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This is a simple question: how often do you lose while playing sports video games? This can be online or against the AI, for the record!

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# 1 Semipro91 @ 11/08/12 01:19 PM
I am currently in an Online League with 5 other users. As the Bruins I have a 55-5-1 record. We are playing on All-Star....So not much.
# 2 eyeamg0dly @ 11/08/12 01:53 PM
depends on the game. if im playing the show it is around 50/50. every other game its over 90% won.
# 3 RedPhazon8 @ 11/08/12 02:00 PM
I seem to win quite often, most of them are close so they require a lot of clutch.
# 4 ktd1976 @ 11/08/12 02:09 PM
I am currently 16-1-2 in my NHL 13 Be a GM (Red Wings) But, aside from a few blowouts, I have had mostly one or two goal games. Won a couple in overtime, and one in a shootout too, so I could easily have 5 or 6 losses.
# 5 Vikes1 @ 11/08/12 02:13 PM
With most sports games I've played I'm almost always at or below 50%.

I like to use settings that are a major challenge for me. Which isn't hard for me to find because I'm just not that good. It's just that with really hard settings...it makes winning, when I do, all the more fun.
# 6 Cardot @ 11/08/12 02:16 PM
I am just offline. I win about 55% of the time. Any more than that it gets a little dull. For me it just isn't exciting if I know I am going to win....it sort of becomes a chore. I love those tight, down to the wire battles where you have to grind out every possession. And there is nothing better than a game 7.
# 7 BrandH @ 11/08/12 02:57 PM
Online I win 75% or more. When I go to offline though it usually is 50%. I tend to make the difficulty to hard and am too stubborn to move it down.
# 8 woody2goody @ 11/08/12 02:59 PM
It depends really what I'm playing. On PES and FIFA I win about two-thirds of the time, and split the rest with draws and losses.

On NHL 13 it's about 50-50, and I find it the most balanced sports game I've ever played in terms of results. Currently with my Avs I'm 25-31-8 in season 1.

Wrestling game I win about 75% of the time.

With The Show and NBA games it's usually about 50-50.

I don't like to lose all the time but I do like games where I get beaten fair and square by the AI. The NHL series is the perfect game for me at the moment, because I know that if I play well I can win, but if I play badly I can be punished and lose.
# 9 drjones56 @ 11/08/12 03:21 PM
Offline only here. In NCAA I'd say it's about once every few seasons after I work my way through the coaching carousel to a powerhouse school. In 2K13 I'm the Pacers and am sitting at 14-4 which is a bit better than I usually have been in the past, I'm sure I'll blow it in the playoffs against Miami though. In the Show I tend to finish with around 90-95 wins depending who I play as. In NHL I tend to dominate 1 goal games in the regular season only to crap the bed in the playoffs each year.
# 10 EvolutionSn1per @ 11/08/12 03:22 PM
In sports games, I mostly play offline, and I have my sliders set to give me a challenging game, which results in me winning around half the time, depending on who I am playing as.

For example, if I was to play as the Falcons against the Chiefs with the current rosters and my current sliders, I would win most of the time. However, if I was to play as the Chiefs against the Falcons with the current rosters and my current sliders, I would lose most of the time.

I find this a good way to play, as it makes rebuilding a team more fun, rather than going 16-0 with the Cleveland Browns in your first season.
# 11 DJ @ 11/08/12 03:23 PM
MLB The Show I am right around the .500 mark on All-Star difficulty.

NBA 2K is around 60-65% in terms of wins, while NCAA/Madden is around 70%.
# 12 tril @ 11/08/12 03:56 PM
all off line
havent had any winning seasons in a long time in any sports game.
I dont mind losing though cause the games are mostly competitive, and I dont feell like the Ai controlled teams cheesed their way to victory, which is whats important.

I also tend to remain competitive standings wise. so 80% of the time IM competing for a playoff spot late into a season.

In addition I tend to use weaker teams and build them up realistically as possible.
I avoid any cheesing at all costs.
I liek seeing my team improve and regress on a yearly basis.
# 13 VandyRedskins21 @ 11/08/12 04:32 PM
It depends on what game. I try to tailor the sliders to make it as even as possible so at the end of the day it depends on the skill of the team that I have.

I.e. on College Hoops 2k8, I have a legacy with Vandy using last year's rosters and in the first season the season was almost identical to what really happened. I lost in the same round in the NCAAs and everything. In the second season, I am in the NCAAs but as an 8 seed and not nearly as good of a team as last season.
# 14 RnRexpress3423 @ 11/08/12 06:01 PM
MLB The Show takes the cake as being the most challenging when it comes to playing the computer. It feels so organic and that's what makes the game so good year in and year out. NBA 2K also gives me a bit of a challenge here and there. Then there's Madden where I probably win about 90% of the time if I'm playing the computer.
# 15 CT Pittbull @ 11/08/12 06:03 PM
well i play to get a challenge, not to rack up stats and pound the cpu. that really gets boring quick. so for the most part i like to jack up the sliders in any sports game i play to get realistic stats and realistic outcomes. if i lose so be it at least it was entertaining. dont get me wrong i DO NOT like to lose but my play style dictates losses sometimes thats the price i pay for getting competitive games. I say sports games but in reality its just Madden, NBA2K, and NCAA football , not so much NCAA this year i may be giving up on that franchise as it has gotten extemely lazy and stale. 60 dollars is a lot of money for an annual game that hasnt kept my attention since 2010, and even that year i was pretty much done with it after madden came out. i know its off topic but that series needs to take a long hard look at what they are doing and where they are going in ALL areas; presentation, graphics, and gameplay. 123 team league has soooooo much potential but it falls on its face year after year in my opinion
# 16 Joobieo @ 11/08/12 06:17 PM
Vs the CPU rarely , vs another person it's sometimes .
# 17 Pokes404 @ 11/08/12 06:50 PM
I win probably 85-90% of the time against the CPU.

Against users, it's probably around 60%.

(This is NBA2K btw).
# 18 RUFFNREADY @ 11/08/12 06:50 PM
I really don't care if i win or lose in video game sports; it's all about the experience i got from that moment in virtual time. Let's face it; as Herm Edwards once said, " We play to win the GAME..". As long as i had a good - great time playing then my thirst for sports and virtual sports will live on!
We play to win, and practice to be GREAT! So if we play sports video games alot; shouldn't we all be GREAT? hmmm!
Anyways; it's all about having FUN!
btw, i am about 50/50; you win some you lose some! lol
# 19 turok77 @ 11/08/12 07:11 PM
Online, always, i cant compete especially in football games. Racing games and Tiger Woods (barring cheaters) im decent at. Offline i hardly ever lose, except for MLB The Show. I win some lose some.
# 20 GOB @ 11/08/12 07:39 PM
Playing online against my friends in 2k it gets boring because I havent lost a game and no matter what team I use they still cant win

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