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Wednesday at noon, Canadian developer WishboneX Creations launched its Kickstarter campaign for Pro Wrestling X. Supporters have until December 9, 2012 to raise the $75,000 project goal.

A $15 pledge secures a downloadable copy of the game once it's released, plus a spot in the game credits. Further incentives like private beta access and early access to the original source code are being offered at higher pledge levels.

Pro Wrestling X is a 3D wrestling game being developed for the PC platform. Our game features the core game mechanics lovingly inspired by the classics of the Nintendo 64 era, WCW/nWo Revenge and WWF No Mercy but free of the imposed limitations of licensed console games. A game made by wrestling fans, for wrestling fans.

Our mission with Pro Wrestling X is clear and attainable:
  • Focus on simple but deep gameplay mechanics that are FUN!
  • Build a game that's open and moddable. Give gamers the freedom and tools to create new content.
  • Create a wrestling game platform that evolves and grows and never goes backwards.
  • The ultimate goal: the fun of No Mercy + the depth of Fire Pro Wrestling.

Wrestling fans can further show their support for Pro Wrestling X by voting for the game on Steam's Greenlight service.

For more details on Pro Wrestling X, check out the game's YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and official website.

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Member Comments
# 1 KuruptOwnz @ 11/08/12 03:11 PM
Will give anything if there is Hardcore matches and blood!
# 2 WTF @ 11/08/12 07:48 PM
yeah, those guys are great. Have been with the project since way back in the day, and hopefully this is all finally coming to a head. I know they have huge aspirations finally bringing the masses what they want. Donated back in the day, and donated again on this one.
# 3 voodoo_magic @ 11/08/12 09:02 PM
I remember seeing some information about this game quite a while ago but kinda forgot about it until a couple weeks ago when there was a link posted here.
In this day and age when we have gone from 2 or 3 games of each sport to in many cases just one, it's awesome to have something like this as an option.
# 4 WTF @ 11/08/12 09:28 PM
Exactly. I encourage everyone to put in a little, even if it's just the $4 tier to buy the guys a drink.

It's been a LONG time in the works, and if more people would give the kind of effort that they have for the past several of years, it'd not only provide us as gamers more options, but also possibly light a fire under the main stream developers to actually listen to what the gamers want/need.
# 5 jyoung @ 11/08/12 10:26 PM
The current development team is comprised of three people. But the main guy Dave has been at it for over 6 years working on this game with various team members coming and going.

To build a 3D game from the ground up is no easy task. The alpha footage they've shown so far looks promising.
# 6 WTF @ 11/09/12 12:27 PM
C'mon goh... $5,000, you know you want to be in the game
# 7 jyoung @ 11/09/12 08:30 PM
# 8 WTF @ 11/09/12 09:10 PM
We need him to come through and throw cash at the project,
# 9 WTF @ 11/09/12 10:53 PM
Thanks Fresh, definitely appreciate it.
# 10 elguapo79 @ 11/10/12 06:09 AM
Was coming here to see if someone had posted this yet. Haven't decided if I'm donating enough to get the game or in the $50 category, but this will definitely be my first kickstarter donation.

Is it a pipe dream to hope some pro wrestlers/gamers might tweet the word?

Was thinking it would be worth a shot to try to get the word out on wrestling news sites as well.
# 11 WTF @ 11/10/12 07:15 AM
I'm not sure, I'm trying everything I can to get some eyes on the project. I know the first barebones game is ready to roll, and the funding that is going on will be going for the next title, we definitely need the Kickstarter to succeed to get the bells and whistles we all desire.

Dave & Eric said on facebook that a Wargames match, double ring match was definitely doable. That's the type of stuff I like to hear. No more monotonous gameplay/match types. Give us what we want. That's what these guys are trying to do.
# 12 DocMurphy @ 11/10/12 10:05 AM
Looks like a good project they've got going. I donated in one of the triple digit dollar tiers. I probably would have donated the full $5,000 if I had more cash to throw around!
# 13 MachoMyers @ 11/10/12 10:41 AM
Just donated $15, my first Kickstarter. Only at 7%. If I had more I would have given more but I am hoping this game picks up steam.
# 14 WTF @ 11/10/12 11:13 AM
Me too. Even though there is a LOT of time left, it looks like it's losing steam quickly. The first day was awesome. I'm not sure how Kickstarter programs normally go, but I'd assume they maintain at least a steady stream of income. At this pace, it needs $2500 per day from here on out basically.
# 15 jyoung @ 11/10/12 12:15 PM
The good news is that the STEAM prequel, Pro Wrestling X Uprising, is likely coming out regardless of what happens with the Kickstarter.

But it would be sweet if they could get enough funding to really take this next version TO THE EXTREME with more modes, features and redone art/animation.
# 16 WTF @ 11/10/12 01:21 PM
Exactly. I'm under the impression that Uprising will be released prior to Christmas. Hopefully we'll get further word on that this week. When Dave and Eric said that wargames will be a definite possibility if this gets funded, that's all I need to get amped. Better/more fluid animations, graphic overhaul, and matchtypes galore, as well as infinite customization.... Yes... Please.
# 17 WTF @ 11/10/12 03:06 PM
Hey, you get a custom 1/1 championship belt designed too I agree, not a crazy incentive, but still yet, I think whoever does that, just wants to invest in the game period.
# 18 DocMurphy @ 11/12/12 05:38 PM
Here's a new video just released:
# 19 jyoung @ 11/14/12 08:37 PM
They said on twitter that if the Kickstarter gets funded they're going to go visit Lance Storm and get him to do some motion capture for the game up in his training facility.


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