause it at certain areas to slow it down. That's what I did any way. Honestly, I think they just changed a few jersey #'s on players who had wrong #'s. Other than that, I really don't see any major changes.
# 16 MVP9072 @ 11/01/12 11:14 AM
So other then Numbers and Curry being added....what else?
# 17 Kbjunior @ 11/01/12 11:20 AM
Sasha Pavlovic is not even on the Trail Blazers do they even follow the NBA? I see Eddy Curry on Mav's but where the other rookies ?
Looks like its gonna take 2k all season to get all the players in the game..
# 18 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 11:26 AM
Originally Posted by XxJustAguessxX
Usually I would be on the attack but I just feel enough people will already feel like that so I'm going to go the other way. I understand and they need to fix this asap but what can I do.
You can voice your displeasure in the hopes 2K will actually listen and step things up instead of choosing to "go the other way" and settling for the status quo. That's all any of us can do.
# 19 Frizzz24 @ 11/01/12 11:32 AM
Maybe to 2K negative exposure is better than none at all? Maybe they keep releasing these garbage rosters to watch the boards light up and get a good laugh at all the suckers like myself who keep believing that they will make this right...and then keep banging their head against the wall when they don't. Maybe that's what they want. All I know is that they absolutely stink at this aspect of the game.
# 20 gator3guy @ 11/01/12 11:40 AM
They made Jae Crowder's secondary position PF.

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