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The Lakers have started off 0-2 -- and pundits across the country are bemoaning the Lakers future prospects for the season. While Steve Nash has been incredibly quiet as a scorer (and the Lakers bench has a whole has followed this trend), two games does not make an NBA Season does it?

Well this is where you come in. After their start, should Lakers fans be worried about the rest of the Season or is this a temporary blip in what will otherwise be an excellent year?

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# 1 sydrogerdavid @ 11/01/12 04:42 PM
Yeah. The Lakers are going to miss the playoffs just because they started off 0-2.
# 2 mpbaseball22 @ 11/01/12 05:25 PM
Only 2 games in.. new Center and a new PG.. just give them time and they should be an easy lock for the playoffs.

But once playoffs comes it should be rough.. injuries will probably plague them
# 3 s/w @ 11/01/12 05:42 PM
If you can't stop dribble penetration you aren't gonna have success in the NBA and that is not something that is going to change for the Lakers. Playoffs? Sure. Finals? Not a chance.
# 4 BlastX21 @ 11/01/12 05:47 PM
They're just in the adjustment period everyone expected them to have. No big deal. The 07 Mavs lost their first 4 games before going 67-15. They'll be fine.
# 5 Equinox831 @ 11/01/12 05:49 PM
Really guys? We're two games in.. I'm not going to judge a team so early on.
# 6 eaterofworlds888 @ 11/01/12 06:18 PM
weren't the Heat 0-2 starting in 2010-2011 season and then went on to play in the Finals! They've only played 2 games, they'll be okay once they work out some Chemistry issues
# 7 TBr0wn14 @ 11/01/12 06:36 PM
I think its gonna take them some time to get there chemistry together then they will do there thing in the playoffs.
# 8 CableGuy @ 11/01/12 08:05 PM
only 0-2 but there are some concerns, mainly the incredibly weak bench and the health of the old guys. also questions on mike brown if he is really up to the job. i'm going to still say they win the west, but lose to the heat in the finals.
# 9 RoundingThird @ 11/01/12 08:39 PM
I'm not shocked because they were awful in the preseason. Also, the Heat were bad in the early part of their first season with LeBron and Bosh.
# 10 rdelizo35 @ 11/01/12 08:45 PM
I would be more worried if they were still struggling coming into or after the All-Star break. Also, injuries will be a major concern throughout the season.
# 11 NYdreams @ 11/01/12 08:55 PM
it would be impossible for them not to make the playoffs lol.... theres 82 games in the season.. losing 2 games is nothing at the start of the season...

but my opinion is ... the spurs are the best team in the west right now..
# 12 MadMekz @ 11/01/12 09:26 PM
They will at least make the playoffs, they just need time to learn each others tendencies.
# 13 bukktown @ 11/01/12 09:45 PM
# 14 ocho cuatro @ 11/01/12 09:46 PM
I picked "Miss Playoffs" to be a goof. Naturally, they'll make the playoffs and most likely win the West.

However, if Mike Brown keeps refusing to run the pick & roll with Nash & Howard, he should be fired immediately.
# 15 Control-X @ 11/01/12 10:24 PM
Getting at least a playoff stint should make the team happy by the end of the season. I can see more and more troubling injuries coming in their way hampering a simple championship dream.
# 16 SkillzKillz719 @ 11/01/12 11:57 PM
More like where are the Blazers going to end up... ;D lol
They looked pretty good!
I was at the game and the team played with 10x more energy than the Lakers.
# 17 FedExPope @ 11/02/12 01:06 AM
Don't see anyone beating Miami. I think the Spurs will win the West.
# 18 jWILL253 @ 11/02/12 09:50 AM
This is the silliest article of all time...
# 19 jeremym480 @ 11/02/12 09:53 AM

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# 20 MrWise33 @ 11/02/12 10:44 AM
2 Games in & Nash is already doubtful for a game? Injuries are gonna kill them. Playoffs, No Finals

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